RFID Chips: ‘All European Newborn Babies Will Be Microchipped From May 2014’ Isn’t Real
RFID Chips: ‘All European Newborn Babies Will Be Microchipped From May 2014’ Isn’t Real

An article with the title, “All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped from May 2014,” isn’t real and is the latest in a line of fake stories about RFID chips being implanted in people.

The “report” was published on the site Topinfopost.com, generating more than 200,000 “likes” and shares on Facebook.

The article is poorly written, and it makes little sense.

“This chip will also be an impressive GPS sensor that will task with a micro- disposable battery every 2 years in state clinics. GPS chip grants an edge of error of 5 meters, as a statement that it is excellent,” it reads.

The article doesn’t cite any sources, and no local or national news outlets have covered it.

According to About.com writer David Emery, who specializes in debunking hoaxes, “There are no laws currently on the books in any European country requiring newborns to receive microchip implants.”

There’s been other fake stories about RFID chip implants, including one from satire news site National Report, which said they’ll be required to sign up for Obamacare in some places.

  • Denni A

    I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the content of the article a hoax but more of an attempt to gauge the public’s reaction to the possibility of invasive implants for tracking and surveillance. back in 2002 the FDA gave approval to Verichip for medical use implants.
    they are using medical needs as the gateway inception to implementation. who can argue against implanting a chip into an Alzheimer’s patient so they can be monitored 24/7 preventing them from getting out and lost somewhere.

    the day will come when every single human being will be chipped from cradle to death.
    everything you do, everywhere you go, everyone you see will be monitored and recorded.


    “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday announced $139 million in grants to help make real President Bush’s push for electronic health records for most Americans within a decade.

    William A. Pierce, an HHS spokesman, could not say whether VeriChip and its accompanying secure database of medical records fit within that initiative.

    “Exactly what those technologies are is still to be sorted out,” Pierce said. “It all has to respect and comport with the privacy rules.”

    Applied Digital gave away scanners to a few hundred animal shelters and veterinary clinics when it first entered the pet market 15 years ago. Now, 50,000 such scanners have been sold.

    To kickstart the chip’s use among humans, Applied Digital will provide $650 scanners for free at 200 of the nation’s trauma centers.”

    • AskandTell

      And Tommy Thompson joined their board as soon as he left office. Just like resident evil Chertoff and his airport body scanners.

      • Richard M

        In 2001, following the anthrax letter attacks, Health & Human Services Secretary, Tommy Thompson “informed” America that the first victim was infected by stopping on the shoulder of I-95 and drinking water from ditches where the carcasses of infected dead cattle were floating.

        Thompson was rewarded for carrying the GWB administration’s water, by being retained as HHS Secretary for three additional years.

    • Root

      Yes, because the government can mandate implants and procedures… they can’t even mandate vaccinations.

      You’re talking about using such chips for legitimate purposes as an exception to the rule (for Alzheimer’s patients) and making it the rule (from cradle to death). It will be a very long time before we swing to such an extreme, provided we ever reach such a level of technology that a chip that small can provide the kind of information that they’re talking about and somehow transmit it as well. More than likely it would require several chips throughout your body, one of which would have to be in your brain or near your spinal cord..

      • Denni A

        vaccinations are already mandated by schools, you cannot send your child to school without proof of all required vaccinations.

        if you bothered to read the article chips are already in use by some industries and throughout Europe.

        what happens to the chip implanted in Mr. Silverman if he decides to leave his job at Verichip, who removes it and who pays for it and will this eventually become mandatory practice with all employers. if you want a job you can’t refuse to be chipped.

        yes for the time being it’s only legitimate practical use is for Alzheimer’s patients, as I said “who can argue with that”….the patient has no cognitative ability to authorize or protest…same with my dog.

        “The company’s chief executive officer, Scott R. Silverman, is one of a half dozen executives who had chips implanted. Silverman said chips implanted for medical uses could also be used for security purposes, like tracking employee movement through nuclear power plants. Such security uses are rare in the United States.

        Meanwhile, the chip has been used for pure whimsy: Club hoppers in Barcelona, Spain, now use the microchip to enter a VIP area and, through links to a different database, speed payment much like a smartcard.”

        • Root

          You don’t have to send your children to such schools, homeschooling is an option… they can make it difficult or inconvenient not to have it,.. they cannot mandate you do it.

          I do know that it’s used.. I also know the tech is very far from perfect,. in fact it’s extremely limited.

          Mr. Silverman would be responsible for having his own chip removed, I imagine.. a knife, alcohol, and some tweezers would do fine if it’s not buried too deeply and he’s not a wuss. You can’t refuse it if it becomes a mandatory practice with all employers,.. however employers would meet a lot of resistance and lawsuits should they attempt to go that route.

          My dog protested heavily,.. but the benefits outweighed his discomfort.. the chip I used is simply one that can be read with a scanner within a few inches of his neck, not one with a geo-locator.

          What’s wrong with RFID chips in nuclear power plants to track movements of employees? It’s much more secure than an id badge..

          • Denni A

            the government loves sheeple like you.

          • Root

            Oh no, the government loves people who know how around their so called mandates.. I’m sure that’s what they love more than anything in the whole wide world. I would like to state this,.. I’m not saying that it’s not a concern in the future,.. but I am stating that people are blowing it so far out of proportion that we’re liable to burn out our outrage before it even happens (LIKE EVERY SINGLE TIME OUR FREEDOM HAS EVER BEEN TAKEN BEFORE), and when it finally does all we’ll have left is a few solitary whimpers and referred posts to “I told you this would happen!” THis is exactly what happened with net neutrality, and will happen again and again as long as we continue this stupid cycle of freaking out at the slightest hint, burning out our outrage, and having nothing left to say when the choice is taken from us.

          • Root

            ***how to ******get****** around their so called ‘mandates’***

      • Richard M

        Arbeit macht frei.

    • Richard M

      It’s a small step to have overhead sensors on highways that presently “ping” vehicle transponders for tolling data, to also “ping” the implanted chips, allowing 24X7 realtime monitoring of citizens movements.

      With Fascist bureaucracy, like ours, right or wrong is never a consideration. Only cost effective feasibility is.

  • Maar

    Well done Epoch Times. I also smelled a rat when I first saw this article on one website. Some websites are just spreading disinfo and lies with absolute no credible source at all.

    • rg9rts

      Check out “Demolition Man” a scifi Stallone Bullock flick….really funny every one is lo jacked

      • Root

        Yes, and I’m sure we should look at Gattaca inspiration about what’s going to happen in our future as well :)

        • Richard M

          How about looking at Waco to see how a ruthless government can use a compliant media to shape public opinion to the point where people rejoice at the site of women, children and infants being burned alive.

          All based on the desire of Gestapoesque run amok bureaucracy to stage a showcase production to justify its bloated budget demands.

          There was no meth lab. There was no evidence of child abuse. Just the same sort of vile Statist propaganda that the Nazis used to justify their death camps.

          • Root

            Who exactly was “rejoicing” about women, children, and infants being burned alive? Has there been some sort of proof that the government started the fires and that those wacko’s didn’t burn themselves?

          • Richard M

            People who bought into the governments lies were rejoicing. I saw it live in a public TV lounge. High Fives, whooping, applauding, etc.

            If you’d Read Orwell you’d know what a two minutes hate is.

            FBI and ATF did nothing but lie, from day one. So you can’t prove they started the fire, since they bulldozed and destroyed any evidence. To prevent any independent investigation.

            Hold off with the personal insults of dead people please.

          • Root

            Yes,.. because the standoff was over.. I don’t know if you know this but you’ve celebrated while children have been raped, murdered, and starving to death. One is allowed to feel momentary pleasure at success, especially since it could have been so much worse.

            Another Orwellian, of course I should have guessed.

            So your evidence is… that there is none?

            I can’t insult dead people? Why exactly not? Were they not wackos? If for no other reason but for hiding out inside their gates while surrounded by an army of the government after shooting 6 federal agents? This made all the worse by keeping their children and infants in the middle of a combat zone rather than negotiating to have them removed safely since they were so set on dying. What word would you use for such people? Missunderstood? I have no respect for people who put children in danger for their personal beliefs, ones that their children are too young to truly share and will freely insult them as the facts support.

          • Denni A

            so where is all your sanctimonious outrage against the Bush/Cheney lies for war against Iraq and the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, mothers, children and babies that were bombed into oblivion.
            what about THOSE TWO WACKOS??

          • Root

            I’ve spoken my outrage against them long ago, should I include it as a post script to everything I say? Do I need to spell out that I loath the current republican party, and I detest the current democratic party? Do I need to state that I hate big brother, and I loath that fear mongering has scared “the people” into giving up their power as voters and their freedoms under the constitution? Do not think that I believe the government BS simply because I ask for proof before jumping into paranoia and conspiracy theories.

          • Denni A

            I am not a person prone to paranoia and/or conspiracy theories but can see the future based on observations I see here and now. the Surveillance Society is here and here to stay, one only needs to look at England..cameras everywhere no matter where you walk where you go there’s a camera recording your every move with facial recognition software.

            the RFID chip may not be ready (for now) for full scale information mining and monitoring but in less than 25 yrs everyone will be chipped for some reason or other. there are new microchips being developed that you cannot see with the naked-eye that will hold data in terabytes.

            “Do I need to spell out that I loath the current republican party, and detest the current democratic party?”

            well we have that in common.

          • Root

            Legitimate concerns and thoughts rather than fear mongering and conspiracy theories. This paired with a statement of current standings and a conclusion of the next logical steps,… I have absolutely zero arguments against anything you’ve said.

            A quick thing about me.. just because I disagree with your statement, does not mean that I disagree with your conclusion or your premise, I often simply disagree with your logic. In this case, I agree with all three which is quite rare,.. congradulations.

          • Richard M

            Yes, you’re a real true believer and a Good American, Root.

            Anyone who disagrees with you should be killed. After all, they deserve to be exterminated for being “wackos”, and “paranoid fools” and “idol speculators”.

            Sieg Heil!

          • Root

            Lmao, that I have never been called. The only thing I believe in is logic and reason, and my patriotism only extends to the people of the country and that’s only as long as they’re willing to stand up for themselves. At this time, I have no patriotism :)

            There are a great many people who deserve to die,.. but none of them for disagreeing with me.

            First you saw it in a public TV lounge then you asked the people cheering? Or were the people in the public lounge cheering? And okay, you were around a bunch of people who held no value for human life.. what’s new?

  • Root

    Wow, that movie “The Mark” has really gotten a lot of people freaked out… I guess we have our next “Y2K..

    • Richard M

      Because there’s never been a totalitarian government on Earth that considered it’s citizens to be commodities to be used and disposed of at the convenience of The State. Right, Root?

      • Root

        There have.. not sure how you feel you’ve disproved my point? There is no real proof that anyone intends to use such technology to enslave or monitor their citizens. It’s all idol speculation created by paranoid fools who have no idea just how limited the tech is.

        • Denni A

          the technology is already there, the will of the people is not and the strategy to get them there is one tiny stealth step at a time.
          you are already being monitored through your cell phone. haven’t you been watching the news lately with the NSA. stop watching Fox and Friends.

          • Root

            LMAO, Fox and Friends.. oh man are you poorly misinformed. It’s this kind of fear mongering that you learn from Fox and Friends. The Tech is there, to track you via short wave readers.. no “RFID” chip is powerful enough to transmit a GPS coordinate nor is it complex enough to be able to retain and transmit a great deal of information. It is possible for the chip to keep track of your movements and upload when you reach a scanner, but the level of detail people are talking about just doesn’t exist within something so small and thin. A capsule shaped object, sure.. but again, it won’t be able to record except for what’s directly around it. I’m afraid something so small and thin would have a very limited use.

            Yes, I do know they track me through my cell phone… what exactly do you expect me to do about it? I’m not the fool who gave up his rights because I was afraid about the 3,000 deaths in the last 30 years due to terrorism in this country. The rest of the sheep did it for me.

          • Denni A

            you better get yourself up to speed on the technology, there is RFID technology that can track a persons movement without being scanned, there was a huge backlash on this just last year in TX, albeit the chip was not implanted but students would be required to wear a badge with an imbedded chip.


            “Unlike passive chips that transmit data only when scanned by a reader, these chips have batteries and broadcast a constant signal so they can track students’ locations on school property. Andrea Hernandez was one student who took issue with the badge, saying she had religious and privacy concerns and refused to wear it. Since then, her case went to court but now a judge has ruled against her.

            In August, several privacy advocacy groups put out a position paper (PDF) that argued that RFID tracking in schools violates students’ rights to free speech and association because the technology tracks not only an individual’s location, but it can monitor people who congregate together.
            The paper also maintains that mandating that students wear RFID chips conditions them to accept a Big Brother world.”

            notice the last statement, “conditioning”, the start of small incremental steps towards the ultimate objective.

            first it’s pets, livestock, then medical patients, then schools in the name of “truancy”, “monitoring and protecting” young students against human predators, the guise is always the same “protection and security”.

          • Root

            That’s nowhere near the standard “RFID” chip that can be implanted into the back of your hand or arm with minimal invasion. You’re talking about a badge… might as well give them a cell phone.

  • rg9rts

    Demolition man come to life LOL everyone is lo jacked

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