Famous Teddy Bear Maker Steiff Loses Court Case on Ear Tag

BRUSSELS—A top European Union court has struck down a bid by German manufacturer Steiff seeking trademark protection for its characteristic buttoning of its logo into the ear of its teddy bears and other soft toys.

The General Court in Luxembourg ruled Thursday trademark protection can’t be granted because buttoning the label to the soft toy’s ear lacks a “distinctive character” and doesn’t in itself enable average consumers to recognize the product’s origin.

The ruling deals a blow to the German high-end manufacturer, which sought better protection from competitors selling cheaper soft toys with similar ear buttons.

The ruling confirms a 2010 decision by Europe’s Community Trade Office.

Steiff, founded in 1880 in southwestern Germany, can still file an appeal against the decision to the EU’s highest court.


  • rg9rts

    Let me guess the knockoffs come from china

  • Michael678

    Limited U.S. Power in a Globalizing Economy – Tim Taylor

    Freedom Industries came into existence on December 31, 2013. The
    product of a merger with 3 other companies. (Cliff Forrest owns Freedom

    On January 9, 2014, state officials discovered 7500 gallons of a
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    That Elk River feeds into an intake tank for water distribution to citizens.

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    Today (January 17, 2014), Freedom Industries filed for Chapter 11
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    When a company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it has to find another
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    A newly-formed company (just incorporated on the day Freedom
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    So, Freedom Industries, with its massive legal liability for taking
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    Link to the news story below.