Obama’s Enhanced Oversight to NSA’s Surveillance Program – Empty Words or a Meaningful Reform?
Obama’s Enhanced Oversight to NSA’s Surveillance Program – Empty Words or a Meaningful Reform?

Based on the philosophy of preserving the NSA programs but making them more transparent and protective of privacy rights, the president outlined several changes. But Mr. Obama’s solutions brought an avalanche of criticisms due to their vagueness and difficulty in implementing. 

What are your thoughts? 



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  • Canukistani

    Given the track record of the Obama Administration when it comes to this issue I have to suspect that the vagueness is quite deliberate. They’ve been caught in lies already, so their solution is to be vague enough to give themselves wiggle-room the next time something they’ve been suggesting or implying or insinuating proves to be false.

    At that point they’ll say, as many politicians do when they’re caught, ‘Oh, that’s not what we meant at all. I’m not sure how we gave you that impression.’ If they thought they were doing the right thing, they’d admit it, instead of all this bob and weave stuff.

    They could admit at least the broad outlines of what they’re doing without giving any details away. I’m sure the real enemies they’re targeting already know what’s going on in a general way. It’s just the American people that are being kept in the dark.

  • Pony

    I’m using the NSA as my cloud now.

  • takawalk

    Sadly I find myself viewing this as more empty rhetoric. What is he really saying?

  • probo

    All I hear is the check is in the mail..

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