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Walking Dead Spoilers: Preview of Season 4, Episode 11

The Walking Dead has re-started in season 4, and [spoiler alert] three new characters were introduced in the last episode.

That would be Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita, who surprised Tara. She had just killed a horde of walkers, saving Glenn. 

Abraham, a former Army sergeant and sports coach, is romantically involved with Rosita, and high school science teacher Eugene travels with them.

But though the characters are from the comics, the show won’t stick to that storyline. For instance, Abraham is Rick’s right-hand man in the comics, but the show will go down a different path. “Some of those stories that join us together have been told already,” Michael Cudlitz told TVGuide.

For example, on the TV show Rick has already taken that trip back to the armory with Shane instead of Abraham, as in the graphic novel. “At that point in the comics, they have an understanding. We’re going to handle it differently,” Cudlitz says.

He told The Hollywood Reporter that Abraham’s backstory closely resembles that in the comics.

“A lot of things happen in the comic that affect how he operates and how he moves through this world and the decisions he makes. A lot of that is ripped directly from the comics, as well as the whole chunk of time where the comic left off and where we meet them now. There are some elements that they’ve introduced that will make Abraham’s backstory that much more tragic.”

However, while the backstories are pretty similar to the comics, what comes next is unknown for viewers.

“All three of those characters are going to seem extremely familiar to those who know the comics,” Cudlitz said. “They’re almost exact up to the point where we meet them. Where they go from here, we’ll all learn that together. 

He also revealed some spoilers for the next episode.

“By the next episode, you’ll get all the answers to where they’re going and why. You know they’re headed for Washington but the audience will learn all that in the next episode as to where they’re going, why they think they’re going there, what information Eugene has and that Abraham and Rosita believe him. There is no subtlety in it. It’s this wonderful expositional moment that’s literally ripped out of the comics where you meet these people, learn who they are as individuals and what they need from anyone else — and you better be on board, because you don’t have a choice! “

This includes a conflict between Abraham’s group, who has their D.C. mission, and Glenn, who wants to find Maggie.

“In a way, there’s a dilemma with Abraham because he does need and want more people but he can’t force anyone to be with him because he’s not the boss of anybody,” Cudlitz said. “It’s a weird dynamic, but he does understand Glenn’s loss. We specifically go into the loss that Glenn is experiencing. That’s the chink in the armor. There’s an understanding that’s reached and it’s interesting because as an alpha Cro-Magnon dude, there’s a lot to Abraham that you’d not expect that the show will be going into. Abraham is someone you want to care about.”

  • JP boi

    I really like this show! I was hoping they would someday get away from having to live in the prison, but not that way. But, now they are all spread out. I hope they all make it to Washington. I’m rooting for Maggie and Glenn to reunite. I’ve not read any of the Walking Dead comics…anyone here seen the WD comics?