Hero Pig Saves Goat From Drowning
Hero Pig Saves Goat From Drowning

A pig selflessly swims out into a pond to rescue a goat that had gotten its leg stuck and couldn’t move.

  • Denni A

    I remember this video on huffpo a long while back, it turned out to be a hoax.
    someone was holding the goat’s foot underwater and when the pig swam by released it.

    • HeyJude

      Well, jeeez, that’s 2 strikes against human beings. I was wondering why the person holding the camera didn’t jump in to save it… who would stand there and just film it? The answer is…someone who would think it’s ok for the other guy to hold the leg. The pig, IMO is still a hero. The goat really was distressed, and the pig really did swim for it…the only pure motives in the bunch. Yeah, pig!! Humans…..we have a long way to go. :-(

    • tincho81

      regardless, the pig did jump into the water towards the goat

  • filo

    Animals, unlike corporations, are people too, my friends.

  • HessenBalkan

    Sorry, but this video cannot be viewed in your location!!!

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