It’s Like All the Cute in the World Crammed Into One Little Dog (+Photos +Video)

    Flint the Pomeranian. (Robin Yu)

    Meet Flint the Pomeranian


    Robin Yu started taking photos of Flint in 2010 when she was keeping in touch with family while on a holiday. She had so much fun dressing Flint up and setting up various shots, that she was inspired to learn more about photography. To see more of Flint, visit the Flint the Pomeranian website.

    • Marissa Emily


      • HeyJude

        Second! LOL That dog is a cutie, I couldn’t resist seeing what he was up to. :-)

        • TapestryMood

          Maybe cute now but I baby sat for a woman with an older one..the non-stop high pitched yapping, and nipping, and general all around irritation of it made me give up my best paying sitter work;-)

          • HeyJude

            😉 It’s always the little dogs, isn’t it? I take my big dogs into the vet and the little ones make a racket at them. I’ve never had a little dog but would like one. It has to have big dog personality, though….know any that fit that?

            • TapestryMood

              :-) Hi!! No…I really don’t…and, have not owned a dog, except for my beloved Gidget, a smallish pure bred Welsh Terrier…she didn’ t yelp..yip..or nip;-) Her siblings got larger than she did. Got her in 8th grade and she lived until my late 30’s…miss her still, after all these years.

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