Kingdom Hearts 3 News: Release Date for Xbox One Possibly Not Until 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed for XBox One, but a release date hasn’t been pinned down.

A hint of when gamers can expect KH3 comes from Haley Joel Osment, a voice actor for the series.

He said during a recent Reddit question and answer session that the game is still being made.

“My part is one of the last steps in the process,” he said. “I won’t be involved until later in the year at the earliest.”

If Osment isn’t getting involved until later in the year, then it’s possible that the game won’t be released this year.


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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    A hint of when gamers can expect KH3 comes from Haley Joel Osment, a voice actor for the series.-Zachary Stieber

    He’s not just an actor, he is THE actor, the one who brings to life the Sora that English speaking audiences know and a well known actor of the Western Hemishpere. Without him, there would be no Sora for us in the West. Anyway, interesting to hear him say this. I think that it’s actually coming 2016, 2015 is still too early as Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy XV in 2015.

  • Peniz

    Everybody already know, that Kingdom Hearts don’t coming this year! First they want to finish Final Fantasy XV, then Kingdom Hearts 3! It’s coming 2015 for Xbox One AND PLAYSTATION 4!

  • ChewyAC

    Surely this is about both consoles

  • Butthurtps4

    Who cares?! The series went way downhill. Waste of a franchise. At least the xb1 is going to be the definitive version to buy with more features, according to the devs, so there’s that, but the game is kiddy garbage.

  • Tifa Lockhart

    My prediction is final fantasy XV release in Q4 2015. Kingdom Hearts released in Q2 2017. I will bet $1000 on it if the games released sooner than my prediction.

  • Daniel Sousa

    Just say when it will come out and shut up >:(

  • Guest

    I love Kingdom Hearts~~~~~~