If You Want to Keep Your Sanity, Don’t Watch This Video

This is how my worst nightmare sounds. I paid for the mistake of opening up this video before my morning coffee for the rest of the day. 

In this frightening video, uploaded to Liveleak, by user Homer Hart, waves of yellow jacket wasps emerge from a dishwasher-sized nest to attack a recording  camera. Wasp are known to swarm and a notable case in China resulted in death of 40 people and injury of 1600.  



  • Gin1234

    I would probably walk right up to this and give it a kick, not knowing what the heck it was.

    • JasmineStarlight

      Gin, you wouldn’t live to tell about it……hey, they shaped it’s nest into a big cat.
      I never seen one so big…. hate to run into it walking in the woods :(
      The title was a little bit exaggerated…. lose you sanity watching this.

      • Gin1234

        I noticed the animal shape and because of that I didn’t realize at first what it was. The bees were obviously trying to fool us by the shape of their nest. Yes the title was exaggerated. I kept waiting to go insane,but it didn’t happen.

      • rg9rts

        It a chinese thing. our yellow jackets are ground dwellers

  • chuckwhite

    As a child, my family was hiking on Grandfather Mountain. We stopped to rest and made the mistake of sitting on a hollow log. Well, it wasn’t so hollow … it was full of yellow jackets.

    We had them in our hair, in our clothes, in our underwear. In desperation, my Dad remembered a Ranger Station and we made our way there. The Ranger tore up a pack of cigarettes, wet the tobacco and had us put it on our bites. It worked with no ill effects. Thank you Mr. Ranger-man.

    • rg9rts

      Very lucky. Since yellow jackets are wasps they can sting you repeatedly.

  • rg9rts

    Must be chinese version of yellow jackets, In the americas they are ground dwellers, Paper wasps and hornets make large paper nests