Mimi O’Donnell, Philip Seymour Hoffman Girlfriend, ‘Inconsolable’ After Hoffman’s Death
Mimi O’Donnell, Philip Seymour Hoffman Girlfriend, ‘Inconsolable’ After Hoffman’s Death

Mimi O’Donnell, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s longtime girlfriend, reportedly screamed after hearing of the actor’s death on Sunday.

Hoffman, 46, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on February 2, possibly of a drug overdose.

Hoffman and O’Donnell have been together since 1999.

They have a son, Cooper Alexander, who was born in March 2003.

Their two daughters, Tallulah and Willa, were born in November 2006 and October 2008.

A source told ShowBizSpy that Mimi is heartbroken over the loss.

“Mimi is inconsolable,” the source said. “He had his problems, but she thought he was on the road to recovery following his recent rehab stint.

“Mimi already had a tough few days, after the recent hoax that claimed Philip had died.”


Hoffman with his girlfriend Mimi O’Donnell following the 78th Academy Awards Sunday, March 5, 2006, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Hoffman was clean for 23 years but told TMZ in 2013 that he went into rehab for 10 days after beginning to use prescription pills again, and using heroin for a week.

A needle was reportedly sticking out of his arm when his body was found on Sunday. Police found eight small bags, six of which were empty and two of which contained heroin, according to TMZ.

Two law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said that Hoffman died from a drug overdose and confirmed that envelopes that appeared to contain heroin were found with him.

Philip Seymour Hoffman: 5 of His Most Memorable Roles

Hoffman was supposed to pick up his children at 9 a.m. but didn’t show up, which prompted friend and collaborator David Katz to check in on him.

Hoffman’s family said in a statement that “We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Phil and appreciate the outpouring of love and support.”

“This is a tragic and sudden loss and we ask that you respect our privacy during this time of grieving,” they added.

Police stand guard outside the home of Hoffman on Sunday. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Hoffman was renowned as a character actor. He won the Oscar for best actor in 2006 for portraying writer Truman Capote in “Capote.”

He was also nominated for the 2013 Academy Award for best supporting actor for portraying the charismatic leader of a religious movement in “The Master.”

Other memorable roles included Brandt, Jeffrey Lebowski’s personal assistant in “The Big Lebowski,” and Paul Zara, the senior campaign manager for Governor Mike Morris in “Ides of March.”

Hoffman as Truman Capote in “Capote.” (AP Photo/Attila Doroy, Sony Pictures Classics, File)

Tributes poured in from Hollywood figures.

“Damn, We Lost Another Great Artist,” Spike Lee, who directed him in “25th Hour,” said on Twitter.

Kevin Costner said in an interview: “Philip was a very important actor and really takes his place among the real great actors. It’s a shame. Who knows what he would have been able to do? But we’re left with the legacy of the work he’s done and it all speaks for itself.”

Lionsgate, which distributes the adaptations of Suzanne Collins’ multimillion-selling novels, called his death a tragedy and praised him as a “singular talent.” The last two “Hunger Games” movies are scheduled for release in November 2014 and November 2015.

Besides his film work, Hoffman was in multiple plays over the years.

On Broadway, he took on ambitious parts like Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman,” Jamie in “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” (his parents were played by Brian Dennehy and Vanessa Redgrave) and both leads in “True West.” All three performances were Tony nominated.

His 2012 work in “Death of a Salesman” was praised as “heartbreaking” by theater critic Mark Kennedy.

“Hoffman is only 44, but he nevertheless sags in his brokenness like a man closer to retirement age, lugging about his sample cases filled with his self-denial and disillusionment,” Kennedy wrote. “His fraying connection to reality is pronounced in this production, with Hoffman quick to anger and a hard edge emerging from his babbling.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  • Green

    Sad! Peace be with the family


    Very sad, at such a young age. Consolances to his immediate family

  • http://cultoclock.wordpress.com/ Cult O’Clock

    What a drag.

  • Mattypitch

    So tragic for his family and sad for those whose lives he touched through his movies and plays!

  • WeAreTheCure

    Drugs are bad and Phillip decided to die because he was secretly in pain for being molested. He told me this once while we were doing shooters one night. He couldn’t handle it, and he fu€ked up.

    • Patricia Cook

      That is so sad WeAreTheCure. The truly great ones are oft taken too soon! I was devastated hearing the news, imagine how tragic this must be for his family. Sorry for your pain PSF, I hope you find peace now… RIP PSF. x

      • Hope


    • Catherine Patten

      WHO ARE YOU? Prove what you are saying.

  • smokingdrinking

    Seriously, with this sentence? “A needle was reportedly sticking out of his arm when his body was found on Sunday.”


    • Catherine Patten

      Why? Hoffman had none when he killed himself.

    • Hope

      It has nothing to so with class. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. It is sad that a drug overdose took his life, yet it remains a fact. Most people who die from drug overdose are thought of as less than human some even say good riddance to them. Drug addiction is a serious problem in this country. People die everyday from all walks of life. Instead of fighting to legalize “soft” drugs people should be fighting to help those that desperately seek and need help getting off the “hard” drugs. Most insurance does not pay for rehab and many hospitals and medical centers do not offer any type of rehabilitation programs. Most are private facilities that the average person cannot afford. Addiction is a real disease that needs real attention. It will not go away by hiding it. Until people have someone important and dear to them die from overdose they just do not understand. These people are real people, not just some old dope head.

  • Lame Ranger

    I’m sure he’ll pull through.

    • Shitbird

      Probably not.

    • Joanne Hendy

      He will “pull through” from death? Did you think about your comment before you posted it?

    • Matthew Tallman

      Death rehab? Is this new? Good Lord, that is amazing…we may never have to die again!

      RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

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  • JasmineStarlight

    I’m sorry he couldn’t get pass the pain he was in.
    Clean for so long too. prayers for his family.

  • Northman56

    I have felt for years that he was one of the truly great actors of his generation. He was so believable in the characters that he played. I remember seeing him in one of his early films , Boogie Nights, and thinking that this was a guy with TALENT. And he was. I will just never understand why people like him do things like this to themselves and the people that love him. I know that it is so trite to say so, but he just had so damned much to live for, and so much more to give to the world with his talent that we will never experience now. It truly is a tragedy. RIP, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Whatever demons drove you to end your life at this early age, you can rest peacefully now for eternity.

  • windyblue

    Truly sad for his children so young and now no father. What ever problems he had, he felt that using drugs was the way out and would help him through it. Drugs kill. He was a wonderful actor. My thoughts, and prayers are with his entire family, who are asking themselves Why. And there is NO answer to that.

  • Enzo

    Most of the bag were empty, so he took a lot of heroin, make one wonder if this was on purpose.

  • QuaglinosPlaceOrMabels

    The first time I saw him was in Scent of a Woman. It wasn’t a huge role but I remember thinking at the time that his performance packed a huge punch. Thereafter, he continued to deliver with powerful performances and convincing characters. He was a remarkably talented actor. Condolences to his family and loved ones. RIP PSH.

  • goglmogl

    He has a girlfriend with three kids and doesnt marry her so no commitment. Its a disease only after you become addicted so you have a choice not to take these drugs. ”bad batch” is an oxymoron. He had fame and wealth and he still makes poor and deadly decisions. The movies encourage it. No sympathy from me.

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