If the Master Painters Had Cameras, They Couldn’t Do Better Than This


    Bill Gekas is an award-winning photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by a love for classical paintings, Gekas tries to create the look and feel of master paintings through his photography—always using his daughter as his willing model. Gekas is entirely self-taught and has been creating his photography since the mid ’90s.

    Learn more about Bill Gekas.

    • allison1050

      I saw some of his work with his little girl quite a few months ago..beautiful.

      • sabelmouse


        • allison1050

          Pretty soon I’m going to check to see if he has a website, his work is lovely.

          • sabelmouse

            i did. i need to take more time to look properly though.

            • allison1050

              I just got back from running errands and haven’t stopped to check to see if he has his own website.

    • JasmineStarlight

      Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, a natural talent within….loved all the pics.

    • chenelope

      Interesting photography. Some certainly do resemble classical paintings