Connecticut Gun Law Ignored: Thousands Refuse to Register Military-Style Guns
Connecticut Gun Law Ignored: Thousands Refuse to Register Military-Style Guns

A new Connecticut gun law is being ignored by thousands of residents in defiance of the stricter requirements.

A deadline was set for December 31, 2013 for residents to register all military-style rifles in the new law.

However, state police received only 47,916 completed applications for assault weapons certificates.

That figure could be as little as 15 percent of the rifles that are classified as assault weapons owned by Connecticut residents, reported the Hartford Courant.

Definitive figures aren’t available, but even the most conservative estimates peg the number of unregistered assault rifles well above 50,000. Some estimates reach as high as 350,000.

The gun owners who aren’t registering the guns, whether out of ignorance or defiance, are committing Class D felony.

“I honestly thought from my own standpoint that the vast majority would register,” said Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, the ranking GOP senator on the legislature’s public safety committee. “If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem.”

Mike Lawlor, the state’s top criminal justice official, said that officials will be looking into sending letters to residents who underwent background checks to buy military-style rifles in the past and didn’t register for certificates.

One constituent told Guglielmo that most of his friends who military-style rifles have not come forward.

“He made the analogy to prohibition,” Guglielmo said. “I said, ‘You’re talking about civil disobedience, and he said ‘Yes.’ “

Others believe some of the people who didn’t register just don’t know about the law.

Guglielmo voted against the broad gun control bill and says that he will raise concern about it at the next public safety committee meeting.

Lawlor said that Gov Daniel Malloy’s administration is willing to discuss solutions, but said that the fact thousands are failing to register doesn’t mean that the law is failing.

“Like anything else, people who violate the law face consequences. … that’s their decision. The consequences are pretty clear. …There’s nothing unique about this,” Lawlor said. “The goal is to have fewer of these types of weapons in circulation.”

The main motivation for the law was the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

It included adding semi-automatic firearms to the classification of assault weapons.

Error: A previous version of this article misidentified the gun in the picture. It is a .22 caliber rifle found in the home of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook gunman.

  • takawalk

    A bolt action rifle is seen as a assault weapon? That photo resembles a .22 bolt action squirrel gun.

    • Dan Mac

      No, it’s an “assault weapon”, because I said so!

    • GMan

      No, it’s a “sniper rifle”, are you daft?

    • Robert

      You guys obviously don’t know anything about guns. This is a fully automatic, military style assault weapon, with a high capacity clip.. Don’t you know how dangerous these are? :-)
      (For the antigun idiots, this was sarcasm.)

      • rg9rts

        And your choice of language puts you in the gunnut group. You are the reason gun owners should have a mandatory mental evaluation.

        • ZorroRidesAgain

          Read how many protect themselves from criminals and harm everyday in this country. You have to look hard because the press doesn’t like to print articles that go against their Left Wing Agenda but they are out there if you look. Those people must be gun nuts!

          • rg9rts

            You nazis revel in the daily bloodbath by gun toting imbeciles (Look in the mirror)

          • Commander

            The Nazi regime imposed gun registration you fool. Read a book and stop thinking with that pea sized brain you tote around.

          • rg9rts

            Just looked at commander and knew without a doubt that you were a real winner, Save your snarky remarks for Huff Post where other mental midgets such as yourself belong.

          • mutosheep

            Pot calling the kettle Nazi. Go drive your VW off a cliff fascist moron.

        • mutosheep

          You are the reason community activists should get the mandatory sterilization you want Christians to undergo.

  • Dan Mac

    The law has done what it was designed to do. It has turned law-abiding citizens into instant criminals, just because they own guns.
    How about we send thousands of Connecticut’s formerly law-abiding citizens to jail because they didn’t fill out a piece of paper.

    • Root

      Agreed, I don’t believe laws should retroactively punish “crime”.. if you establish a law, simply make future purchasers register, not current/past ones.

  • Miklos Berecz

    What does non-compliance with a unconstitutional law make of that particular individual? Not a sheep and not a future victim of confiscation.

    • rg9rts

      When was the law declared unconstitutional. Or are YOU a constitutional lawyer and expert that picks and choses what law he will or won’t obey.

      • mutosheep

        I’m sure to idiots like you any person who can read plain English or add two and two seems like an expert. What is so hard to understand about “shall not be infringed.” You just don’t care about the law. You only want to turn the U.S.A. into Nazi Germany which is why you campaign for everything Hitler did.

        • rg9rts

          I don’t waste my time on troll or nazis or rightwing gunnuts like you. Take your ideology to HP and wallow in the blood that is spilled daily by you ilk. While you are at it stop by Newtown and tell the families there that YOUR gun solution is the best way. AMF

        • rg9rts

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  • name

    The Brady campaign rates states by the toughest to the weakest gun laws. (California is #1 on their list). Using most recent published FBI crime stats, it is easy to determine the cumulative rate of violent crime per-capita in the 10 ‘best’ states and 10 ‘worst’ states. Curiously, they leave DC out of their list.

    Per capita rate of violent crime in the 10 states with the toughest gun laws: 387.6

    Per capita rate of violent crime in the 10 states with the weakest gun laws: 353.7

    ==== sources =========

    Brady campaign:
    FBI stats:

  • Root

    “but said that the fact thousands are failing to register doesn’t mean that the law is failing.” Oh really? What exactly is the definition of failure here? What do they think they’re going to do? Imprison or take to court 50,000-350,000 people? How stupid can you get?

  • Joseph Barrington

    And now they’re talking about using background checks to find them. Brilliant. Now gun owners know not to leave any paper trail whatsoever and never allow new laws requiring it. This is why ultra-liberal territory is something of a good thing. They show the rest of America know what to expect when their legislators can run rampant.

    • rg9rts

      Like those bagger clowns that voted to repeal Obama care 43 times. You get what you voted for.

      • ZorroRidesAgain

        Yeah, they must have been crazy, ObamaCrap is such a great program and put together SOOOOOO well! LMAO!

        • rg9rts

          Even the gopee is smart enough to realize it can’t be undone. But don’t let that challenge your conazi mind LOL

          • Newyorker

            Is that why Obama repealed it for another year?

          • rg9rts

            Is that why the gopee saw the hand writing on the wall. Didn’t you just love their insurance bill How about their jobs bill or immigration reform. This may come as a shock to you but NO is not a way to govern. We ran our bagger out on a rail last time. PS I’m in New York Too. Take the Governors advice and move out along with Hannity that other gopee conazi mental giant

  • rg9rts

    Here you go the real law and order people in action. Each with their own reason why they don’t have to obey. Like the jocks sense of entitlemenmt when he rapes.

    • ZorroRidesAgain

      I think they all have the same reason for not obeying, it’s an imposition on their rights by people who would like to control them for their own political reasons.

      • rg9rts

        Then get YOUR nose out of my bedroom

        • ZorroRidesAgain

          Get my what out of your bedroom? What foolishness is this?
          Why don’t you be specific as to what you are babbling about and then we can sort of your personal problem. Cliché statements from parroting Liberals does not pass for anything that would smell like the scent of intelligence!

        • ZorroRidesAgain

          BTW, Calling people Nazis? LMAO! Even for babbling, parroting Liberals, using that term is passé!

  • ZorroRidesAgain

    Calling a semi automatic rifle “an assault weapon” is like calling a souped up, street legal car, a formula one Racer.

  • Commander

    rg9rts is just trolling, or maybe a misguided fool.

    • rg9rts

      Your sir are an idiot. trolls are your genre and belong on HP not any decent site.

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  • countryboy8

    Tell Paul Vance to take his arrogance and shove it up his butt!

  • Ernie Rimrodt

    Sen. Tony Guglielmo ” If we pass laws and the people ignore them, then we have a real problem” We have Immigration laws and the Federal government ignores them.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander….

    • madkoz

      You noticed that as well.

  • ThePatriotMuckraker

    Glory be to the Republic. Death to the tyrants.

  • Butch

    Respect law!!! You mean like Obama and Holder!!!!

  • xman1337

    Big surprise. I’m sure the gun control nuts big nation wide plan would go over even better in rural Alabama etc.

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