Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker Girlfriend, ‘Gobsmacked’ After Left Out of Will
Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker Girlfriend, ‘Gobsmacked’ After Left Out of Will

 Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s girlfriend, is reportedly “gobsmacked” over being left out of Walker’s will after his death late last year.

Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, was together with Walker for seven years.

They reportedly planned on getting married, and she acted as a mother to Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker, who he had with an ex-girlfriend, Rebecca McBrain.

But Walker left all $25 million to Meadow, 15, in his will.

He also said that he wants his mother Cheryl Walker to act as Meadow’s guardian and be the custodian of the money until Meadow gets older.

A court hearing is scheduled later this month.

An insider told Show Biz Spy that Walker was financially supporting Pilchard-Gosnell, a college student, leading up to his death. 

“Considering Jasmine believed she and Paul would eventually get married, she is gobsmacked that she hasn’t been taken care of in his will,” said the source.

“She isn’t sure how she is going to make ends meet! Jasmine has been offered several modeling contracts, so she may have to turn to that.”

  • Cynthia W.

    She will have to “make ends meet” the same way we all do. She should be content with the fact that 1) they weren’t married, therefore she shouldn’t expect his will to include her. It probably would have once they did get married. 2) Walker was not planning to die so young, therefore did not ponder over the content of his will. Of course his will would be in favor his daughter. Relationships change over time, but a parent-child relationship is forever. His choice of his mother to oversee his estate for his daughter is also the obvious choice. He could always count on his mother, but a relationship is not carved in stone. Has the grieving period been cut so short that money interests dominate?

    • Dee

      I can’t believe people actually believe these bizarre stories online. This girl does not seem materialistic at all. Im sure she was not with him for his “money”.

  • OnyxE

    You would hope Meadow gives her a million or so. I think it’s quite a slap in the face to live with someone for 7 years, feel like a couple, and then be left out of the will. Had she not lived with him she would have had her life set up so she was independent.

    • kutodragon

      Okay we know you got left out of your sugar daddy’s Will. but come on gold digger.

  • Erinyes

    These reports are ridiculous. When Paul had the will drafted, the hadn’t even met Jasmine yet. Sadly, nobody thinks that they will die young so what would make him go back and add a codicil etc? Especially because he hadn’t gotten married yet. These articles would only hold water if he had a will drafted last year and left people out. You can’t leave anyone one out that you haven’t met yet! Sadly, people are just desperate to sell their story and have to make up scenarios in order to do that. Geesh, I can’t believe he didn’t include ME in it. *Sarcasm off*

  • Raine

    Spoken like a true gold digger. Why wouldn’t he leave everything to his daughter? His other family members, parents, siblings, etc., didn’t get a dime so why should she?? Whether she believed they were going to get married or not doesn’t matter, they weren’t married so I don’t see her problem. Perhaps if she didn’t rely on him to take care of her then she wouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet. Time to join the real world because your meal ticket is expired. This makes me sick to think about how quickly she has gotten over his death now that money comes into play. He should have gotten rid of her while he had the chance. R.I.P PW.

    • Brandi

      I so agree with you Raine 100 %

    • kutodragon

      ”Time to join the real world because your meal ticket is expired.”
      perfect line

  • Shannan Hunt

    She is 23 and they were together for 7 years? Does no one else think this is odd?

  • Jessi

    I know someone who was close friends with Paul and this is all false.

    1. Jasmine is not upset about it.

    2. Paul and Jasmine broke up in 2011. There were no marriage plans.

    3. Jasmine is not interested in being a model. She still works for her family’s landscaping company where she’s a certified arborist.

    4. It’s Rebecca Soteros, not Rebecca McBrain.

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