Whereabouts of Detained Uyghur Intellectual Unknown
Whereabouts of Detained Uyghur Intellectual Unknown

Hours after new violence in Xinjiang, Uyghur economist Ilham Tohti, who was detained in Beijing on January 15, was accused by state media of “separatist” charges and possibly transported to Xinjiang’s provincial capitol, Urumqi.

Urumqi police announced on Sunday that Tohti was under investigation for promoting independence in Xinjiang Province, but Tohti’s wife could not verify that he had been taken from Beijing.

“I think my husband may be in Urumqi now,” Tohti’s wife, Guzelnur, told Radio Free Asia (RFA). “But neither the Beijing police nor Urumqi police are giving me any information about him,” she continued. 

Lawyer Li Fangping, seeking information about Tohti’s possible transfer from Beijing, traveled over 1300 miles to Urumqi to inquire about his whereabouts, but was kept waiting for 8 hours at the police station, with no results, said Tohti’s wife.

“It is impossible to communicate with the officials and they are refusing to answer phone calls. It has been exhausting,” Li told Reuters. He said he was not allowed to see Tohti or register to defend him. 

A high level Communist Party (CCP) official announced stricter management of religious activities, saying explosions in Xinjiang Province on Friday were “masterminded by a religious militant” reported regime mouthpiece Xinhua on Monday. 

The official did not mention Tohti by name in the remarks quoted by Xinhua. However, on Sunday a statement by the Urumchi Bureau of State Security, published in Xinhua, said that “Ilham Tohti organized a group with the disguise of his identity, colluded with leaders of overseas East Turkistan separatist forces, and sent followers overseas to engage in separatist activities.” 

Controversy exists about an explosion in Urumqi on Friday.

Xinhua reported that a deadly explosion in a Xinjiang market killed twelve on Friday, saying that police investigating a crime were attacked by thugs throwing explosives.

Not so, said Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress. Uyghurs were protesting against the sale of pigs in the market on Fridays, a Muslim holy day, when police fired into the crowd, hitting the gas tank of a vehicle, he told Al Jazeera on Sunday. 

“It is not possible for the Uyghurs to have weapons, given the tight controls by the authorities,” Raxit explained to Al Jazeera.

In yet another incident last week three Uyghurs were shot and killed by police in Awat County, who said that the men had attacked a police station in an act of “separatism. ”

  • ilyas252

    another human being suffering for expressing an opinion. ah yews, the chinese miracle

    • Ian_Llanganagain

      No. Another Islamic militant being dealt with in an admirable way to keep the Islamist-terrorist aspirations of the Uighurs under control. Much as the Chinese government has mandated all Uighur children must have a secular, state education until adulthood, are fed three NON-“halal” meals in school per day (plenty of pork!) and are not permitted to be removed from classrooms Friday afternoons for “prayers”, this too, will keep the Uighurs from constantly trying to undermine secular government. Western government could learn from this example of stamping on the throat of religious extremism.

      • ilyas252

        sounds revolting and disgusting forcing children to eat pork. those chinese thugs can’t get it right, autonomous regions within china, tibet being another example. shame on the chinese.

        from what i’ve seen, a muslim extremist problem will be the outcome

        • Ian_Llanganagain

          Said children are not obliged to EAT the pork, it just happens to be on frequent offer. As to the outcome being a Muslim extremist problem, the Chinese media does not report to the world on what happens in western China, however a “Muslim extremist problem” s what they have already experienced, and it is why they are clamping down so hard and fighting back. Islam is *not* by any means indigenous to that part of China, and China is simply trying to prevent the sorts of problems with Islam that are currently causing issues in Thailand, The Phiippines, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Vietnam, Laos, India, and a large number of African states, including Mali and the “CAR” (Centrla African Republic). “There is no ‘radical’ Islam. There is only Islam.” – Wafa Sultan.

          • ilyas252

            3 points
            1.offering, making available, whatever, pork to children- not on.
            2. there are, have been, muslims in china; there are gypsies also. it is a vast country.
            3. not sure about an islamist state; but a good way of achieving one is to clamp down on people. the chinese discriminate as well as the rest the world when it comes to minorities.

          • Ian_Llanganagain

            3 rebuttals:
            1) Not at all big on the idea of animal consumption at all here myself, but if it keeps a firm foot planted on the neck of a fascistic political cult wearing the drag/trappings of a religion, so be it.
            2) There have only been Muslims in China since about 1070 AD, whereas China as a nation has been around since about 5,000 BC. Further, for the first several hundred years, the only Muslims in China were Arab traders. Further, in your effort to blanket with political correctness, you have inadvertently(?) made a dreadful racist gaffe. Calling the Roma (People) “gypsies” is like using the “N” word on Faricans. Way to go!
            3) China has always had to integrate minority ethnic tribes to a greater or lesser degree of success. The Uighirs however are not ethnically distinct in the way that Tibetans or Mongolians are. They are ethnically Chinese who have been absorbed into a dangerous, totalitarian, absolutist cult. The Uighurs are actually quite lucky China has not simply rounded them up and dispersed them throughout the nation. That may yet occur if they don’t drop this Islamist nonsense, and soon.

          • ilyas252

            ooops haven’t updated my pc dictionary, that lessens my observation of course.

            you appear to have a biff with muslims and you’re prepared to justify heinous behaviour and attitudes to that end.

            sorry can’t be bothered with attitude; not religious myself, and i am very critical of them, but the pork thing of yours really pisses me off.

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