Lil Boosie Jail Release Satire: Not Back in Prison Over Child Support; Release Likely in March

A satire article saying that rapper Lil Boosie was released from prison and then put back in jail for “back child support” payments has duped many people into thinking it’s real. 

The article was published on Cream Bmp Daily, which is written by a comedian named CREAM.

“Lil Boosie was re-arrested earlier today after an arrest warrant was issued for unpaid child support in the amount of $80,000 dollars minutes after his release from prison,” the hoax article–which had 63,000 shares on Facebook–reads.

According to Cream Bmp’s disclaimer, the website only publishes fake news stories. “ Written by comedian CREAM. This website is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only,” it says.

At the bottom of each page on the site, Cream Bmp says it’s the “most entertaining page of the day,” adding that it’s “satire.”

Apparently, a fake TMZ Twitter account captured a screenshot of the Cream Bmp article and tweeted it out, and numerous users retweeted it on Tuesday, causing a large number of people to believe that the Louisiana-based rapper was released.

“Lil Boosie gone be in jail forever , how you get sent back to jail & you just got released,” one user tweeted, including the fake screenshot

Another wrote: “Lil boosie in jail again cause he owe child support #freeboosieagain.” 

“Lil Boosie got released from and put back in jail in about a day,” tweeted another user.

However, some people quickly pointed out that it was fake.

“None of these articles from this website are real… Most of them are so obvious, just from reading the title alone,” a Facebook user wrote.

Added another, “Calm down people it ain’t true, but he still locked up though.”

Earlier this month, it was reported that Lil Boosie’s release date was pushed back to March. LA Weekly’s Jeff Weiss, who interviewed him in prison, reported via his Twitter account that the release date was postponed.

He said he got “confirmation that Boosie will not be getting out of jail next week. However, his release is imminent — most likely in March.” He added, “A parole board hearing was scheduled for Boosie next week but was canceled, because it didn’t make sense considering his release is so soon.”

Reports this month said that Boosie–born Torrence Hatch–would leave Louisiana State Penitentiary Feb. 13, but that’s been disproven. 

He’s been jailed on drug charges for the past several years after he pleaded guilty. 

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  • angee blake

    First of all this is a ball face lie so how could he pay child support while he is in prison.explain that it isnt nice to spread rummers about people.he hasnt been release.