Godzilla (2014) Main Trailer Reveals as Much as Teaser
Godzilla (2014) Main Trailer Reveals as Much as Teaser

The Godzilla (2014) main trailer was released Feb. 25, and it’s still not giving anything away.

Scenes of a damaged Statue of Liberty, burning city, soldiers leaping out of planes, and people panicking could be from any movie featuring giant monsters, aliens, and modern war.

There are tantalizing flashes of the iconic Japanese kaiju’s (strange monster) spikes and a very brief (2 seconds) front shot of a roaring Godzilla, but viewers are very much left in the dark. Clearly, director Gareth Edwards and co-producing studios Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures are playing this one close to the chest.

Say “Ah….”(Youtube)

Walter White makes an appearance in the trailer. What? Bryan Cranston’s controlled ‘freakout’ voice over brings memories of Breaking Bad. If you’re still not convinced, check out his hazard suit.

Walter White teams up with Jesse Pinkman to take down Godzilla… not. (Youtube)

Stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe also feature in this latest remake.

Godzilla hits cinemas May 16, 2014.

  • Pony

    But will it be good enough to lure me into the stained seats of a movie theater or will I simply wait for Direct TV to offer it.
    The last Godzilla looked like a giant iguana gone rogue. And the guy in front of me kept getting up and down and he had butt cleavage as in hairy and gross. .

  • Arturo Montenora

    It looks as if godzilla is traditional looking huge depature and should be well received from the one in the 90s.

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