Curious History: Ancient Celts Left Mark on America’s Heartland
Curious History: Ancient Celts Left Mark on America’s Heartland

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Perhaps one of the greatest historical anomalies in the New World—the Anubis Caves in Oklahoma—gives evidence of an ancient cult’s mysterious presence in pre-Columbian America.

Located in the panhandle of Oklahoma, near Tulsa, the Anubis Caves consist of three insignificant-looking caves containing unusual carvings that depict the Egyptian jackal god Anubis, as well as a carving of a bull. A local rancher presented the caves to the scientific community in 1978.

Not too far from the cave site, a 500-pound sandstone rock sits along the Arkansas River. The rock, discovered by two brothers in 2010, depicts a large carving of a bull similar to Egyptian hieroglyphic images of the Apis Bull, which was considered to be divine by the early Egyptians. This bull carving is very similar to the bull in the Anubis Cave carvings.

Additional carvings can be found along Turkey Mountain, just a short distance from the sandstone site. The carvings contain examples of ‘Ogham,’ an old Celtic language, according to the History Channel’s “America Unearthed.” Ogham is the oldest-known form of writing in Ireland and Scotland, dating back to 350 A.D. in Ireland. The language may have originated in ancient Libya, being brought to the Celts by traveling missionaries.

More examples of Ogham writing can be found in the Anubis Caves, as well near yet another bull carving. Anubis Cave expert Phil Leonard believes that the carvings were made by ancient Mithra worshippers and that the cave was designed to serve as an equinox marker, according to the History Channel. 

The Anubis Caves site represents the best-preserved records of the Cult of Mithras, which spanned the Roman and Persian Empires, according to Ancient American magazine. The Sun God Mitra was worshipped in India before 2,000 B.C., and worship of this god eventually spread into Persia and Asia Minor. The name evolved into “Mithra” and later “Mithras,” by the Romans. 

When Mithraism was eventually spread to the Celtic people in Western Europe and Britain, a great emphasis was placed on the story of Mithras slaying the bull, according to Ancient American. Interestingly, the bull carving on the Arkansas River stone appears to be bleeding, which gives further credence to the Mithras theory.

The mystery remains of how exactly ancient Celtic people made their way to Oklahoma. However, the idea that Vikings traveled into North America as far West as Minnesota is becoming more widely accepted.

  • rg9rts

    Wasn’t that P T Barnum???

  • HeyJude

    We have much to learn about our history, nothing so far is the whole story. As bits and pieces are added in, it changes everything we thought we knew.

    • EmpressL

      Pre ICE AGE Solutreans:
      DNA from a 24,000 year-old skeleton excavated in CentralSiberia provided mitochondrial, Y chromosomal, and autosomal genetic evidence that suggests 14 to 38% of Native American ancestry originates from an ancient Western Eurasian population.

      Recently a carved piece of bone depicting a mammoth found near the Vero man site in Florida has been dated to between 20,000–13,000 BP. It is described as possibly being the oldest art object yet found in the Americas and, in the view of some, may yet provide hope for the Solutrean hypothesis.

    • epazote

      I’m intrigued by the possible link
      The world’s oldest mummy was found in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. It’s dated to 7020 BC. The Chinchorro mummies were prepared in the same manner as Egyptian mummies, but predate the Egyptian finds by 1500 years. Then there’s the pyramids…found only in Egypt and the Americas (Mexico, Central and S America).

  • begabug

    they flew in on a pyramid.

    • Richard M

      Good enough for Ra and Apophis. Then it’s good enough for Celts.

  • EmpressL

    You mean the Europeans might have been the initial inhabitants of the US??? They say the Solutreans (Clovis Point) were here about 11,000 years ago and dies out. “A 2014 genetic analysis published in the journal Nature reported that the DNA from a 24,000 year-old skeleton excavated in CentralSiberia provided mitochondrial, Y chromosomal, and autosomal genetic evidence that suggests 14 to 38% of Native American ancestry originates from an ancient Western Eurasian population. “

  • Richard M

    Tulsa is not near the panhandle.

    • JohnnyMorales

      You’re right.

      That this evidence is located near the Panhandle near Tulsa though tells you all you need to know about them LOL

      • Richard M

        I’m not sure that, that is logical, JM. If I don’t know geography, is that proof that I don’t know science or math?

        Wasn’t Einstein known to be absent minded when it came to mundane matters?

        The writers statement proves that he knows nearly nothing about Oklahoma’s map. But that is all that it proves IMHO.

        • JohnnyMorales

          The Epoch Times trades on being trustworthy.

          It is not the responsibility of the reader to know whether they are wrong or right.

          So when any reader recognizes this sort of error, the reader could not be blamed for assuming everything said in this article is likely suspect, especially when taken in context.

          That’s true, even If a person knows nothing about the subject at all.

          You can choose to believe what they wrote of course, but that doesn’t negate the point I made which was for anyone who does know a little about the topic such a huge error of fact (Tulsa’s location) is confirmation the whole thing is hogwash.

          • Richard M

            Well the carvings got there somehow. Presumably they’ve been carbon dated. So I would agree with you that Egyptians would be more likely to bring Egyptian gods to other lands than Irishmen would.

            To be fair to the writer, he has limited space to present his case. His editor won’t allow a book length posting.

  • Richard M

    The Great Antarctic Empire preceded all the world’s civilizations. Using telekinesis and controlling the Earthly elements by the power of their thoughts. They blocked the Drake passage to cold water currents, and channeled the geothermic heat of the Kerguelen hotspot.

    By those measures they created a semi tropical paradise in the coastal regions of Antarctica. For hundreds of Millenia the Empire ruled unchallenged. Only rebellion and their own hubris brought that great age to a close.

    Survivors fled to existing colonies throughout the world, and founded new centers of civilization like Atlantis and Mu.. Eventually they interbred with sub-human hominid species. This accelerated the degradation of the Antarcticans.

    Eventually rebellion and natural calamities brought down the new civilizations as well. Survivors fled to Crete, Egypt, China and Mohenjo-Daro.

    • Eyeball_Kid

      Interesting story. Not very factual, but interesting.

      • Richard M

        Feel free to offer your competing hypothesis, EK.

  • Octavio Fuentes

    Why is it assumed that it’s Celts that were there? Why completely discount that it could have been Africans that etched African cultural characters and wrote in ancient African language? There’s some euro chauvinism being shown here…

    • Eyeball_Kid

      Hieroglyphics and other artifacts have been found in Iowa and other places along the Mississippi River basin, which strongly suggests that there were African and perhaps Sumarian explorers on the N. American continent much earlier than Columbus, and even earlier than the Vikings.

  • JohnnyMorales

    The Epoch Times has been made a fool of apparently.

    This evidence is no more authentic than the Viking Rune stone found in Oklahoma.

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