6 Amazing Stories That Could Make You Believe in Karma
6 Amazing Stories That Could Make You Believe in Karma

In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into ideas that stimulate the imagination and open up new possibilities. Share your thoughts with us on these sometimes controversial topics in the comments section below.

1. Thief hit by a bus seconds after robbing a woman

In Bogota, Colombia, in May 2013, a man grabbed a woman’s phone at a bus stop, wrestling it from her hand. He turned to run away and only got a couple of steps before he was hit by a bus. The whole incident was caught on surveillance tape, aired by the BBC and other media (watch below). 


2. Marine who dumped toxins felt illness was payback

Ron Poirier dumped hundreds of gallons of toxic solvents in the 1970s as a Marine electronics technician at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The chemicals seeped into the drinking water. The cancer that killed him in May 2013 was among the diseases afflicting Marines and local residents as a result of the toxins. He told the Associated Press before he died that he felt it was a retribution for his guilt.

“When judgment day comes, you know,” he said, “I hope those people that suffered … realize that I didn’t know what I was doing.”


3. Person does a good deed, finds $40 in extremely unusual way

Reddit user mappberg shared this story:

I go through periods of insomnia, and I have stayed up through countless nights over the years. One such night … I went to 7-11 at like 6:30 a.m. … On the way out I see this [homeless man]. … I go back in and buy him two microwave 7-11 hamburgers, and heat them up. I give him the burgers and proceed to Tropical Smoothie which opens at 7 a.m.

I park the car and open the door, look down and what do I see? A fresh $20 on the white line of the parking spot. … So that’s cool but then this is the really crazy part: I come back out of Tropical Smoothie and as I approach my car, what do I find? Another $20. In the exact same spot. I checked my pocket, the first one was still there. A glitch in the matrix?


4. Trying to get something for free, you pay anyway

Reddit user AdolphManson shared this story:

One day I paid for one, but took two papers (because I was sick of co-workers rifling through MY paper). As I walked off with both newspapers, I noticed that my shirt tail got stuck in the newspaper box when it slammed shut. I had to put in another $0.25 to get my shirt out.

Image of newspaper via Shutterstock


5. A good boy rewarded

Shared by Reddit user JeffreyGlen:

Today, my son and I went to Wal-Mart to get a new game for his DS. We got to the cash register I noticed the woman in front of me was upset. Her card had been declined and she was purchasing formula. My son is fascinated with babies so he was talking to the woman about her little girl. He put the game down and handed her his money and said, “Your baby needs food more than I need Plants Vs. Zombies.” My heart swelled at this, so I got the game anyway.

Well, as we were walking out, a lady approached us and said she saw what he did and gave him an envelope and said open it when you get home. When we got home, there was a $100 bill and a note that said “You deserve this young man!”


6. Giving when you have nothing to give, you end up on top

Shared by Reddit user ScottRockview:

At one point in my life, I sold furniture and I was [not good] at it. It was a rough time in my life where I made maybe $1,000.00 a month (around 10 years ago) and pretty much had nothing left after rent and what few little bills I had. There were a lot of times when I didn’t eat for days because I couldn’t afford to eat that much.

Anyhow, one day I’m trying to sell furniture and am selling nothing. It was nearing the end of the day and I had made $0 (I was on commission). An old couple comes in and is looking at TV stands. All the other sales reps avoid them because we all know that they’re going to take up a bunch of time end up buying something for around $100.00 and then your commission is going to be $2.00. …

I look at them and figure … if I can sell anything today, at least I won’t get skunked and maybe my luck will turn around after that. They ended up buying 2 stands ($6.00 commission for me) but asked how they would be put together. … There was a service I could have referred them to (for a fee of course) but … I said “I’m off at 9:00 p.m., if you come pick me up, I’ll come set up the stands for you for free.” They took this offer, paid for the furniture and left.

The other sales reps laughed at me. They laughed at me more when my quitting time came around and I hadn’t sold anything else. The old couple picked me up promptly at 9:00 p.m. …

We got into their beautiful condo … I could smell some food cooking and tried to ignore it (I hadn’t eaten in about 3 days at that point, so it was hard). I worked for almost 3 hours straight until it was done. …

The old lady grabs me and takes me to the kitchen. She seats me and pulls out a plate of freshly made roast beef. That was better than any money. I was so grateful and thankful. I held back tears as I ate the delicious home cooked meal she had prepared for me. …

The lady handed me an envelope [after driving me home]. I didn’t open it, just thanked them. I happily went up to my apartment knowing that I was going to sleep with a full stomach that night and that I would get to eat for the next few days. I was feeling great. I opened the envelope and there was a thank you card. Inside was $100.00. I cried. …

After that, for the rest of the time that I sold furniture, I always ran to help the people nobody else wanted to. I changed my focus from getting a big sale every day to getting all of the small ones nobody cared about and it got me through until I got a better-paying job.



*Image of man stealing a wallet via Shutterstock

  • Eva Lawrence

    Instant Karma they say… These are great stories!

    • HeyJude

      I think so, too! And for the folks that just did the right thing and got something in return…even if they didn’t, they would still be kind and gentle spirits, a reward in itself.
      I once had a maniac tailgating me so closely and erratically, and there was nowhere to pull over and let him pass. It went on for miles. Then, out of nowhere….a cop! Lights flashing, pulling the guy over as I continued on my way. I will always remember that, it doesn’t usually happen, but for one day anyway….karma did it’s thing. :-)

      • rg9rts

        Come back and check my post Jude you’ll love it

  • garg556

    karma full!

  • Ivailo Anguelov

    I am not sure that every reader understands what is “karma.” Te article would have been more intriguing if the writer gave some backgroudn info on topic of karma before giving the examples.

  • AskandTell

    Believing in Karma is the only way to get through the day at times.

    • ailover

      It gets me through a world full of corrupt politicians and war mongers of any creed or party

      • AskandTell

        Yes, good point.

  • rg9rts

    Was sitting at a traffic light with a bus on my left and two cars on my right with the lead being a state trooper. From our left comes this car flying so that he could make the light. Sure he did, cut in front of the bus and the trooper(he couldn’t see him) and the troopers reaction time was about a half second before he lit this clown up! There is a road goddess and she has a sense of humor.

    • HeyJude

      Ha! You had your own “Convoy” maneuver going, only it was the police in the cradle! Yes, sometimes the road goddess is good to us. :-) What I failed to mention in my story was that the only reason I was on that dang road was because I was helping out a friend, not a route I normally take to work. I was thinking “no good deed goes unpunished” when the cop appeared and it seemed I was rewarded with the removal of the maniac. :-)

  • Robert

    God does not beleive in blind faith. He uses these miracles big and small to let us know he is with us.

  • zhen

    Hey Tara! thanks for sharing such beautiful, inspiring stories. You must have worked hard searching through Reddit. You brought peace and love to many <3

  • hp b

    Ultimately it only matters that karma believes in you.

  • Mksboysal

    Here is my story: I live in Big Island, Hawaii. I used to feed the wild birds daily, one day I run out of wild bird seeds since I was low on money I didn’t want to buy anymore seeds just to feed the wild birds. About some days later when I went to Ace’s Hardware store I was thinking be nice if I could effort to buy wild birds seeds again, well I didn’t do it. When I got out of the store, on the left side where there was a pallet of many bags of birds seeds front of me right on the walkway there was a $10 bill. I looked around there was no one that seems money belong to. So I took the bill and purchased bag of birds seeds which was around $9 something.

    Another day at the same store: Purchased 2 bags of birds seeds and they charged me for only one bag. I figured some one want’s me to feed the wild birds.

  • wrlyry

    I have a small business in HVAC and I give things away sometimes, or do work for very little and tell some folks who don’t have much money to send payment whenever they can.
    I like to think I live with Karma all the time as I have never been hungry and the bills are always paid and our health and kids are fine.
    I never want money to come between me and my true God.

    • Dave_Mowers

      Well the truth is that small businesses cannot afford to snuff any business for any reason the way companies who get near-free money and credit whenever they need it from the public’s own bank can; The Federal Reserve.

      Too bad America doesn’t work for the real Americans.

  • Dave_Mowers

    Is it not sad that in a day and age when we can create money from absolutely nothing that power is reserved solely for the benefit of an elite minority? All those lives, all the dreams, untapped skills, talents, all the millions upon millions of wasted human potentialities by a restrictive monetary policy that engenders classes based on a mythology of cosmogony?

    All because one small group of individuals thinks they are somehow closer to Jesus than everyone else ever born.

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