‘McDonald’s Exposed for Using Human Meat’ Video, Article Is Fake

An article that claims McDonald’s has used human meat in it’s products is from a “satire” news site.

The article was published on Huzlers.com, which only publishes fake news.

“First Horse meat, then the mysterious ‘Pink slime’, Now Human meat? A shocking discovery has been made in an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory and other McDonald’s meat factories nationwide. Meat inspectors reportedly found, what appeared to be, Human meat stored in the meat factory freezers of an Oklahoma City meat factory and human meat already in trucks right outside the factory ready to be shipped to McDonald’s restaurants,” the article reads.

It includes a photo of “pink slime”–which is a controversial beef product. The article also has a bogus video.

Huzlers.com has a disclaimer that says it’s satire.

“Huzlers.com is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief,” reads a description of the website at the bottom of the page.

This week, a number of people thought the “human meat” article was real.

“If u eat McDonald’s watch this,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Added another: “So McDonalds under investigation for serving horse meat & human remains.” 

“Human DNA found in McDonalds meat gross,” said another.

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