This Is What Poaching Looks Like (Graphic Video); It Can Be Stopped

The market for rhino horns and elephant tusks is thriving and prices are only rising. When prices go up, so does poaching. 

This graphic video shows exactly what poaching looks like and the unbelievable cruelty involved. The Rhino in this video was found in Kruger Park, South Africa with his face hacked by poachers. This rhino had to be euthanize. 

 The video was uploaded to Liveleak this week, but the event itself took place in April 2013.  Share this with your friends. This can be stopped. 

Recently, the South African government said the number of rhinos killed for their horns topped a record 1,000 in 2013, and that more than three dozen have been poached so far this year. 

  • chenelope

    There’s only one word to describe people involved in the chain of supply and demand for horns and tusks. It starts with ‘c’, ends with ‘ts’ and has ‘u’ and ‘n’ in the middle, and it’s not ‘coconuts’