Noah’s Ark Blueprints Found—4,000-Year-Old Detailed Instructions
Noah’s Ark Blueprints Found—4,000-Year-Old Detailed Instructions
'One of the most important human documents ever discovered'

Irving Finkel, British Museum curator and author of “The Ark Before Noah,” has found a 4,000-year-old tablet that describes the materials and measurements for building Noah’s Ark.

It also describes the Ark in a way never before conceived by archaeologists—as round.

Finkel writes in a museum blog post of his discovery. Douglas Simmonds had approached him at the museum with a tablet given to him by his father. His father had picked up some artifacts from Egypt and China after the war in the late 1940s.

The tablet “turned out to be one in a million,” said Finkel. Dating from 1750 B.C., it tells the Babylonian “Story of the Flood.” The Babylonian story, and its similarities to the story recounted in the Book of Genesis, were already known, but this table “has startling new contents,” Finkel said.

He lists off some of the materials a God told the Babylonian Noah to use for his ark: “Quantities of palm-fibre rope, wooden ribs and bathfuls of hot bitumen to waterproof the finished vessel … The amount of rope prescribed, stretched out in a line, would reach from London to Edinburgh!”

The remains of what are thought to be a couple who disappeared in Switzerland in 1942. The remains were found on Tsanfleuron glacier on July 13, 2017, (Courtesy of Glacier 3000)
The remains of what are thought to be a couple who disappeared in Switzerland in 1942. The remains were found on Tsanfleuron glacier on July 13, 2017, (Courtesy of Glacier 3000)

The ark would have had an area of about 2.2 miles squared (3.6 kilometers squared)—about the size of one and a half football fields—with walls 20 feet high.

The aspect of the description that most stunned Finkel, however, is that the ark was round. He said: “To my knowledge, no one has ever thought of that possibility.”

Finkel told the Associated Press that the tablet is “one of the most important human documents ever discovered.”

  • RockyFjord

    Oh yeah, now I remember! The ark plans! Sure! Hmm, Noah. Yeah, right! How did they get those penquins from Antartica on there? Oh, I forgot, the world was still flat then! Well, it was a time of a lot of incest going on I guess.

  • Jesse4

    Interesting, but it’s not one of the most important documents ever discovered.

  • chuckwhite

    My problem with the theory/myth/Bible on this subject is simple. If the had enough water to cover mountain ranges … where did that water go? It surely isn’t on earth now even though water is thoroughly recycled.

    I recently read, can’t cite, that if all the water on earth, including oceans, lakes, river, etc were placed into a single sphere … that sphere would fit into the borders of Idaho. So where did the rest of the water for Noah’s flood come from?

    • Kirk McLoren

      Read Ragnarok by Donnelly. An ice comet cloud that hit Earth and Mars.

      • chuckwhite

        So the ice comet dropped water on the earth and caused a flood … okay, that seems possible … but, but, my question remains where did all that water go?

        • Soul Jacker

          They took it with them when they had successfully rebooted earth. Either that or it was a directed flood that passed through systematically, leaving destruction in its wake.

          I believe very strongly in these tales – this stuff did happen – but we completely misinterpreted ALL of it because we didn’t have the language back then to describe what we were seeing, or who the ‘gods’ actually were.

          • chuckwhite

            If “they took it with them”, then “they” had the ability to bring it with “them” too, thus wouldn’t need a comet to produce the water. If a comet was needed, that implies “they” couldn’t carry all that water “themselves”. If “they” couldn’t carry it all, “they” couldn’t have taken it away … in which case I STILL ask … “where did all the water go?”

  • Lindstr7

    How can they possibly authenticate something like that. I doubt carbon dating would help since the only material is the clay.

    • NaphiSoc

      the wood that fired the ovens gets incorportated inside – so it can be done.

  • J S

    Jim said it best:

  • Helza Poppin

    The Bible says Noah brought 2 of every creature on Earth. . . . Including fish?

    • Richard M

      Fish would have found their way onto the ark, but it may not have been on porpoise.

  • Gin1234

    It was round so the devil couldn’t hide in the corners. That much is true. I don’t know about the rest of it.

  • RF Dude

    ” Riiight. What’s a cubit?” was penned in the margin.

  • Canukistani

    So are they going to try and build one? That might be an interesting project.

    • chezmoi

      Gee, call Ken Ham at the Creation Museum – the ark project isn’t going so well just now. Maybe he can get more financing if he finds a new ‘hook’ like this.

  • JoeSchmoe50

    So, pre-dating the Biblical Noah lends credence to atheism: both the OT & NT cribbed their stories from pre-existing gods/mythologies.
    I hate to say I told you so…..

  • James O Grundvig

    Round is not new. It might be new to a museum curator in England, but then the Brits learned how to build wooden ships from Viking invaders. All Irving has to do is pick up the book “The History” by Herodotus and read how round boats were used to transport cargos for hundreds of years along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers for trade.

    • chezmoi

      “Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub… ” along with millions of animals, birds and insects?

  • acrh2

    3.6 km^2 = 504 football (European) fields.

    Why does Epoch Times always publish this garbage?

  • acrh2

    Also, the guy is not a curator, he’s an assistant keeper for one of the exhibits.

  • Nicholas Hylton

    Perhaps it’ll tell us where they tucked the dinosaurs or who in Noah’s family was the chief entomologist…

  • Little Franks
  • Little Franks

    We also have this Tree Stump Ring Data from Irish Bog Oak Trees that show the flood in Ireland that lasted about 20 years of f rain kind of corresponds with the biblical flood. This also corresponds with major climate change data from a Indonesian Volcano. So if the Volcanoes are spitting God is unhappy.

  • John Billings


  • Jennifer Taormina


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