7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 15
7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 15

Greenland: Sun in northern Greenland

The sun is coming back north of the Arctic Circle. 

Now it has come to the disco bay area where the images are from the towns of Qeqertarsuaq and Ilulissat.

In early February the sun returns to Uummannaq and Upernavik, and then come to Qaanaaq and Thule around March. …

Greenland Today


Poland: Anti-Islamic group patrols clubs to ‘protect’ Polish women

The far-right Polish Defence League (PLO) has launched “patriotic patrols” in Poland’s bars and nightclubs in a bid, it says, to protect Polish women from being chatted up by Muslims. 

The Polish Defence League, which describes itself as “showing the true face of Islam and acting against the Islamisation of Europe,” started the operation in December in cities including Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow. …

The News


Hawaii: Can’t remember? Don’t forget caffeine

I, like many millions of folks, love morning coffee. The first thing I do is drink a few cups while listening to the roosters and birds outside the front door.

Turns out it might be one of the smarter things I do in a day.
According to a new study – yep, another new study — caffeine boosts your memory. The study, conducted by Johns Hopkins University was published in the Jan. 13 edition of Nature Neuroscience. …

The Garden Island


Russia: Pussy Riot Members to Attend Singapore Art Awards Ceremony

Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina will make their first international public appearance since their release when they attend an awards ceremony and art showcase being held in Singapore this weekend. …

The Moscow Times


France: Wanted ‘terrorist’ walks into French police station

A Sri Lankan man wanted on an international arrest warrant for terrorism, was discovered in France by accident, after he walked into a police station to complain about poor working conditions.
Jeyanthan Tharmalingam, 35, went last Thursday to give a statement in a case about illegal employment in which he was a victim, at a police station in the eastern suburbs of Paris, judicial sources said. …

The Local


Norway: School of fish frozen solid as winter hits

A sudden drop in temperature in northern Norway froze a school of fish solid as they tried to escape en masse from a bay.
Ingolf Kristiansen was out for a walk with Anton, his miniature schnauzer, when he came across the school of saithe, a type of fish belonging to the cod family, frozen beneath the ice. …

The Local


Venezuela: Venezuela and Brazil Agree to Collaborate in Preserving Mount Roraima

Over the weekend Brazilian and Venezuelan authorities met in Canaima National Park and agreed to collaborate in tourism and the preservation of the area.
Canaima National Park is located in Bolivar state, Venezuela, and is bordered by Guyana and Brazil. It covers 30,000 square kilometres and is the sixth largest park in the world.

Venezela Analysis

  • konspikuous

    There’s a place on this earth called Disco Bay? That’s hysterical.
    Vodka fueled citizen patrols. That won’t end well.
    Every day, should be a Kona coffee day.
    Nadezhda and Maria, I dig you wanting to be righteous. But, don’t go back.
    At least he learned to make a formal complaint and not, you know.
    All of S. America needs to be preserved. That’s where our oxygen is coming from.

    • HeyJude

      I wonder where they plug in the glittery ball…. :-)

      Your synopsis covered it all…my work here is done.

  • Canukistani

    After all it’s been through under German and Soviet occupation and all the repression its minorities have suffered as the result of those occupations, I would have thought that Poland would be well beyond this kind of thing.

    The existence of an entity like the ‘Polish Defence League’ shows that there are some who have learned nothing at all from those brutal experiences.

    • HeyJude

      I will be surprised if anyone ever gets “well beyond” that kind of thing. We constantly repeat the very worst of our histories…somehow thinking it’s different this time. :-(

      • Canukistani

        In spite of there being so much evidence to the contrary, I try to be optimistic about people, but it’s certainly not easy.

        I try to believe that somehow, someway, if a lesson is just placed before them in the right way and with enough emphasis, that however reluctantly, they’ll finally learn it. As this case clearly indicates, most times, sadly, I’m wrong.

        I would have thought that the brutal oppression that the Polish have suffered under some of the most cruel leaders the world has known ought to make them suspicious of demagogues and extremists of any sort.

        Surely if tolerance can flourish anywhere, it’s there, where, even in living memory, they’ve had so little of it. But somehow, no. It seems that even being under such tyranny fails to teach them that lesson.

        When I see an example like this I have to wonder if we can ever learn to get beyond it.

        • Cynthia W.

          Because of family ties to Poland, I know that some are fearful of having anyone threaten their freedom. They have seen what has happened in France, Sweden and even Britain, and fear what some Islamists have implied–that they will eventually “take over” countries by infiltration and convert them. I’m not saying this is a good way of handling things, I’m just saying that since 1989, the Poles have treasured their independence.

          • Canukistani

            And, I agree, they always should. Each nation and it people should treasure their cuture and their heritage.

            I just find it hard, in the wake of all that the Poles have suffered in history, to understand that they would address what they percieve to be a problem in this way.

            Groups of extremists, whether they’re this PLO or Ku Klux Klan or any of the numerous others examples we’ve had throught history rarely if ever provide solutions to anything. All they provide is more misery and strife.

          • Cynthia W.

            Yes, I agree. I don’t know just what actions they have taken except interference–I haven’t read anything that suggests violence. I hope things stay peaceful. Most Poles I know are gentle souls, and don’t react violently. Too lengthy to get into now, but both Israel and Germany are still trying to get something from Poland because of WW2, even though Poland was victimized as well. Most demands from these countries are for land,

          • Canukistani

            I do as well. The world has seen enough of it, although I know that for whatever reason, there always seems to be an appetite in some for more.

            I didn’t know that Israel and Germany were still seeking anything from Poland and I don’t know if I can possibly understand why, but after being the victim for so long, I hope that the outcome of whatever actions are ongoing do it no further harm.

    • Michael S. Tancredi

      Really? Are you kidding me? I give them credit for taking action against the Islamisation of their country. Unlike there counterparts they are trying to protect their heritage from the muslim invasion. In muslim countries people are killed for being anything else other than muslim. Congrats to Poland on taking a firm stand.

      • Canukistani

        Not only really, but emphatically so. History is so filled with examples of what happens when one group decides to ‘take action’ against ‘those people’ that they see as a threat to their own identity that I find it hard to believe it’s still happening.

        We’ve seen it in almost every part of the world at many different times and even though each time they say this time it’s different, it never really is. Whether it’s tribal or religious or racial or ethnic, or any other excuse they can find for it, it’a always about intolerance and bigotry and hatred and fear. It’s only the targets that change.

        If there’s a problem with women being accosted by men of any nationality or religion then let that be dealt with under the law. Not by some impromptu organization of either the “far-right” or the “far-left”, for that matter, with no officially recognized mandate and no responsibility to any legal body.

        I doubt I can change your mind on this, but I must say that I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sorry anybody does. And I hope you never find yourself in the position of being one of ‘those people’.

        • Michael S. Tancredi

          Your reply is so interesting. I am one of “Those People” in several categories. Islam gets a pass because our president wants to play nice with that faith despite the fact that Muslims kill Christians/Jews left and right for Allah. At the same time I am sick of hearing what a peaceful religion it is. I do not see it, even with the media bias in favor of Islam, it still appears to be a religion of violence and intolerance. I am happy that Poland is taking steps to prevent such a religious takeover much like the middle east displays. At least they are not blowing up Muslim businesses, and people. I never read that part of hatred in the Koran. Do most Muslims not know Jews and Christians worship the same God????? Guess not.

          • Canukistani

            But according to this, Poland is not, as you put it ‘taking steps’ in any legal sense. As I said above, if laws are being broken, then legal action by the police needs to be taken. But according to this piece that’s not the case.

            A group characterized as “the far-right Polish Defence League (PLO)” is doing this, and not against anybody breaking any law, If you read the piece. If that’s the case, these people seem no better than a Ku Klux Klan.

            If you’re alright with that because they’re opposing a religion you disapprove of, then I don’t believe you’re supporting any sort of reasonable defense of cultural values. What’s happening here is something else.

  • AskandTell

    According to a new study by John Hopking University, caffeine boosts your memory.

    “We’ve always known that caffeine has cognitive-enhancing effects,” said author of the study, Michael Yassa, “but its particular effects on strengthening memories and making them resistant to forgetting has never been examined in detail in humans. We report for the first time a specific effect of caffeine on reducing forgetting over 24 hours.”

    “Researchers conducting the study found that giving a person caffeine after they memorized some information made their ability to remember small details better.”

    Good information. Now where did I put my coffee cup?

    • Cynthia W.

      Never mind the coffee cup–who are you?

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