‘The Hobbit There and Back Again’ Release Date Pushed Back? Nope, Rumors Aren’t True
‘The Hobbit There and Back Again’ Release Date Pushed Back? Nope, Rumors Aren’t True

Rumors that “The Hobbit There and Back Again” release date could be pushed back–of that the movie could be canceled entirely–because of an impending lawsuit are false. 

The rumors stem from sensationalist reports about the litigation between Peter Jackson and the Weinsteins. The Weinsteins claim they are owed money for the second and third installments of the film, which Warner Bros says is not the case.

The debate is currently in court, and some reports are claiming that if certain rulings are made, the third “Hobbit” movie could be pushed back or even canceled.

However, Douglas Kane, a lawyer, wrote on the OneRing blog that these reports, which stem from a Radar Online story, aren’t true.

“This speculation is not based on any actual facts,” he wrote. “The only ‘evidence’ they point to is the fact that the release date of There and Back Again had previously been changed from June to December 2014 (even though that had nothing to do with this or any other litigation), and to the litigations involving the Tolkien heirs, though they conflate the previous case, which had threatened to scuttle the Hobbit films, with the current case, which does not.  This story then got picked up by numerous other online sites, all of which simply repeat or refer to the Radar Online ‘story.'”

So, Lord of the Rings fans can breathe easy. And patiently wait until December 17, 2014, when the release date is scheduled for.

  • bluskiff

    I loved the second hobbit film can’t wait for the third.

    • takawalk

      Very good entertainment, iIam looking forward to the next one.

      • HeyJude

        Hi tak! Me, too. I can get lost in the cinematography, they are really stunning films to watch. I remember trying to read The Hobbit, and the LOTR’s series in HS, all the “cool kids” were into it. I could not focus on them at all, and I loved reading all kinds of things. I never could figure out why I couldn’t get through any of them, reading is one of my sharper skills! LOL. Yay for the movies, I just love them. :-)

        • takawalk

          I used to enjoy reading, but once I picked up a audible book for a family trip it was over with. The audios and movies with prime original stories like the Hobbits and Harry potter were very well done. I was disappointed with the movie Eragon based on a book by Christopher Paolini, It was very well done in audible. I bet almost everyone knows of the Hobbits and Harry Potter but far fewer know the later one I mentioned. It was very good entertainment on par with the others. The movie they did on that one was terrible.
          If you are into such things and haven’t heard or read it, you need to check out Eragon. Chris was only 15 when he wrote the first draft of the book.

  • Griffon 997

    Just watched LOTR again – love the first one, second two are awesome, with a few flaws. Still an incredible series though…

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