The Grief of a Mother Penguin (+ Video)
The Grief of a Mother Penguin (+ Video)

Birds are not known for being expressive creatures. Relatively speaking, they are lower down on the cute scale.

Because of that, such a vivid expression of grief—as shown by these two penguins, mourning their frozen chick—is so startling and touching. 

This short clip, which was uploaded to by John Downer Production and was viewed on YouTube more than 100,000 times, is part of the company’s new series “Penguins—Spy in the Huddle (Waddle All The Way).”

  • Winky Cat

    :-( RIP little penguin.

    • eyelashviper

      This is just heartbreaking.

  • Sharyn


  • Sharyn

    That made me cry. They invest so much time hatching that egg.

  • OnyxE

    It’s very sad to see an animal lose a family member…unlike humans they can’t tell anyone, can’t have a funeral and the little body just lies there. One year I saw a mother goose I know come out of the pond after a quick bath off her nest to find some nasty little kid had broken her eggs; I arrived shortly after the eggs had been broken. The goslings had been near hatching so they were bloody and had a shape. It was heartbreaking to watch these goose parents. There were their babies smashed on the ground. The mother eventually went back into the pond, swam to the far side and sat there for a few days with her head tucked into her wing while her stoic gander watched over her. We will never know what these creatures suffer.

  • Denni A

    when dairy calves are taken away from their mothers after being born they bellow and call out to each other for days, imagine doing that to a human mother and baby.
    how people can work in industries that are so cruel and callous towards the feelings of other beings is beyond comprehension. all beings feel joy, happiness, despair and grief.

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