Justin Bieber: Coming of Age in the Lime Light (Photos +Videos)
Justin Bieber: Coming of Age in the Lime Light (Photos +Videos)

    These police booking mugs made available by the Miami Dade County Corrections Department show pop star Justin Bieber, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014. Bieber and singer Khalil were arrested early Thursday for allegedly drag-racing on a Miami Beach Street. Police say Bieber has been charged with resisting arrest without violence in addition to drag racing and DUI. Police also say the singer told authorities he had consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana and taken prescription drugs. (AP Photo/Miami Dade County Jail)

    This is a road walked down by too many in the past: Britney Spears (till she got her act together), Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and now, Justin Bieber. 

    His talent as a kid was undeniable. When his mom uploaded to YouTube home videos of him singing at the age of 12, he took the Internet by storm.  

    This is how it looked like then. 

    But fame came with a price. As the number of “true Beliebers” grew, a certain yellow liquid rose up to Bieber’s head, making him think he was invincible. Scroll down for a full photographic timeline of Justin Bieber’s coming of age in the lime light.  

     His early performances had a certain naivete and childish purity to them. It was adorable.


     And then everything became bigger. 

    And bigger. 


     And then things went downhill …

    to the point that  he looked like a poor imitation of himself, or a Michael Jackson wannabe. 


    And then, well, this happened…

    • Electriq

      Reason #814 not to like him:

      His mug shot is better than my drivers license photo.

      • HeyJude

        LOL! Yeah, guess that has to be added to the list. I kinda feel sorry for the kid though…great talent at such a young age, and now destroying himself. That seems to be the trend these days, no amount of bad examples of others downfalls makes a difference. Must be an “I’m special, I’m different” delusion.

    • http://www.imallwrite.com/ drewbai

      Justin Bieber’s a guy who is wild
      Looks like Shaggy and Velma’s love child
      He ate Scooby snacks,
      Got high on Zantacs
      Now he’s in jail and charges are filed

    • The OGS

      Guys I believe that’s limelight…
      Limelight not Lime Light, heheh.
      Poor little Justin – he should get kicked out of the USA (which he is only visiting).
      That might actually get his attention, y’know?