Facebook Being Used by Scammers to Target User Data

A viral post of a pregnant woman saying “You Won’t Believe What This Pregnant Girl Does!” is merely a Facebook scam.

The post claims to have a video but there is none. It’s just an attempt to get you to click on the post and share it.

When one clicks on the post, they are asked to share it before viewing its contents. This ensures that the scam is spread even further.

It shows a pregnant woman with a play button over it.

After the user goes to the fake looking Facebook page that the scammers set up, it prompts the user to fill out a survey form.

The surveys want your personal information–e-mail, address, and phone number–so that the scammers can sell it to make a profit.

It could be possible that the post contains malware.

It is recommended not to click on the post or share it. If you’ve already shared it, it’s best to delete it from your wall.

And if you’ve given it access to your Facebook account, it is recommended that you delete the app.

Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account and go to your Facebook application settings. It will list all the applications that you have given access to. 

Go below and click the “X” on the right side of the app in order to remove it. Some of the fake scam apps use names like “CNN,” “Fox News,” or “YouTube” to trick users.

Other viral scams include one about Justin Bieber hitting a 7-year-old kid, one claiming that Rihanna was killed, and another claiming there’s a video of man getting eaten by a shark.

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