What’s Going on in Venezuela?

  • epazote

    What’s “going on in Venezuela”?
    The USA intends on bringing about regime change.
    Henrique Capriles Radonski, opposition candidate in the last election is ready to be ushered into the Presidency. US Ivy league grad, billionaire, neoliberal…he’s ‘merica’s guy
    And no, the Venezuelan government did NOT shut down Twitter, as reported by US mainstream new media outlets.

    • AskandTell

      Hope it works out better than the US picked president of Bolivia; Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada. Bolivia has been trying to get him extradited from the US for years.

      • epazote

        Just found a great article on alternet written by Max Blumenthal that reveals much about “opposition leader” Leonardo Lopez.
        In part;
        oligarch pedigree, hard line right-wing politics, involved in coup attempts since Hugo Chavez was elected, son of CIA asset who channeled money from Venezuelan oligarchs to Nicaraguan Contras, US Ivy League university…and more. Much more

    • eyelashviper

      the news here paints a picture that is the exact opposite, trying to portray the current government as corrupt, dictatorial, etc.
      As in too many instances, our government is supporting corporate interests only, and in this case, all that oil.
      It is particularly shameful that the media constantly covers up for our intervention in the politics of other nations in this hemisphere. It is shocking how little people here know of the history of such shenanigans, assassinations, and coups sponsored by the USA.