Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo Deny Guilt in Vhong Navarro Rape Case
Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo Deny Guilt in Vhong Navarro Rape Case

Cedric Lee, a Philippines businessman, and student Deniece Milinette Cornejo have denied guilt in the Vhong Navarro rape case, pitting the stories of both sides against each other.

Navarro, a well-known host on ABS-CBN and an actor, was accused of attempting to rape Cornejo, a 22-year-old student and model.

Lee spoke out about the case on Monday, saying that he and friends were supposed to pick up Cornejo to go out on January 22 when they heard her screaming inside. They went in and found her fighting off Navarro’s unwelcome advances.

Lee grabbed Navarro off the bed, he told ABS-CBN. He and the others were forced to struggle with Navarro when he refused to go peacefully to the police station, according to Lee.

Navarro pleaded with them not to take him to the station because it would jeopardize his career, Lee claims.

Navarro, on the other hand, says that Lee is the “powerful and influential man” who was behind an attempt to blackmail him.

He said that he went into Cornejo’s condo with take-out from a nearby restaurant. When he went inside, however, a group of men held him at gunpoint and forced him to say that he had attempted to rape Cornejo. They made threats against his wife and son, he told Buzz ng Bayan from his hospital bed, trying to extort money from him.

Cornejo, meanwhile, has also denied any guilt in the case.

“Everyone wants nothing but honesty yet caught lying most of the time. truth hurts and no matter how painful it is, face it with dignity,” she said via Facebook.

She said earlier, quoting a Bible verse, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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  • rg9rts

    Something aint kosher

  • Nnette RQuimson

    when quoting a bible verse, pls lang, see to it that it is within its context.

  • http://manilafoodistas.blogspot.com/ Manila Foodistas

    I doubt that vhong would look like that if they were only forced to struggle with him. This cedric lee has always had a tendency for violence. Look at what happened with him and vina morales before.

    • randal johnny

      consult your lawyer…….

  • Karl Ching

    When people start quoting bible verses, nako…. Nagladlad na. GUILTY.

    • J3prox

      Like priest and nuns?

      • randal johnny

        simple as that..

    • randal johnny

      do not use the words of God in vain…..This events is a matter decided by Justice Department Judges and jury in some case but not the Media,The Public, not the police and not the NBI…..The verdict will always come from the Judge and Jury of the court…..Consult your lawyer

  • J3prox

    Let’s just say nahuli mo nga ang isang lalake na nagtry try gahasain ang kaibigan mo o kapatid. Do you think papalabasin mo pa ng bahay yan ng walang kagalos galos?
    I’m not saying vhong is guilty … ang sinasabi ko lang possible na magulpi sya kung totoo nga yung sinasabi ng kampo ni deniece. Right now it’s to early to say kung ano ang totoo.

    • Ena Ortiz

      If she was raped then vhong deserved everything that happened to him but if you watch the cctv vhong could not have raped her….not enough time… vhong went inside the elevator @ 8:38pm then cedric and some guy followed @ 8:41pm… and Cedric hindi sya ang batas…bakit hindi tumawag ng police…smh

      • randal johnny

        in any crimes 3 minutes is more than to constitute crimes, in this case rape and or attempted rape………3 Minutes is valid reasons in the court to constitute crimes……….Consult your lawyer the probability of crimes….if your are law student better open your book and review it…….

    • randal johnny

      your opinion is not bias but even one base on facts…

  • Richard M

    So what was news anchor Navarro doing at Cornejo’s apt, in Lee’s and Cornejo’s version of the event?….He didn’t just call up or knock on her door and say “hi, I’d like to come over and rape you.” Right?

    This Lee is probably a gangster and Cornejo is under his control.

    • randal johnny

      be sure you are lawyer to express opinion…

      • Richard M

        Now I have seen the video. There is no longer any doubt. Everything Navarro says is proven. Lee is a rogue and gangster.

        You are lawyer? Yes! Lawyer for gangster client!…Hhahaha!

  • randal johnny

    true Vhong was hurt bugbog sarado…..That is not issue……The issue is why he was hurt ?….That is the solution the court will see to consider… before any merit of judgement…..In that position there are many factor that will come it is either against the actor or in favor of the actor…..It will be come without reasonable of doubt after careful presentation of pleading of both parties…..How it start and who started it……..that is the question that both parties will explain to the court…..Big question ? Not easy but it will come out once the juridical proceeding is over……Not public opinion counted,but Court of Justice Judge and Jury will prevail…..

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