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‘Treason Bowl’ Letter Claiming False Flag Attack at Super Bowl Goes Viral

A letter referring to the upcoming Super Bowl as a”Treason Bowl,” saying that there will be an attack orchestrated by authorities, has gone viral on conspiracy website Before It’s News.

The website is infamous for letting people publish whatever they want with no fact-checking and consistently republishes stories from satire websites along with other mishaps.

The website, for instance, has a story trending right now about how a man has had a vision about an attack at the Super Bowl, and another one speculating that “something big happenning [sic] warning, here are the signs.”

The “TreasonBowl” letter was sent to Before It’s News through the regular mail, and reproduced in a story on the company’s website. It has gotten over 64,000 views over the past two days as well as 5,000 likes and shares on Facebook. Over 200 people are reading the story at any given time.

The letter comes from an anonymous person who says that he or she–along with others who contributed to the “notification”–has been involved in the construction and operation of the MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

“From the start, from design stages, plans have been made for the stadium, and the American Dream Meadowlands complex, to host a well-planned false flag event, so grand that one would think it was planned in the offices of Josef Goebbles himself. This has been in the works for at least six years,” the person claims.

“The highlight of this treason will be the world-wide live television coverage of this abomination of civilization. This promotion of fear and horror is hoped to inspire the masses of the world to willfully submit to the eradication of rights given to us by God.”

Elaborating on the alleged false flag attack, the person says that during the design of the stadium, spots were planned for placement of bombs to entrap attendees. The person says that there may be as many as 11 armed “foreign terrorists” in the stadium with another eight in the rest of the complex, who will use “a heavier-than-air poison gas” that is brought in with the CO2 canisters that are used by soft drink vendors.

The person claims that the poison will impact everyone in the stadium as the bombs prevent people from leaving the stadium, and that “false flag Islamic demands will be posted for the release of ‘freedom fighters’ in Guantanamo, but primarily for the exit of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.”

The term false flag refers to the belief that government forces orchestrate attacks such as the Boston Marathon bombings in order to enact stricter laws, among other reasons. Websites such as Before It’s News regularly paint any shooting or similar events as types of so-called false flags, with varying amounts of proof.

The letter claims that the attack will take place in the first half of the third quarter.

The letter was discussed on the conspiracy forum on Reddit, with commenters sharing their perspectives on the letter itself and it being published word for word on Before It’s News.

“It seems like this type of stuff about something happening at the Superbowl crops up every year,” said one user.

“I’m not saying false flags have never happened, but if we constantly keep reporting stuff that is so obliviously fake, we’re going to live up to the paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing image that people see us as,” said another. “This should be a place for critical analysis of genuine conspiracies, like Monsanto, the N.S.A. etc, not where every week someone is posting a new false flag alert.”

“I can mail B4iN any inane nonsense and they will publish it on their site word for word. Brilliant,” said another.

“This is no better than Fox or any other mainstream tabloid, actually it’s worse. Most journalists, even the lowest of them, have to have some sort of faith in their sources before they publish. None would publish letters from completely anonymous sources. Never clicking another B4iN link again.”

  • HeyJude

    There are some really disturbed people out there. So this is a hoax (of course), someone thinks it’s fun and creative to create panic or controversy. And then some other nut job will think “what a great idea to disrupt the SuperBowl, I’d be famous” and then there will be tragedy on our hands. So much free speech, without any responsibility for the consequences. :-(

    • Rich

      Create panic and controversy sounds like our so called govt.

    • TruthSpeaker

      And if it’s not a hoax and something does happen, you will do the mental gymnastics of thinking that the only reason it did was because someone made a letter like this, nothing else to it.

      Keep believing everything you hear on the nightly news.

      • HeyJude

        You are doing mental gymnastics in telling me what I will think and why I will think it. You are not a truth speaker, actually you seem to hold a very self inflated view of your own intellectual superiority…can’t imagine why. All you’re really trying to do here is read your crystal ball, without knowing anything.

      • 2396birchdr

        Keep your doctor, Keep your Insurance..By Adolf Obama

  • Richard M

    Goebbles? Military-ized? This was written by a Ninth Grader, or someone whose education went no further than that point.

    • Sharyn

      Totally crazy yup.

      • Richard M

        Then there’s his “thug like police” comment. My guess is junior got a DUI or public drunkenness arrest recently. Now he wants some payback, by making their jobs harder.

        New IPad working okay?

        • Heather Wallace

          On B4iN there’s a photo of the envelope. And it’s postmarked from Denver. I’m thinking NFL Broncos mistress who wasn’t invited to NJ for #48.. or something? I thought what was interesting is after he mentioned the demands were going to be presented as if coming from Afghanistan, he went on a little too deep into the occupation. So, is he a construction worker or an activist?

          • Richard M

            Neither one, is my guess. He claims to be a participant in the construction of the stadium, He also claims to be involved in the stadium’s operations. He also claims to have inside knowledge of the plans of terrorist organizations.

            What else will he claim? To be the head of the Federal Reserve and Obama’s chauffeur?

            One thing he clearly is not, is a person who graduated High School with a rudimentary understanding of English language writing and comprehension.

          • 2396birchdr


          • Richard M

            Whats up, JP? You have a conspiracy theory to explain why nothing happened?

        • Bryan Kokame

          You do realize this letter was written by people who claim they were involved in the construction of MetLife Stadium. More than likely this means these people were construction workers. I know a lot of construction workers and they aren’t the most talented people at writing or speaking with eloquence. Judge what people do, not who they are. Smh.

          • Richard M

            “Claim” being the operative word. A Ninth Grader in mom’s basement can claim to be anything.

          • TruthSpeaker

            Conversely, I know many intelligent well articulated men in the construction industry. Not every construction worker is a mindless dummy like you seem to believe and promote.

            How do you think they bargain and receive their very substantial financial contracts? From some dummy standing around saying “dur uh, pay us more now”

            I myself am a former construction worker who worked on the freedom tower for multiple years until an injury, so there’s my source reference.

    • 2396birchdr

      LIAR Obama must be an IDIOT he can’t read nor understand the Constitution..

      • Richard M


  • Daniel M77

    Their is definitely going to be a false flag…15 yards roughing the passer on Payton manning. Yes the fix is in.

    • Richard M

      Three rousing huzzahs! For Payton and the bornocs!


    Did anyone notice that the Columbia Maryland mall shooting
    was a false flag event?

    The media reported that both the 911 calls came in at 10:15 and the so called
    shooters arrival at the mall at 10:15 am and yet all the twitter post from
    people in the mall, around the mall, in the media and medical emergency service
    responders all started coming in at 8:32 am, which was way before the shooters arrivial time and the 911 call that was on record. How could the so called shooter
    arrive at the mall, walk through the mall kill two people and shoot several
    other people all at the same time that the mall video showed him arriving at
    the mall and the 911 calls were being placed and why were the twitter tweets all coming in much earlier at
    8:15 am. I have seen a few good things on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5K61DSm4lg

    Take a good look at dates and time stamps. This really is quite strange. I think this
    stuff is for real. Another DISCOVERED FALSE FLAG EVENT.

    • Gin1234

      How do we know that someone with similar thoughts to yours didn’t stage the mall shooting, making the tweets and calls not match the incident, so that they could claim the government did it and it was a false flag? I am just going a little deeper into how you think and what you are claiming, and this is what I came up with. One good conspiracy theory deserves another.

      • TruthSpeaker

        Because where would that have gotten them? Right here to where we are questioning anyone who doesn’t see all these tragic events through the rose colored glasses the government enforces. Keep believing any and everything you hear on the evening news.

    • Celia Jornet

      The mail doesn’t open until 10a.m., so there is no way the times on those tweets are correct.

    • Locutis2112

      Would you like regular Reynolds Wrap or extra strength?

  • Bryan Kokame

    Google search: Big Mac Wizard Football Fantasy. I have found some subliminal messages in the McDonalds & NFL ads that hint at some kind of event at Super Bowl 48. Mainly one picture of a man with the all seeing eye painted on his forehead next to an 8 bit football player holding a photoshopped Statue of Liberty torch with a lightning bolt either hitting him or coming out of him. Some of the other pictures from the ads show ufos, dragons, and sirens. Pretty creepy stuff.

    • Richard M

      Isn’t it obvious? Pete Rozelle is the anti-Christ……Rozelle’s stepping down as commissioner was pure subterfuge. In order to facilitate the entrance of Gozer into our continuum.

      The subliminals are intended to prepare the acolytes of Gozer to accept his maleficence and bow at his celestial altar.

      Soon all shall know the power of Gozer, and those who remain recalcitrant shall burn deep in the belly of the Slor.

    • javier. espinoza

      where can I find these adds?

      • Bryan Kokame

        If you have an Instagram account look for user pvssionofthe. If not youtube has some of the commercials. Most of the pictures I’ve collected came from ads on sports news websites.

  • Heather Wallace

    I think its funny that this author is talking about anyone can post anything without fact checking on B4iN and the ad on the left of this article, is a link to some crap about Bieber and Cyrus being twins separated at birth.

    • Ernie Mink

      heather, you don’t say? LOL I wonder if they really were separated at birth LOL j/k/

  • TruthSpeaker

    Funny this hasn’t reached mainstream media yet, nor do I imagine it will. With all that’s going on in the world you would think a letter describing such a potential horrific event would be taken seriously, you would think..

    • Locutis2112

      It hasnt reached mainstream media yet because its bullshit…..along with the Alex Jones type nutjobs and anybody else who “believes” there are FEMA camps and a super secret shadow conspiracy to 666 microchip everyone and take away bibles…

      • Ernie Mink

        Alex has been right on about the Superbowl and most other things in the past. he is human like you and me. What are you doing to help expose corruption and evil besides judging other people who risk their lives to do just that?

        • Locutis2112

          Ummm yeah, just like he was right about aliens infiltrating society and impersonating humans….and the Superbowl played on….ROFL

  • TruthSpeaker

    There were clamors of an upcoming attack before 9/11 as well in advance. They were brushed off as a product of paranoid delusional as well.

  • 2396birchdr

    Dont Laugh Folks, the USA government blew up the world trade center, molten metal was everywhere at the site, NY firemen reported hearing explosions continually, JET FUEL, is not hot enough to melt steel…American Architects and Engineers…DO NOT TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT…OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE A BC, FRAUD DRAFT CARD, FRAUD SSN

    • Locutis2112


      • 2396birchdr

        You know that the people must be given the facts about the intentional explosive destruction of the World Trade Center and that they must be inspired to act. You knowthat the corporate media must be pressured and embarrassed until the censorship of 9/11 Truth cracks wide open. And you know that only if you join with us and play your part in this historic endeavor will we be able to break through in 2014. It is not too late.
        rethink911.org Not a laughing matter, HA, HA

  • JoJo Kadilihopper

    Governments have long histories of false flag attacks. 58,000 US troops killed in Nam and the Gulf of Tonkin never happened. Do I think this is a hoax? I’ll say if it happens, I won’t be shocked it did, even without this letter being posted. There are very specific details in this letter and there is a lot more pointing to something happening then this letter. Time will tell.

    • TruthSpeaker

      I agree….again I’ll say, notice how mainstream media has not nor will not pick up this story. Even if it turns out to be BS, you would think such a detailed threat should be made known to the public in the event this does come to fruition. But none of that, it’s relegated to the circles of conspiracy theorists.

    • AJ Jackson

      funny; the sex trafficking ring during the week; could also be a “distraction” for preparation. I dont know. Sex Trafficking is vile enough; but all of a sudden the media reports on this this year, and not the prior years of this activity going on at the big games. just a thought…

  • JoJo Kadilihopper

    The pentagon is a no fly zone, always has been, didn’t stop 911. The white house is a no fly zone, private plane crashed into white house, didn’t help there either. A no fly zone is a waste of time. Snipers everywhere, swat team wandering among the crowds, 4000 police, NSA, CIA, FBI and the military on stand by for this event? Then when it comes to security to monitor everything, Israel is calling all the shots and watching everything by camera? I can’t see anything going wrong with this. Fighter jets, attack helicopters and troops standing by at fort Dix?? That on top of probably getting strip searched by probably the TSA? And people absolutely insist we are not in a police state? The motto or slogan of this years super bowl is “you can’t escape”? What the hell are they planning here?

    • Jim Blake

      Actually I think the slogan is “Don’t Be Left Inside”, which is odd in itself.

  • Tyler Warner

    Ignorance is cool, and I love being a bigot.

  • Tyler Warner

    Being ignorant is awesome!

  • codyfoxwy

    So its basically The Dark Knight Rises? Couldnt even come up with an original crazy idea.

  • Ernie Mink

    If it was going to happen and they were exposing this, to not risk being exposed, they would have to keep their sources from the public. That is the point. I cannot say I believe this, but I know there are evil people in the world who would do it because they are in high places, worship a fallen enemy that is in the world, and do not care for you and I or anyone.

  • Hope Franks

    Let’s be realistic. If something like this were going to happen why would they write a letter lol explaining the whole plan. thats obscene. then they said it will be the 1st half of the 3rd quarter…well we’re here and nothing. Come on guys you can’t believe everything you read. you dont have to be paranoid.

  • Richard M

    Where’s all the Sherlocks who “knew” this was a sure fire “false flag” Guvmunt konspiracee?