Four Steps to Beating the Wintertime Blues
Four Steps to Beating the Wintertime Blues

After the rush and bustle of the winter holidays, and as we wait for spring, it is easy to get the wintertime blues. 

The weather is more unpredictable as the years roll by, with fluctuations in temperature throughout the day. We look for the spring and summer sun that is not too far away. 

Don’t worry! Ladies, you can go from drab to fab by amplifying your beauty routine.

Rev Up the Accessories

Take drab to fab with bold accessories—warm hats and cool headbands can be fun. 

Protect yourself from bone-chilling winds with fabulous fun furs. This will add glamour and warmth when needed (

Hydrate Your Skin

Indoor heat can be so dehydrating. Run a cool-mist humidifier in your home and slather on extra body lotion and face creams to replace essential moisture. 

These two steps will make your skin glow.

Play With Color

Pops of color will add pizzazz. Try a softly blended smoky eye by using Smoke Box II ( A gorgeous, long-wearing lip gloss will provide sultry shine and keep your lips from chapping (

‘Unstyle’ Your Hair

Static electricity can be aggravating. 

Get into the habit of shampooing your scalp and conditioning the ends. Try products from this list of great brands: Paul Mitchell, Bumble and bumble, Redken, L’Oreal, and Bed Head. And don’t forget to use Alterna Anti-Static Spray. 

Textured hair, waves, and large curls that bounce in the breeze look so enchanting.

Learn not to comb your style—just run your fingers through your tresses. A great trick is to bend your head forward and run your fingers through your hair to break up the curl. Then spritz on a soft-hold spray, swing your head back, and spray into the curl again to hold the volume.

Playing with your style is a surefire way to beat the winter blues.

Harold Leighton is a hairdresser and adviser to the hairdressing industry. He can be reached at: [email protected],

Sherri Jessee is an independent hair and makeup artist with over 20 years’ experience. Check out her work at: 


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