Ashleigh Nicole Cox Dead: BYU Student Was Buried in Tibble Fork Reservoir Avalanche

Ashleigh Nicole Cox, a student at BYU, is dead after getting buried by an avalanche near Tibble Fork Reservoir in Utah on Saturday.

Cox, 21, was snowshoeing with several other people when the avalanche happened.

Emergency responders dug her out, but she was buried for about 40 minutes and was not breathing when they got to her. 

Her heart began beating again a little later and she was treated at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, reported the Salt Lake Tribune.

However, Cox died on Sunday evening after being taken off life support, reported KSL.

The Utah Avalanche Center has issued a red level advisory, warning people of high avalanche risk.

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  • KatieStarr

    So very heartbroken for this family. They doctors just said she isn’t going to make it.

    • Granite Skyline

      Sadly, that’s probably for the best — after being deprived of oxygen for so long, she would never be the person she once was.

  • HessenBalkan

    I’m very sorry for the family but why why why do these people go out there when it is a high avalanche risk?