China Uncensored: Massive Internet Shutdown in China
China Uncensored: Massive Internet Shutdown in China

China Uncensored is a weekly satire show produced by NTD Television. The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of Epoch Times.

What happens when the Internet goes out for China’s 500 million Internet users and netizens? Well of course everyone freaks out. Even though Chinese authorities said they were victims of hacking, the truth came out. What’s most likely is that Chinese censors screwed up, and instead of China’s internet censorship system, the Great Firewall of China, blocking certain websites, redirected two thirds of the Internet to one of those blocked websites. The website was Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT), a website created by practitioners of the persecuted spiritual group Falun Gong, that provides software to help Chinese Internet users break through the Firewall. Smooth move censors. You wouldn’t last a second in the Matrix.

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    They must be using that system on Huffington Post.

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