Godzilla 2014: New Trailer Reportedly Coming Out Soon

Ahead of the May 16, 2014 release date for Godzilla, Warner Bros. is reportedly going to release another trailer on February 7.

The report comes from Lebanese website Emileeid.com. It doesn’t specify where it got the information from.

The movie re-imagines Godzilla, the epic tale, and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston.

Check out the first trailer below.

  • dvncmdy

    Looks cool

  • Denni A

    there’s been so many iterations of Godzilla over the years, some really bad ones, some with Mothra and other denizens. the original Godzilla will always be the best imo, must have seen it a gazillion times as a kid.

  • Richard M

    As long as it doesn’t have Ferris Bueller in it. I’m okay with it.

  • Richard M

    Great timing, though. With Fukushima pouring rad-waste into the oceans by the gigatons, it’s only a matter of time until real Godzillas come ashore.

    • Denni A

      heh…now wouldn’t that be something, maybe it would look like a giant squid or octopus with a shark head.

      • Richard M

        I was thinking they would start out relatively small. They’d come ashore at night and catch squirrels, rats rabbits, etc.

        Gradually, they would grow & grow. Soon cats dogs and the occasional small child would vanish.

        Eventually they would reach full behemoth status. Ripping the walls off apartment blocks to feed on the humans inside. Like a bear tearing into a bees nest or ant nest.

        They wouldn’t be fire breathing, or be impervious to military weapons like the fictional Godzilla, but there would be far more of them.

        What’s the army going to do when those things are coming ashore up & down the coast for thousands of miles?

  • Richard M

    What does a monster that big eat? He has to eat something, and humans would just be popcorn bites. I’ve never seen him eat humans anyway. He roasts and stomps humans. Doesn’t eat them.

    • konspikuous

      Godzilla sustains herself on nuclear energy. Since the stuff is so energetic, she can go months in between feedings.

      Also, she’s able to inhale photons from the Sun and convert it to energy. Like photosynthesis, except, she breathes the things.

      • Richard M

        Makes a lot of sense. I guess she and her sisters are basking in the warm glow of Fukushima, even now.

  • xetaprime

    The first trailer was awesome! Can’t wait for the movie! I’m just glad the big ‘G’ is alive and well after the last one!

    • Denni A

      didn’t one of the Godzilla remakes have a momma with a baby Godzilla.

      • Richard M

        In the version with Ferris Bueller, Madison Square Garden was turned into a Godzillita nursery. Until that French actor who is often DeNiro’s sidekick blew up the whole building.

        Ferris Bueller was running about hiding from Godzillita swarms like the kids in Jurassic Park. Only a dam// sight less cute.

        • Denni A

          now there’s a remake Godzilla vs Jurassic park.

      • xetaprime

        Google baby Godzilla, if you dare :) Son of Godzilla! He blew smoke rings LOL

  • Justin Blantey

    Spines are too small… I know people hate it when I say that, but I been claiming it was too small since the Godzilla Encounter footage leaked. I guess I was right. Still excited to see this (and have plans to do so more than once!)