Children Were Asked What They Want Most; This Little Girl’s Answer Will Break Your Heart
Children Were Asked What They Want Most; This Little Girl’s Answer Will Break Your Heart

On the 100th day of school, students were asked what they would want if they could have 100 of anything. A Reddit user posted this little girl’s response.

It made many reflect on the time spent with their loved ones.

Reddit user Canceryguy wrote:

The awesome thing about life is that now you get create your own family. (Not just by having kids, though that is cool too in my opinion.)

You get to create a new one through your friends, through people you choose. This family can be deeper than any bond of blood. Find people who are there for you when you need them, and be there for them—trust me, you will want people like this later on in life. …

Go, surround yourself with awesome friends, have an excellent life, and if you decide to be a parent at some point, break the cycle!

Reddit user Rum_Pirate_SC wrote:

[I] live 3,000 miles away [from my family], and have for the past 10 years kept telling my mom I’d visit.
“Maybe next year, mom. … Things came up, maybe I’ll get home next year.”

Then last year I got the call—she fell down, [she was] in a coma. …

[I] rushed home, … driving across the country. She comes out of her coma by the time we got there. [It] turns out she had lung cancer. We stay two weeks to get her stable. She insists I go home. [She] didn’t want me to stay while she goes through chemo and radiation. …

By June she passed away.

I ran out of “next years.”

  • eyelashviper

    This is so touching, and a wonderful reminder to parents that their time is precious to their young children, far more than any toys, cookies, parties, or whatever else.
    My daughter was born relatively late in our lives, after long careers, traveling, starting our own business, and we were able to have her in our lives most of the time due to our business, and I would not trade those times for anything. Our memories are rich with experiences, as are hers, and she still values time together, as do we.
    The joy in the eyes of my child, at any age, are my finest moments.

  • Trilby16

    My son was asked this in kindergarten. He said he wanted “100 prezants.” We still tease him about it.

  • Silver Fang

    Today’s children spend more time with teachers and daycare providers than their own parents. Is this child’s letter any surprise?

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