Huge Alien Object Spotted on Moon via NASA Imaging? (+Photos)
Huge Alien Object Spotted on Moon via NASA Imaging? (+Photos)

Google Moon shows what appears to be a massive alien spacecraft on the moon. It is L-shaped with what appears to be seven lights dotting its edge. The Google Moon imaging is taken from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera (LROC).

Turner Radio Network reports that the U.S. government has been secretly tracking two huge objects approaching Earth for two years, citing an outside consultant from NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. In January 2013, the objects disappeared all of a sudden about 200,000 miles past Mars, reports the network, but now it seems at least one of them has landed on the moon.

On Jan. 15, NASA launched three Terrier-Orion suborbital rockets from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia for the Department of Defense (DoD). The NASA press release states: “At the request of DoD project managers, no real-time status updates will be available. The launch will not be shown live on the Internet, nor will launch status updates be provided on social media once the countdown begins.” 

As the Google Moon image gains attention, some have speculated that this launch could be related. 

What appears to be an alien spacecraft on the moon at coordinates 22042'38.46N and 142034'44.52E. (Google Moon)
What appears to be an alien spacecraft on the moon at coordinates 22042’38.46N and 142034’44.52E. (Google Moon)

Turner Radio Network named its source as “Dr. Eric Norton,” a long-time consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and NASA. Norton described the objects he was called in by NASA to help monitor at the MacDonald Observatory in Texas.

“What I saw was an array of massive, three-dimensional, black structures in space, in straight-line formation, advancing in direction of planet Earth,” he said. He was shown the objects over a three-month period and saw they “had moved millions upon millions of miles closer within just months.”

Analysing the objects, he and his team hypothesized that they must be made of a material several thousand times as hard as the hardest materials known to humans on Earth.

The objects have been a cause of great concern, Norton said, with many questions arising and few answers. 

Turner Radio Network bills itself as a media source for news that doesn’t make it to mainstream media. 

Tech and Gadget News speculates: “The gigantic shape actually looks like the leading edge of an immense, triangular space ship, similar to, so far, super secret stealth aircraft technology, but is much larger than any airplane ever built on Earth.”

This video showing the Google Moon sighting has had more than 500,000 views on YouTube:

  • Richard M

    The Alien civilization is far older and more stable than our own. Their Empire dates back several hundreds of thousands of years. When their robotic probes surveyed our planet 1400 years ago, they viewed a barbaric scene of warriors afoot, or on horseback, fighting each other with swords, spears and arrows.

    In the Empire, technological advances occur over a span of millenia. The commanders who dispatched the invasion fleet expected to find Earth almost exactly as it appeared to the robotic scouts, in Earth’s Seventh Century.

    Still, as any good invasion commander would do, a base of operations was established on our Moon to deploy the actual landing carriers, and to survey the areas targeted for primary conquest.

    To the Aliens shock and dismay, Earth’s technology has progressed at what to them seems an unfathomable rate. Now the commander is re-evaluating his invasion strategy. Returning to Imperial space is not an option. Imperial armies either conquer or they die.

    Still they had expected to quickly defeat and enslave primitive barbarians, not face missiles, nuclear weapons, jet fighters, etc.

    • rg9rts

      You meds are in the cabinet Dick lol

      • Richard M

        Good afternoon, Double oh Two. As the first to accept the facts about the conspiracy against the Huffaspora. The hijacking of accounts, names and Avatars, etc. You have been assigned party membership number 0,000,002.

        Our UK operative is Malta, who has been designated as Double oh Three. Our mission is to respond aggressively to cyberwarfare attacks.

        The party is known as the Conspiracy Response Aggressive Party. Since CP is already taken.

        As usual, this message will self delete, ten seconds after you read it.

        • rg9rts

          Disqus has sidelined the UK contingent.0,000,001

          • Richard M

            It’s an outrage. I suspect the vilest skullduggery. Fortunately, 003 did get an abbreviated report through, earlier today.

        • malta123

          Good evening, Group Commander Richard.M, I have successfully managed to overcome the self-destruct mechanism, as I speak.

          We must tighten our security measures and to this end, I respectfully inform you that I have dismissed our recently employed enigma code breaker, in favour of rg9. A designated service number, is yet to be assigned.

          I trust my choice meets with your approval at HQ level and I confirm that all other field operators of the rank of section leader and above, will receive written notification.


          • Richard M

            Excellent work, Hauptsturmfuhrer. Keep a close watch on that dismissed code breaker. He may be a double agent. rg9’s skills at dissembling are unparalleled. If anyone can break the code, he is the one.

            Remember to use disappearing ink for all your posts here.

            001, out.

          • rg9rts


    • Alec Baldwin

      Interesting… I’ve always held the same theory. While some species with such advancements (space travel, giant spacecrafts, etc.) would still probably win a war against us humans, the technological advancements we’ve made in the past century or so is incredible (and still growing at an exponential rate). In other words, they may be asking themselves: “yes we can win this war (or invasion), but at what cost?”

      It seems that we could at least do some damage with the high powered bombs and missiles we’ve been able to develop over the last few decades. In any event, a war that some may consider a victory can come at terrible costs (as we’ve seen in our own history).

      In my opinion, it would seem like a more favorable option to potential invaders to let the humans “wipe themselves out” before they begin their conquest. Our world has been and always will be at war. ANY potential alien invader may likely be waiting for World War III, which would be an ideal time to attack while the world is in a rebuilding stage. This strategy would limit the possibility of high casualties on the invaders end.

      Regardless, this is only a mere human’s opinion!

      • Richard M

        Thanks, Alec.

        Let me credit Harry Turtledove. Author of the Worldwar series, who’s scenario I’ve outlined above. In his books the Aliens invaded during WWII. So the Dramatis Personae included Adolf, Churchill and Stalin.

        In Turtledove’s scenario, a succesful conquest would result in Earth’s people becoming second class citizens of the Empire.

        Assuming the Alien technology is substantially superior to our own, and that their defenses may include force fields capable of protecting their ships from most of our weaponry, they would still have the vulnerability of needing (not just wanting) what we have. ie the Earth, and a livable biosphere.

        They must conquer or die, but if the Earth is rendered uninhabitable, they would be left with no options.

        As you mention though, inciting a destructive WWIII among Earth’s factions might give them the opportunity to successfully complete their mission of conquest.

        With their long term vision, the impaired biosphere may recover over several decades and by then the Imperial rule will be well established.

        I hold the view that the likeliest scenario of Alien conquest, would parallel the Conquistadors of Incas and Aztecs. And the N American conquest by Anglos.

        First there would be contact and deceit. ie, buying Manhattan for trinkets. Next would come demands for exclusive zones for Aliens only. Then natives would be expelled to the hinterlands. Followed by genocidal extermination and enslavement. Concluding with reservations for those quaint natives to sell cigarettes and trinkets.

        • takawalk

          My guess would be something akin to smallpox. Wipe us out let the bodies decompose wa la. Of course it is possible they would “come in peace”. But Hollywood already told us how that assumption would work out.

          • Richard M

            It’s a good scenario, Tak. Still we can’t know for certain if the Aliens just want the real estate or do they need slaves/second class citizens to do the drudge work?

            Certainly, the British in India would not have wanted to exterminate the natives. Who would grow the crops, sweep the floors, cook the lunches, in that ungodly heat and humidity.

            It’s possible that the Aliens might enjoy a hot dry desert, or a frozen arctic tundra. And be willing to let the natives have reservations in areas they found inhospitable and useless.

          • takawalk

            I am starting to get suspicious of these double 00 numbers folks like RG, Malta, and yourself have cautiously revealed, I think I might be better off with ” I see Nothing I know nothing”. But when I get told to “take me to your leader” I am going to be ratting you guy’s out.

          • Richard M

            Resistance is futile. Besides, our cause is just. Why not join the Party now? You can be 004. When you’re a C/R/A/P agent, it’s good to be at the top of the heap.

          • Lindstr7

            When did we start putting radio waves out into space? That’s how they found us. Either that or they seeded the planet with human dna 30,000 yrs ago and they’re here now to monitor us so we don’t blow up our planet because we’re obviously capable technologically of doing so.

          • Richard M

            KDKA Pittsburgh was the first commercial US radio broadcaster. Around 1920. So 90 + years ago. Easily enough time to reach some of the nearer star systems.

            It’s conceivable that an advanced Alien culture might seed transponders that would convert radio signals to FTL transmissions to give them more rapid notice of signs of a technological civilization, anywhere in their area of operations.

            As you say, Aliens could have intentionally, or accidentally seeded Earth. Don’t overlook a Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson type scenario.

            As to them being benevolent. As I put it to other commenters on this thread, why would the Aliens be different than us? I don’t mean physically. Whether they look like cats, lobsters or dolphins is not that relevant. I mean morally. Why should they be saintly, just because they come from another region?

            Did the Filipinos find the Conquistadors of the 1500’s to be saintly? Did the Arabs and Persians find the Mongols of the 1200’s to be saintly? Did the East Indians find the British of the 17, 18, & 1900’s to be saintly? Did the Africans find the European slavers of the 16th through 19th centuries to be saintly? Do Assad, Mubarak, Ghaddafy, and Saddam consider we Americans to be saintly?

          • Lindstr7

            Why would you think they are anything like us? You’re using the human paradigm as a model. If they are/were advanced enough to travel this distance, do you not think they’d have gone through an evolutionary process that would eventually realize we are all mutually destructible?

          • Richard M

            Nope. It isn’t just humans. What happens to black ants when red ants come to their area? What happens to Everglades wildlife when Burmese Pythons arrive?

            The Filipinos, Aztecs and Incas had basically zero chance of discovering Europe. Only the Europeans were “advanced” enough to “travel the distance”.

            After they made the physical and economic effort to “travel the distance”, they expected to be rewarded. Just as a bear expects to be rewarded when he “travels the distance” to break into your kitchen.

            No life form on Earth “travels the distance” unless they expect substantial reward.

            You are the one propounding the theory that Aliens are unlike life on this planet, in that they act for the “greater good” not for their own benefit.

            Since that is unheard of, and has never been seen, except in fiction. You are the one who should offer a plausible explanation as to why Aliens should all be Mr Rogers sugar pies.

            I am only describing long proven facts. “If I drop a rock off a cliff, it will fall to the bottom”. You are saying “If Joe Alien drops the rock, it will float like a balloon.”

          • Lindstr7

            I’m not saying that or anything as a solid thesis. I’m merely proposing an alternate to your theory that other life forms have the same survivalist instincts that we do on this planet. Yeah, it seems to be our basest nature to want to survive and in order to do that sometimes we conquer. I’m merely suggesting that a civilization so advanced as to have the ability to travel across galaxies might well be evolved beyond the point of base survivalist instincts. Look at how humans have evolved to be socially aware (or at least strive to be) of the conditions of others and make an attempt to help. Whether this is evolution or just a trait found in some and not others (compassion, etc) is debatable, however, even looking at it from a survivalist view, we know on some level that if we don’t treat people well, the outcome is unbalance and discord for the whole of civilization. Of course I don’t know any more than you could possibly know what the nature of an alien race who might be visiting us but it is fun to speculate. I find it interesting that your view seems to reflect a typically more masculine view and mine feminine (just an observation).

            “The Filipinos, Aztecs and Incas had basically zero chance of discovering
            Europe. Only the Europeans were “advanced” enough to “travel the
            distance”.” I’m not sure what you mean by this comment if we all came from Africa.

            Anyway, this is supposed to be a fun conversation since we have no way of knowing. What about the theory that Aliens visited during ancient times and “humans” were seeded with dna, etc. Perhaps they’ve returned to see how their science experiment has progressed. If they are here to mine our resources, then we don’t have much chance of surviving or winning a war with a civilization so advanced. If some reportings of sightings are true then they have capabilities way beyond ours. I read one UFO story where a pilot said his electrical was disabled when he approached an unknown craft. If they have that capability then we’re all doomed.

          • Richard M

            While we can’t “know” the Alien’s natures, we can make educated guesses. If they were spiritual beings thinking of the welfare of the lives of all Galactic citizens, they would probably stay home and meditate, like Tibetan monks in mountain top monasteries.

            Star Trek had an episode or two on that premise. When Kirk battled the lizardlike Gorn, it was the Metron’s who staged the encounter. Metron’s stayed in their own system and only intervened to block a battle between the Federation & Gorn starships.

            Sorry if my debating technique was too roguish. It seems to be too fun of a topic not to bring out the big guns, so to speak. If the things we discuss here ever come to pass, it will almost certainly not be during our own lifespans. So it’s just for fun.

            If we look at treatment of Native Americans in US history, we see there were “Anglos” who advocated for them to be treated with compassion and respect. The predominate “victors” in the battle of ideas though, were the captains of industry who built railroads, telegraphs, oilfields, mining industries etc.

            So as a sentient species, it is probable that the Aliens would have diversity of thought and opinion. Just as our own species has birthed saints and monsters. Usually though, the ones willing to “travel the distance” are looking to make a buck.

        • JasonSparks

          I have to believe that if a civilization is capable of traveling throughout our galaxy (maybe further) at will, they will probably be able to find other planets that are habitable and contain no intelligent life as of yet. Furthermore, if they are coming here for resources, it also seems like a waste of time and effort. If they want water, there are entire planet sized moons made entirely of ice and water for the harvesting. Need rare metals, harvest them from distant planets, moons, and meteors that are rich in these rare elements. I just have trouble subscribing that a civilization that made it past the unstable technological millenium we are in would ultimately choose to exterminate others instead of learn and enlighten. Then again, look at the Inquisition, Christopher Columbus, etc. My fingers are crossed.

          • Jason Hearne

            You’re right. If they are here, they are here to move in.

      • The Pope

        They most likely would want our resources.

        • Vladimir

          What sort of resources? All the resources can be found everywhere in the univers in higher contentrations than on earth, so why bother to invade when they can start mining on asteroids or planets without life?

          • rg9rts

            Non union wages

      • Joseph E Fasciani

        If they are far-sighted enough to use a “wait and see” strategy, as humans might self-destruct, I’d take that as a true sign of intelligence rising above use of force w/attendent casualties. After all, they’d have both time and technology on their side, and they could truly afford to wait another century.

        On the other hand, they may need to get rid of us before we poison the entire planet w/radiation, ala Fukushima idiocy, and make it unusable for any beings!

    • Lindstr7

      Hmm. Well, I suppose my question to that would be, if they have such advanced technology that they are able to travel huge distances, why would they be interested in our little planet? If they can roam the universe and stop at any little planet of their choosing, why come here? Why bother. Humans are so ego centric, we think the eyes of the universe are focused on us and this little planet when surely there are billions out there just like earth. If we are being visited, and I’m believing more and more that we may be, I doubt it is to conquer us and take over our planet since they would probably have the capability of disabling our electronics and weaponry. (I sure do love this stuff though! Thanks HeyJude for making me watch Out of the Blue!)

      • Jason Hearne

        It’s not necessarily ego-centric. Our planet contains the (what we believe to be) necessary ingredients to support life. Oxygen, water, and a moderate climate to thrive in. If any alien civilization would be interested in our planet, it would be for that only. Because if they can travel across the galaxy, there’s not much we can offer in terms of intelligence.

        • Richard M

          Good point, JH. Just because they can traverse space doesn’t mean they can or want to live in space. No more than Columbus wanted to live on the Santa Maria for a hundred years, even if it were technically possible.

      • Richard M

        Why were the Conquistadors interested in the Incas and Aztecs? Neither had guns, horses, ships, cannons, not even beer or wine.

        They did have natural resources, women and land. So, just like the Mongols did a few centuries earlier, they took what they wanted, killed any who resisted, and lived like Kings.

        Why should Aliens be any different? Because they are spacey and otherworldly and like far out? To the Incas, we were spacey, otherworldly and far out.

        Fact is, unless we can stop them by force, they will treat us in the exact same way we treated the Australian aborigines, South African Zulus, Aztecs, Incas, Apaches, etc, etc.

        Before you say that is a cynical viewpoint, cite some examples of two cultures coming into contact, where one had technological and/or military superiority, where the more “advanced” culture did not brutally exploit or even exterminate the “inferior” one.

      • Richard M

        Let me answer with a different scenario, too. Suppose the Aliens do not have FTL drive and dispatch their conquest fleet with most of the crew in cryonic sleep. With a smaller contingent being a generation crew, whose parents, grandparents or great grandparents began the journey?

        The purpose of Empire is conquest. Their mythology may dictate that their race is the ordained ruling race, and all others must be conquered.

        As for occupying uninhabited planets. The concepts are not mutually exclusive. The Empire may include dozens or hundreds of previously uninhabited islets. But encountering an unsubjugated species leaves no option, in their universe-view, but to attack and conquer.

        Just like ancient Rome. Just like Imperial Japan.

        Again I ask. Why should Aliens be super cool spacey dudes. Like wow man?

      • Ian_Llanganagain

        ” If they can roam the universe and stop at any little planet of their choosing, why come here?” Only WE have chocolate.

        • Lindstr7

          I was going to say something clever (in my mind) and then you made me think of chocolate. Like the dog in UP and squirrels.

    • Gin1234

      I thought our technology CAME from aliens when they dropped it off one day in the earlier 20th century??!?

      • Richard M

        Hard to say. A robotic or “manned” probe from a different spacefaring civilization could have crashlanded, giving our scientists the chance to reverse engineer the Alien technology.

        • Gin1234

          I have read that theory before. Kind of says that earthlings are dumber than all get out and not capable of developing anything on our own.

          • Richard M

            Does it? I doubt that Grok, Og, and Thorgg would be able to make use of a Ferrari.

            The ability to adapt and improvise does not indicate being “dumber than all get out”, IMHO.

    • HamletsMill
      • Richard M

        Space Nazis! I like it.

  • takawalk

    The guardian will soon expose that were two other sightings previous to these. One in the shape of a H, the other with a E shape. There are current reports of a circular craft being tracked.

  • PoopSimpson

    Wait, am I on the onion?

  • FHP

    This has already been debunked. The triangle of dots are just photo artifacts.

    • Richard M

      What about the moons of Uranus?

      • Lindstr7

        What about the moons of URanus? I probably shouldn’t have gone there. (where no man has gone before, urg) Okay, I’m done. obviously comedy is not my forte.

        • Richard M

          Hi, Linds.

          How’s your trek doing?

          • Lindstr7

            Hi Richard M. I’m in Albuquerque still while my car is being worked on. Should be back on the road by Thursday(ish). I suppose I’ll head east from here but might check out Santa Fe while I’m in the area, everyone says its worth the trip. Right now I have a crappy old volvo loaner that feels like it might fall apart any second so I think I’ll wait for my car. Hope you;re not freezing where ever you are!

          • Annie Snyder

            If you do, be sure to check out the Georgia O’Keeffe museum. It has some of her lesser known cityscapes and landscapes, not just her more well known flowers and skulls, and some of her husband’s erotic photography of her. God, she was so subversive her symbology.

          • Lindstr7

            Ahh, I will do that, yes. Thanks for the reminder. My laptop is actually sitting on a coffee table book of her work right now!

    • Lindstr7

      debunked by whom? Do you have any links. Hey, I want to believe!

    • Muhammad Abbass

      No mate, they’re weather balloons.

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      Please cite your sources for credibility and their “proofs”. I’m as skeptical as anyone else, but I try to balance that w/as open a mind as possible.

      Nature does a great many things, but it’s unlikely that we’ll find not just evenly spaced items in two straight lines, but that appear to be at a 90 degree right angle exactly at the line’s midpoint intersection. Nature’s geometry is always softer, more inclusive and w/greater margins. Our approach is simpler, more mechanistic, and cannot take in so much, at least as yet!

  • Richard M

    What if they send a shuttle up to investigate, and it turns out to be a seven screen drive in movie theater?

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      Then they’ll have to decide which movie to watch first, after they’ve argued about the sequence!

      • Richard M

        What sort of movies do Aliens like?

        • Joseph E Fasciani

          Ones about aliens, especially us humans!

  • The Pope

    I read a story about a couple that was taken aboard a UFO. It seems the aliens ordered them to reproduce. No wanting to insult their captors, the couple proceeded to get down and dirty. After about 10 minutes and exhausted, they fell apart in ecstasy. The aliens looked around and wanted to know where the reproduction was. The male specimen instructed them that for humans, it would take 9 months for the reproduction to arrive. The alien inquired “9 months? Then why did you quit stirring?”

    • Gin1234

      Oh brother. (eye roll)

    • HamletsMill

      Then a female alien stepped forward and said “9 months? 9 months is just foreplay on our Planet.”

      • rg9rts

        Was a republican what is it 18 months?

  • Gin1234

    Looks like one of those Stink Bugs on the lense.

  • Michael Parker

    If we send Hugh Jackman back in time as Wolverine we can stop a future event from happening

  • John Smith

    Ahh nice, a story with no actual facts or sources.

  • probo

    sweet…..’bout time.

    • rg9rts

      Another long lost fan…..Glad you found your way here….yes new avatar

  • Willie

    Well, I think most people are sooooo Terrified of these subjects that they’d rather play “I know it all” and say it is all BS. It is very hard to be open minded to a new paradigm, that’s why this planet is as it is, many centuries of religious and scientific dogma has really “dumbed” people down….Ignorance is bliss…

    • YoungBandersnatch

      I mean, same could go for you. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Speaking Truth

    We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      Good one! I’m happy to see so many here w/a good sense of humour. I’m REALLY tired of those trolls who put up nasty, really stupid comments because they haven’t got a real life.

  • *troubles**

    I just wanted to say that’s its BS!! that NASA a (company that is funded by the govt who is funded by tax payers that means American people) wouldn’t report anything even if they find something out there in space to us. What is the point of having NASA anyways … I feel that NASA should be reporting directly to the American people seeing as how we paid for them to even exist as a company. Its ok if u make jokes or whatever about this but if there is something out there ull never know anyways but they will. What if there is something out there wouldn’t u want to know??

  • Goober

    Maybe we can get them to take The Tea party with them when they leave. :-)

  • Nick kolas

    We are already here.

  • Joseph E Fasciani

    It should not be difficult to get a better-focused photo of this object. I have a friend at a leading Canadian tech firm who tells me of the incredible optics now in use, so there’s no reason not to have excellent photos.

  • Tony Albasini

    Tony Albasini
    At 20h10 on 16 March 2014 My wife and myself were sitting outside enjoying the night sky.
    We suddenly saw a very large wing shaped ” v shaped ” with small lights highlighting the v shape object. There was no sound and it moved in a Northern direction with a great speed. It was visable for approximately ten seconds.
    South Africa ( near Johannesburg )

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