Dead Mermaid Discovered in Gators Pass, Florida is a Facebook Scam
Dead Mermaid Discovered in Gators Pass, Florida is a Facebook Scam

A viral Facebook posting titled “dead mermaid discovered in Florida” is nothing more than a Facebook “like” scam.

There’s no video of the alleged mermaid.

The scam will attempt to trick the user into “liking” and sharing the post, so that it spreads even further.

“OMG! A dead mermaid found washed up on the shores of Gators Pass located at west central coast of Florida,” one variant reads.

According to Online Threat Alerts, the post has a malicious application called “YouTube Trending Videos,” which may be subject to change.

“If you click on the Facebook post, you will be asked to give their fraudulent Facebook applications access to your account. These applications will [send] this same scam to all of your Facebook Friends, if you give them access to your Facebook account,” the website says about this type of scam.

If one gives the application access to one’s Facebook account, there’s a way to remove it.

The names one should look for are:

Extreme Videos – 2014
World’s Xtreme Videos
Xtreme Videos (2014)
Worlds Extreme Videoz – 2014
Max’z Videos
Top videos collection
Top World Youtube Videos
Youtube Trending Videos
Video Collection
most viewed videos
Youtube Greatest Videos
World’s Best Vidoes
Daily Video

Go to your Facebook account settings and go down and click the “X” on the right of the application. 

  • HeyJude

    The trend is clear….anything you read on facebook is a scam. This is about the 4th article about them. The “airplane crashes into bridge”, the “amusement park ride accident”. The new questions about news will now be “was it from facebook” rather than “was that in the onion.”

  • Raina Mermaid

    Hey whats up 😉

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