PayPal Accounts for 42% of eBay’s Revenue

eBay was able to increase its sales in the fourth quarter of 2013 by 13 percent to 4.5 billion U.S. dollars. Again,

Paypal was the primary factor driving eBay’s increase in sales in the fourth quarter of 2013. EBay increased its sales by 13 percent to $4.5 billion. Its payments segment grows much faster than its marketplace segment.


Infographic: Paypal is eBay's Growth Driver | Statista
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  • Rich Vernadeau

    It’s a fairly safe bet that Carl Icahn knows something. This is not just another money grab on his part. Instead, this is a strategic “chess move” by Icahn because he sees what looms on the horizon for ebay (and it’s not good) and he sees the enormous future potential for PayPal. Whereas ebay is being propped up by PayPal, if nature is allowed to run its course, ebay will end up dragging PayPal down with it. Splitting them up while there is still time would be a smart move.

    • eyelashviper

      ebay has been trying to compete with Amazon, and never will, and bought Paypal at the right time, forcing everyone who uses ebay to go thru paypal, which is expensive for sellers and always sides with the buyer.
      Another form of single process payment could compete with Paypal, and would entice sellers with better costs and protections against scammers who chargeback without cause.

      • Rich Vernadeau

        eyelashviper, absolutely agree. Let’s hope somebody’s paying attention…

        • eyelashviper

          Somehow, in our current economic system, the concept of “competition” has disappeared. All the banks, etc. just charge the same amount, effectively creating a monopoly.
          The old adage “invent a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”, has been changed…”invent a better mousetrap and a corporation will buy it, bury it, and continue charging absurd amounts for their inferior one”.

          • Rich Vernadeau

            There’s a lot of social media backlash against ebay and PayPal. I started one such group a month ago on Facebook and it’s already up to 162 members. It’s called Former Ebay Sellers and you’re invited to check it out, join and post there.

          • eyelashviper

            Thanks, will do.
            I left ebay years ago, as a result of paypal, absurd demands by ebay and falling prices…

          • Rich Vernadeau
          • eyelashviper

            Thanks, I’m on board under another nom de plume…

          • Rich Vernadeau

            C’est magnifique.

    • http://bit.ly/11F2eas Philip Cohen

      It pains me terribly, but …

      Notwithstanding that I have hereto before been a constant critic of eBay’s chief headless turkey, Johnny Ho, I concur with him that eBay should never let “PreyPal” go. As big a fool as he is, Johnny Ho knows that without its existing integrated relationship with the eBay marketplace, the value of the clunky “PreyPal”, as a stand-alone, would be reduced catastrophically; and, worse still, without “PreyPal”, the value of the eBay marketplace would be reduced by ~42%; regardless, the marketplace would continue on its journey down the toilet—but at an even faster rate …

      I hate to admit it, but Johnny Ho has got it right this time; Icahn does not know what he is talking about and clearly has no understanding of the inextricable and mutually supporting nature of the incestuous relationship between these two clunky, disingenuous, unscrupulous, commercial entities …

      Regardless, none of the above outweighs the fact that Johnny Ho is otherwise a destructive, narcissistic sociopath and that under his direction eBay Inc is ultimately going to finish up at the sewage farm …