20 Vintage Flower Prints for a Moment of Delicate Beauty

    From Curtis's botanical magazine v.23-24 (1806). (Via Biodiversity Heritage Library)

    Spring blossoms in vintage drawings bring a nostalgic charm. Compiled in an online database by Biodiversity Heritage Library, the prints are from a time when the beauty of nature was documented skillfully and patiently by hand rather than by photographs.

    Escape to a 19th century garden with more of these prints on the library’s Flickr page.

    • TapestryMood

      Delicate beauty…oh, yes….lovely.

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    • Cynthia W.

      Those are wonderful. Some of the “simpler” ones remind me of the stenciling I have throughout the house. Of course, my daughters think I’m a bit nuts, but my craft supplies take up more room than my clothes.

    • sabelmouse

      i love old drawings of flora. they are often so amazing .