Superhuman Energy Cultivated by Meditators: It’s Science
Superhuman Energy Cultivated by Meditators: It’s Science

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The energy emitted by people who have reached an advanced level in meditation practice has been shown by multiple studies to exceed normal human levels by hundreds or thousands of times.

Here’s a look at a few such studies.

 1. Gamma Waves Off the Charts

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson’s 2004 study on the energy emitted by Tibetan meditating monks is chronicled by Stanford University.

Davidson tested the Dalai Lama’s most advanced monks, each with 15 to 40 years of meditation practice. He measured the gamma waves emitted by their brains with electroencephalograph (EEG) testing and brain scanning. A control group of 10 students with no previous meditation experience was also tested after a week of training.

Gamma waves are described as “some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain waves.” The production of gamma waves requires thousands of nerve cells to act at extremely high speeds in unison.

Davidson found some of the monks produced gamma wave activity more powerful and of higher amplitude than any documented case in history. The movement of the waves was also far better organized than the non-meditating test volunteers.

It was also shown that meditation could result in the redistribution of gray matter in the brain and prevent its loss. The loss of gray matter has an impact on many mental functions, such as the control of emotions, impulses, thoughts, and movements. This is because the caudate nucleus, which controls these functions and more, is situated within the gray matter.

The Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong. (Shutterstock)

 2. Qigong Masters Emit Infrasonic Waves 100–1,000 Times Above Normal Levels

In 1998, Professor Lu Yanfang and dozens of American scientists conducted research on qigong masters in China.

Qigong is an ancient practice that involves cultivating energy, not only by doing meditative exercises, but also by improving mind and heart nature, as the mind and body are said to be one. It is known to have healing effects.

In her research, she had found that Qigong masters were able to emit powerful bursts of infrasonic waves, 100 to 1000 times as strong as average individuals.

After even just a few weeks of training, beginners in the practice had five times the infrasonic energy they had produced before the training.

A similar study at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, published in 1988, found the qi emitted by qigong masters could be measured in part as infrasonic waves 100 times stronger than that of an ordinary person. Both studies are detailed by the China Healthways Institute. 

3. Monks Emit Heat Where Others Could Freeze to Death

An experiment conducted on Tibetan monks in northern India is described in a 2002 Harvard University Gazette article

The monks, thinly clad, were put in a room where the temperature was 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). They entered a state of deep meditation. Sheets soaked in cold water were draped over their shoulders.

Under these conditions, an ordinary person would shiver uncontrollably and the drop in body temperature could even result in death, explains the article.

The monks, however, remained warm and dried the sheets with their bodies. Once the sheets were dried, more cold, wet sheets were draped over them. Each monk dried three sheets over the course of several hours.

Herbert Benson, who had studied the meditation technique for 20 years, told the Gazette: “Buddhists feel the reality we live in is not the ultimate one. There’s another reality we can tap into that’s unaffected by our emotions, by our everyday world. Buddhists believe this state of mind can be achieved by doing good for others and by meditation.”

He said the heat emanated from their bodies was just a by-product of the meditation.

Many such experiments have been performed on people who practice meditation and it has been found that some of them are able to emanate great amounts of various kinds of energy that can be measured. They are also able to control metabolism and other bodily processes.

A Falun Dafa practitioner meditating. (Jeff Nenarella/Epoch Times)

 4. Amazing Healing Effects

Many Practitioners of Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, have reportedly been cured of chronic and serious illnesses. Falun Dafa is a meditation discipline that cultivates the mind as well as the body. Its three main principles are truthfulness, compassion, tolerance.

Medical writer Lara C. Pullen interviewed some Falun Dafa practitioners in 2000 for an article published in CBS Health Watch

Sen Yang, then 39, of Chicago was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis. He told Pullen: “A doctor told me directly, ‘There is no way to really cure your disease. You will have it for the rest of your life.'”

After practicing Falun Dafa for a while, he had a physical exam and all 32 test results came back normal, including the ones that targeted his illness.

“At the beginning my physical condition changed very fast. When walking, I felt [that] my body was so light that I could almost float up,” he said.

Falun Dafa practitioners explained that the practice is not meant to heal illnesses, but it is a natural effect of improving one’s mind and of doing the meditative exercises, which strengthen energy in the body among other effects.

Zhi Ping Kolouch, a 43-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner, told Pullen: “If a person is miserable inside their heart, then they will get sick.”

  • HeyJude

    The power of the mind….certainly explains the placebo effect.

    • ExpatEUTherapist

      Actually yes. That is correct.

  • JasmineStarlight

    That’s fascinating… tapping into more energy, more electrical connections flowing freely. I do believe in it, I’ve seen it in a few others….except not many can mediate every day for hours in a peaceful setting. The monks have no other worries, food is provided, beautiful peaceful setting….no hustling to make a living. I believe it does help heal and opens your ‘third eye’ giving you more intuition too. We can live each day with more compassion/kindness within, that doesn’t take much work—(except sometimes with a few). Still working on that aspect too, I find it is getting better… some don’t bother me that much anymore. I find myself looking for more solutions instead of the anger; that depletes and can destroy a person if you stay there to long.

    ~♥ ~ ~♥ ~ ~♥ ~ ~♥ ~ ~♥ ~

    Outlook is everything….to have a peaceful mind, to be focused… makes for a better life.~♥ ~

    • Cynthia W.

      I agree with you. As human beings, we are subject to many problems, sometimes many occurring at the same time. The ability to “remove oneself” , even for a short while from a stressful situation can be beneficial in finding ways to handle that situation. I know that stress kills, and anything that can reduce it should be tried. The “side effects” of this exercise can be good ones–happier relationships. less fighting, and the easing of that “fight or flight” feeling. Old as I am, I surprise many with the ability to sit in the “full lotus” position, as seen above. Never went to a meditation class, and right now finances would prevent it, but what its goals are, is the thing that inspires me to try on my own to at least achieve some simple benefits.
      PS; I love those little hearts. They must come from a phone that has a special key for them. I just have a simple qwerty keyboard.

      • JasmineStarlight

        Cynthia…it’s great you do it on your own, there’s books on the subject…no need to pay someone….we can walk, run, do yoga, an expert showing us is nice but, its still possible and benefical just doing it.

        You have such a grasp on life it seems to me, a good head on your shoulders.
        great advise above, I’m going to keep it, I forget at times….but deep within I know it’s true, only to execute this life style approach, it and have it come naturally after awhile.
        Always ENJOY your say and music choices :)……a ~♥ ~
        for you….because you ROCK!

        • Cynthia W.

          You’re a sweetheart.

          • JasmineStarlight

            Call them as I see them sissta :)
            Sometimes I wish I could write like many here…glad its anonymous. Many people here worth reading, either insightful- funny and usually both.

      • HeyJude

        Hi Cynthia! I agree with Jasmine below me. :-) We can all do this on our own, information is at our fingertips…on line, in the library. It sounds to me like you’re doing a good job of it already. :-)

    • HeyJude

      Agree that outlook is everything….even without meditation, you can choose to be happy, smile, and be kind….or choose to be grumpy, constantly annoyed and always have an “issue.” Anecdotally…I had a sister who was always dissatisfied, nothing was ever easy, or right, or enough. The waitress messed up her order, the clerk was too slow, the boyfriend didn’t jump high enough, boy was she just miserable to be around, and made everyone around her that way. I always figured nothing *really* mattered that much to get so upset about. Just smile, be kind to the waitress or whoever and everything would be alright. And you know, it always is. :-)

      • JasmineStarlight

        Hi Jude….you follow that lovely song…..take a sad song and make it better, remember to let her into your ♥ ….then you can start to make it better.

        AND anytime you feel the pain, Hey Jude refrain ♫♪ ♫ ♪–(great lyrics and melody)

        …….I always love your thoughts and expression.
        BTW, with families you wonder sometimes, how sisters/brothers can be so different…some love each other, others can’t stand each other—some can’t exist without creating drama….personalities so different. I love my family, but, sometimes I wonder if I was adopted :)
        Jude I Hope all is well by you and the horses too, such beautiful creatures.

    • Hannon

      If your stuck in the matrix in order to feed yourself our your kids and have trouble digesting it all and relaxing down, try adding some colloidal gold to your meditation routine. It was recommended to me by a friend, so I tried it. I took one table spoon a day and meditated with 528hz hemisinc music, after three weeks I stopped because it was just to intense. It was like a dmt trip everytime, I just shot off through space, demesions and time. While it was cool, the experiences were beyond what my beer drinking, cheeseburger eating self was ready/wise enough for, in other words, I was the uninitiated and unpurified taking short cuts and easy paths. And one more thing, not everything out there was cool and don’t make any agreements or deals, just observe.

  • Baron

    So Goku would be the highest level a monk could reach?

    • Griffon 997

      Super Saiyan!

  • ExpatEUTherapist

    While it may take a great deal of practice to achieve some of these states, it is possible. I have been involved in a great deal of research in this area for the past 40 years as a psychotherapist and this is not a scam or faith healing. This is real and it works consistently. Try it for yourself and see what your own experience is. The programs I recommend to my patients are called Meditation 1 and Meditation 2. You can download them at One can argue all day about the effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation for or one can try it for themselves and discover the truth. I suggest the second option. It is worth trying.

  • RockyFjord

    Science gave us nuclear bombs and Fukushima; let Science take up fixing the mess they have turned this world into, rather than extolling benefits of meditation.

    • JasmineStarlight

      Hey, understanding the brain is very important too! Maybe there would be less wars, if everyone mediated, and was not seething in power or vengeance, that usually starts most wars :(

      • RockyFjord

        No argument there. One can learn a great deal from reading William James Psychology, but James also warned of the hubris of Science, which is not the only all inclusive method to discovering truth; Behavioralism claimed to be scientific, but experience has not borne it out as truth. Whenever I hear what SCIENCE has done or discovered, I get my hackles up, as Science and Techne are in no small part, responsible for the destruction of Nature and our world, though it has contributed to good as well. But I question these so called findings of energy waves, and where is the proof of experience that
        this is changing the world for the better?

        • JasmineStarlight

          The brain is very complex, I’m sure you are aware of that… we don’t utilize our whole brain. I believe studying the effects of mediation and higher learning, is crucial in mapping the brain…how much more are we capable of, I think its important research. It’s so interesting, the power you can have over your brain waves with thought- etc. -it holds the key to new discoveries. New synapses and dendrites can grow, it does radiate energy. The results of these studies could help the world, even discovering how to heal an injured brain more quickly- things that attack the brain and motor skills. Many have stop taking medication for heart disease and other elements, by benefiting from the education of natural health, mind, body, soul… and stress levels.
          This research helps people in their everyday life IMHO. I thought Jung was instrumental too, in understanding the mind. thanks for your post, interesting.

          • Griffon 997

            Jasmine, you are right on target.

          • RockyFjord

            95% of human thought, feeling, and actions, are from neural pathways, which is just another word for habitual. People assume that when they choose one thing over another, that they are exercising Free Will, but they are not. One impulse of current along one pathway becomes stronger than another impulse along another neural pathway, until the impulse becomes strong enough, it explodes and sends the current to the neural arc in the form of reaction, or action, which comes not from the subjective self as we imagine, but from the objective “me,” that is, the organism on autopilot. Very rarely does man exercise free will and volition with effort, as explained by William James, the father of American psychology, which after more than a century, is still the best science in the field of psychology, as admitted by the American Psychological Assc, late last century. Many errors and fallacies have
            arisen since James, but James still stands as the most solid basis
            for the science of psychology to date. Only new findings in neural science, which began with James, has added to the body of knowledge given to us by William James, a rare American genius. A good criticism of James and his work is by Jacques Barzun, another American genius, in a book titled “A Stroll with William James.” James also wrote “The Varieties of Religious Experience,” which has never been surpassed on the subject of Faith, which also includes references to meditation and other Buddist and Sufi practices. Still, Jamess made a tremendous contribution when he identified the difference between Descartes and Pascal in the enlightenment and rationalism, of science and reason. Descartes has led to Atomic bombs and Fukushimas and climate change; Pascal was rejected by the hubris of modern Science, which thought it had the only method to truth, and we are paying the price for that today like never before.

    • Griffon 997

      You know what’s interesting; if everyone in the world did an hour of tranquil meditation everyday the world would be a much more serene, peaceful place. I think studying the benefits of meditation very much so lends to what you’re proposing. Just in a more fundamental way. If everyone were calm and centered, not agitated by anger or emotion, and at peace with themselves and the world, you wouldn’t see violence, you would have more empathy among people. When you’re at peace with yourself, you’re at peace with the world. Isn’t that the truth?

      • RockyFjord

        Well, I am not an adversary of meditation in any way. But I think it is also
        helpful to enlarge the experience by insights about the mind/brain. I have found those insights in reading William James, both his Psychology [I have read the Briefer Course], and the Varieties of Religious Experience. Then I read A Stroll with William James by Jacques Barzun, an American genius in his own right. A great trove of knowledge about the mind and brain, which
        leads to deeper insights of human experience, including meditation. Part of the problem with modern education is we have neglected the geniuses of 500 years of Western civilization; we don’t read the original texts but only blurbs
        in some school textbook that leads away from knowledge, not toward it.
        James would agree with your last statements; he called it “healthy mindedness,” as opposed to morbid outlooks on life. He was one of a few voices to condemn the imperialism of the US at the time of the Spanish
        American war, a tragic hero in this regard as the US went on to become
        a purveyor of war and lies and violence unparalleled in human history, finally dropping a bombs on cities of civilians, a product of Cartesian Science
        which James warned against in his defense of Pascal’s own warnings
        about Cartesian rationalism and mathematical reasoning alone.

    • Moonjumper

      You use the term “Science” as if the entire field of scientific inquiry consists of one singular body of scientists all sharing exactly the same goals. I think it’s probably accurate to say that the scientists who conducted this investigation into meditation aren’t qualified to be cleaning up the radiation at Fukushima.

      • RockyFjord

        Point taken. the hubris of Science or Scientism, the belief in Science as the only method of truth finding, is a generalization. Social science, as well as those chemists and nuclear physicists who provided herbicides in Vietnam and nuclear bombs, suffered from the same arrogance. Education was practically ruined when social scientists introduced the model of clinical Behavioralism for the Dept of Education, for teacher training, circa 1969.
        The country never recovered from that bad science. Meditation is actually more Pascalian, more intuitive, and for the Cartesian mathematical reasoning types to now pretend to understand it from measurements, is perhaps more of the hubris of science applied to the subliminal where they are in contradiction with, being materialist, where the subliminal is something more than scientific materialism, if it is anything, or so I think. But I’m still learning.
        If man destroys life on earth, a real possibility, it will be because his moral capacity did not match his Scientific and Technological capacity and hubris.

        • ZincKidd

          Science recognizes that humans make mistakes. In fact it is by the detection of errors that science advances. Science is the only philosophy that contains a coherent mechanism of error detection. While it cannot detect all errors, it is at least capable of detecting some of them. Most philosophies do not have this characteristic and claim to find “truth” by dogma and/or superstition. Consequently, over time the inevitable errors accumulate because there are no mechanisms to discover them. We learn from our mistakes, no learning is happening if we’re not discovering them. When was the last time someone found a mistake in, say, Astrology?

          • RockyFjord

            Radical Empiricism is a philosophy that takes Experience as the test of truth, some refer to it as Pragmatism. Well, Science is sectarian just like religion, and does have its own prejudices, and they have not been caught over time. Such is the case with nuclear energy, the amounts of radiation emitted from meltdowns or nuclear bombs both have the potential of ending all life on earth. Even when Science does the math, the scientists still continue in error. For example, US scientists and engineers caused 70,000 nuclear warheads to be built
            when their own math told them that if 30 were exploded, it would end all life on earth. Furthermore, humans cannot recover from Science’s
            errors, such as nuclear meltdowns and bombs, in sufficient magnitude disasters.
            I acknowledge what you are saying as a hypothesis, but it has not proven to be true in experience. Descartes was wrong; Pascal was right, geometrical reasoning only seems coherent because it is circular within a system of factors controlled within the system. One can manipulate symbols all day and in the end, Fukushima still sets there as a monument to the belief in Science, a dreadful error which Science is unable to fix in a limited human world of biology and economics. Thanks for your input. I recommend
            William James writings, also Jacques Barzun, and Peter Kuznick’s
            Untold History of US. I am about to start to read Rachel Carson’s works; she was a scientist as well, who also battled science’s hubris, and that battle is still raging as we have entered the Carsonian Epoch, perhaps man’s last time for eternity. Humans have not kept pace in moral capacity to handle Science’s discoveries of Nature’s secrets, or so I think.

          • ZincKidd

            The Fukushima disaster had little to do with science. It had to do with the erroneous presumption that humans are capable of managing such projects. Perhaps on that we agree? It was far more about politics and greed, two factors that exist independent of science. But while you can choose not to engage in science, you cannot make that choice for others. If the US had not chosen to develop nuclear science in the 1940s, that would not have stopped Russia from doing so, and quite possibly with German scientists help. That scientific knowledge has outpaced our moral or political capacity to deal with it, is not a problem with science, but with our moral capacity. The science will march on in any case, because in the development of knowledge it works, like it or not. If we don’t develop the moral capacity more quickly, someone else will simply forge ahead without it. Nostalgia about the good old days of scientific ignorance is little help.

  • Master Sio

    Just because Science cannot explain something doesn’t always mean it’s not so. There’s also danger in: “If I didn’t think of it first, it’s not worth believing in. Let us tear down this “new thought” by attacking it with Science.”

    If someone improves her life by meditating and others close to her agree, is it my right to assume she’s gone mad simply because I don’t understand meditation? Remember at one time, the world’s top Scientists thought the earth was flat.

    Accomplished meditators see beyond Science and show compassion and love for Science. Many scientists, however, are often guided by hubris. Let’s not forget Einstein has said his greatest breakthroughs came when he dared to explore beyond the accepted mathematical theories of the time.

    • Frank D. Newsome

      The USA was into other forms of mental states and was acceptable—however, we did so without guidance and made a mess of it, thus causing a revolt against any other form of consciousness back in the 60s/70s… we valued then, only the state of consciousness that was the material reality. All other forms of mental states were shunned.

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