Cat-Proof Furniture — Required

Shorty the kitty tears up a chair. For more videos of “Sho” and her pal, Kodi, check out Shorty and Kodi: The ShoKo Show.

  • rg9rts

    You can have furniture or you can have cats…….

    • Winky Cat

      Get metal furniture and you can have both!

  • Gin1234

    I love Shorty and Kodi. Kodi’s Dance of Intimdation, and the one about how to walk a human are the best I MHO. Kodi is a real character, and all of the videos are hilarious.

    • Winky Cat

      Me too! Been following since Shorty was a wee kitten.

  • Pony

    The kitty was killing the evil yellow plastic to protect its humans. The chair was collateral damage. ( and not really destroyed.)