Stones Larger Than the Pyramids’—Florida’s Coral Castle
Stones Larger Than the Pyramids’—Florida’s Coral Castle

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A visitor to the Coral Castle will see a stone fantasy garden with carved coral stones and blocks weighing several dozen tons each. The mystery of the garden is not in the blocks themselves but in how they were carved and put into place.

This feat of engineering was accomplished entirely by one man—Edward Leedskalnin—who carved, transported, and set all of the stone slabs and blocks by himself with no help or modern machinery. He used only hand tools he bought from a junkyard. Additionally, the blocks are cut and set with intricate precision, locked into place without mortar.

Leedskalnin, born in Latvia on Aug. 10, 1887, was a quiet, private man who was just over 5 feet tall, weighing just over 100 pounds. He somehow managed to carve and sculpt more than 1,100 tons of coral rock, transporting the rocks 10 miles and setting them into place using only a crude wooden tripod, a borrowed tractor, and a truck.

All of his work was done during the night between midnight and 6:00 a.m., according to the documentary Mystery at Coral Castle. Whenever someone would try to catch a peek at his work, he would stand upon his watchtower and announce: “As soon as you leave, I will continue my work.”

People could see the blocks being transported down the highway, but no one ever saw Leedskalnin move, lift, or set any of the blocks. The only witnesses are two children who supposedly saw Leedskalnin “float” the blocks into place like moving balloons. The mysterious man was also known for his extensive theories on magnetism.

The Coral Castle walls themselves weight 125 pounds per cubic foot, and each section is 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet thick, according to the Coral Castle Museum. Weighing approximately 30 tons, the greatest stone in the castle is twice as massive as any used in the pyramids, according to the documentary In Search of Coral Castle.

Another particular oddity of the castle includes a 9-ton swinging stone door that moves when just a little force is applied; a child could move it with ease. A raised obelisk weighing 28 tons is another curious feature, as well as a carved stone crescents sitting atop 20-foot high walls.

The story regarding the inspiration for the Coral Castle is that of a tragic romance. When Leedskalnin was still a young man, at the age of 26, he was engaged to a woman who left him the day before they were to be wed. Leedskalnin vowed to create the structure as a symbol for his love for her.

The stones were quarried near his original home in Florida City. After a developing subdivision threatened his privacy and the privacy of the Castle, he bought property in Homestead, Fla., just 25 miles from Miami, and moved all of his pieces over the course of three years.

Leedskalnin started the endeavor in approximately 1923 and finished around 1951. Through the ‘40s up until his death in December of 1951, he would charge 10 cents admission for visitors to his castle and garden.

  • takawalk

    This is fascinating. If I had the funds I would dive into a effort to find out more about this, starting with everything he wrote down. There is a quote where he said “it is easy if you know how”. It is hard to think of this as a simple scam, or at least in the way we think of scams. I scanned a few articles on this topic, he is even quoted as saying perpetual motion, all of it having something to do with magnetism. It shouldn’t be extremely difficult to authenticate certain aspects of this.
    Perhaps I am being naive, but if this guy did this using means currently known to mankind, exactly what would the theory of how this was accomplished look like?

    • Classical_Gas

      Too much knowledge has been buried because there’s no opportunity to profit from it. It’s a sad thing.

    • Atomicflunk

      All his notes were taken by TPTB. You think they’d let that kind of knowledge get out? Corporations will never let it happen. The man figured out how the vibration from electro-magnetics will distort whatever it is near and make it vibrate between the waves of normal gravity. It’s all about vibrations. He figured out the exact frequency.

  • Gin1234

    Some have come to the conclusion that aliens were responsible for the pyramids, because they can’t figure out how it was done. Now, something that happened in this lifetime cannot be explained and what will these people say? Perhaps he is a descendant of an alien being? This renews my faith in human beings that despite the feeling of many, we are still capable of invention and creative ingenuity. It is frustrating that he didn’t let us know how he accomplished this, but then the mystery and curiosity of what is around us, is what keeps us going and looking forward to another day. I would love to visit this. I had no idea anything like this even existed. I also wonder what ever happened to his almost bride.

    • takawalk

      If this is unknown technology that accomplished this, just think of the difference it would make. If not then how was it done or the perception that it was done accomplished?

  • The OGS

    I’ve read Ed’s writings – pretty amazing!
    Magnetic Currents says that electricity is basically magnetism. And that magnetism is gravity.
    Ed manipulated gravity using magnetism via electricity…
    He says the universal Cosmic Force is apparent in the earth’s gravitational field, an endless source of unlimited energy, and (though he never made specific claims) it has been speculated that Ed was able to manipulate it. Somehow.
    There is a mysterious black box (shoebox-sized) visible in old photos of Ed’s rickety wooden tripods which supported his hoists.
    Bottom line is: he claimed he knew the secret of the great pyramids!
    And this he demonstrated in the construction of his amazing Rock Gate (since renamed Coral Gardens).
    Ed also philosophised about science and education, saying that students were not being taught the right stuff…
    He noted gravity can move great distances through any medium which could block light, electricity and magnetism (ie. lead plates, solid rock or vacuum).

    • takawalk

      I found this to be fascinating. What did he know that we should know, from what we do know can this event be some kind of hoax?

      • The OGS

        What puzzles me is that Ed left detailed technical writings with meticulous instructions for reproducing his experiments and demonstrations!
        I read through ~40 pages of stuff (over my head)…
        But a modern theoretical physicist should be able to make sense of it!
        Because it obviously worked, therefore Ed was correct.

        • Richard M

          You can be sure DARPA has it. The ability to levitate 30 ton objects via anti-gravity has obvious military uses.

  • Richard M

    My guess is that he was a member of an advanced Alien race. His betrothed was unable to understand his eccentricities, so she left him.

    After moving to America he worked odd jobs that couldn’t pay for the massive construction undertaking. Obviously he had another source of wealth.

    The Alien species have life spans stretching for millenia. The body that Edward left at the hospital was an artificial construct. Right down to the symptoms of disease meant to satisfy the Medical Examiner.

    • JasmineStarlight

      Morin Rich
      :) I would pay to see that movie Fascinating!

      • Richard M

        Hi, Jasmine!

        I didn’t see you at the Super Bowl party.

        • JasmineStarlight

          Hiya Rich

          I was there, sipping my Guinness …cheering for the SeaHawks. Not really a football fan, like the SB though….always pick a side to cheer for, glad they won their 1st ring. An exciting night for the true Seahawk fans!! Clobbered them!
          A snowy a.m. here… to work shortly, one MORE cup of Java, caffeine boast needed today. Enjoy your day…..great article the Coral Castle :)

          • Richard M

            Guinness, eh? The real stout, or that watered down draught stuff?

            Yup. They clobbered ’em all right.

          • JasmineStarlight

            Rich ENJOY one sometimes at a little bar in NYC—a cold glass–dark beer–strong stuff tho.—two large ones and you might start singing like a leprechaun or something silly–a head shaker in the morning –no I didn’t do that, did I:)

    • The OGS

      No wealth. No helpers, even… just little Ed (alone, in the middle of the night) and his shabby hand-tools.
      The amazing thing was that he MOVED all his stuff to a new location!
      Local flatbed trucks were used, low-budget Ed bartering/paying cheaply for them.
      The drivers were told to ‘go away’ for 20 minutes…
      When they came back, these enormous multi-ton blocks had been installed onto the backs of their trucks!
      Ed’s teachings said the way we look at electricity (‘positive’ and ‘negative’) is wrong.
      He died of malnutrition. He ate no meat – only potatoes.
      And yes I agree; Ed was not… from this place.

  • JasmineStarlight

    He was an amazing sculpture…he didn’t need mortar, like a jig saw puzzle piece…an intricate carve to perfectly fit. He must’ve used some kind of leverage…..someone knows how it came to be. Beautiful though, some things are just meant to be admired and have mystery. Wow he surly loved the woman who left him at the isle……love produces great art and pain too. great article!!!!!!

    • Richard M

      It’s like a US version of Taj Mahal!….I think the Egyptian pyramids used no mortar, either.

      • JasmineStarlight

        The guy definitely created a masterpiece—I hope it stands up forever. The pyramids were truly something, the poor slaves probably had to slug those rocks….engineering from day one, just being refined along the way. Some marvelous places to see :)

  • mr_bellows

    There are monks, in tibet i believe, that can float a 200 kg rock up a shear cliff wall to rest it on a ledge. Documented with photo’s, renderings and description by a few NG explorers back in the day. They use sound – drums, horns, vocals bouncing off the cliff and focused on the stone, by the very shape of the cliff itself.

    As for cutting the coral i have ‘no eye deer’ but lets not dismiss ‘a truth’ just because we have not seen it, for ourselves. Deductively speaking that if Gravity exists, than so must Levity; the opposite of gravity – and it falls to us to simply find out how it works and use it ie magnetism + electricity. But to just dismiss it makes us no better than the SCIENTISTS who have FAILED to explain how it was done in the first place. EX. Scientists and their paymasters always talk of gravity (heck, they even make movies about it) but never if ever do they speak of the opposite force – lets wonder why.

    In any case – Love, is most powerful, is it not? It is what motivated this man – love lost, yes, but still – love. Maybe this ‘truth’ can speak to a larger picture about what we as people or towns, or nations have lost, as of late. Maybe we can build something new, and better done, through our own grief of lost loves.

    Kind of deep i know, but for some reason the truth of this story moves me – like a rock.

  • elderlyfox

    Is Paul implying that the pyramids were also hand-made by a race that just came down from the trees?

  • William Rothschild

    It’s no secret how he accomplished this. If you read the entire story on this, he used harmonics that can manipulate gravity and moved the coral into place, it’s that simple.

    • Davey Ray

      Correct he did use harmonics.I posted a link to a presentation above explaining how he did it and the technology.

  • Davey Ray

    I would urge everyone to watch this if you get a chance. It explains how the Crystal Castle was made and has a lot of other revelations that if you are curious about the castle and the technology behind it you will definitely enjoy.

  • Alicia Hertz

    Where the — are all the pictures?

  • chenelope

    In more regards to the actual topic of this news, it should be known that we today do not have the capability of recreating the Great Pyramid complex. Even with highly advanced technology we cannot duplicate these megalithic structures. The Japanese government attempted to recreate a 1/25th scale model with modern equipment and couldn’t even achieve any success with that, let alone a full sized reproduction. This alone should be more than enough evidence that the Egyptians did not possess the technical capability to produce these structures and therefor is impossible for them to have built it.

    Since Atlantis was a city which was believed to possess the most advanced technology in the Universe, it stands to reason that it’s more likely that beings from this place did in fact build the Great Pyramids since they actually would have had the technical capability and knowledge to produce these structures. It’s either that or you believe that a bunch of desert wandering cave dwellers some how managed to build something so advanced that we can’t even replicate it with technology light years ahead of these people.

    Also quite interesting to note is the fact that the math involved in the architecture of the Great Pyramid coincides with knowledge that was not actually known by anyone until very recently. One such example is the size of the Kings chamber and the Queen’s chamber is the exact same ratio between the size of Earth and Mars. So not only did the builders know of the exact size of both Earth and Mars but they implemented this knowledge into the actual architecture of the structure itself. Knowledge we’ve only begun to uncover within the past century or so.

    This leads me to believe that the Great Pyramid structure was actually designed for a future generation and we are in fact that generation. Only now do we have the proper knowledge needed to decode the mathematically embedded messages that were built into the Great Pyramid complex. -(yahoo comment by Kev)

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