Arrested with $153,000: Man Arrested With Massive Sum at Airport
Arrested with $153,000: Man Arrested With Massive Sum at Airport

A man arrested with $153,000 had the cash stuffed into a briefcase at the Nashville International Airport this week, it was reported.

The man, 33-year-old Conor Guckian, was arrested after he used $20,000 to charter a private plane from Nashville to California.

He was charged with money laundering after a dog smelled narcotics on the $153,000 in cash, Reuters reported.

Officials then carried out a search and found that the money was wrapped in a suspicious manner.

“The manner in which the U.S. currency was wrapped is consistent with that of drug proceeds,” reads a police affidavit.

Guckian said that he was going to California to buy gold with the cash, WSMV reported. He previously admitted to being charged with cocaine possession in New York, the Tennesseean reported.

Police said that he told them he was in Nashville to see a friend, but he later changed his story, saying that he was in the city because of cheaper flights.

He said he was taking a private jet because he felt “safer” than on a commercial airliner, FOX-17 reported.

He is in jail on $20,000 bond.

  • tallsmile28 .


  • imusintheevening

    Most high denomination currency has enough traces of drugs on them that a dog could notice. So if I wrap my stack of hundreds in saran I could lose it to the authorities and get jailed?

  • Name Private

    I claim that money

  • David Saf

    I have about 200.00 in my pocket, some of it came from a customer who operates his biz in neighborhoods that have 4 sure drug traffic. outstanding chances it has dope residue. question is what am I to do , not accept his $ ? total bs charges that his cash is dope contaminated, 20% of all cash has dope residue . much higher % in certain areas, such as Miami ect..

  • Laura Sabath

    What exactly did he do to be arrested? Paid $20,000 to charter a private plane? Would they arrest Bill Gates if he did the same thing? Also, from what I understand, all money has traces of illegal drugs on it.

    • Sanjosemike

      Laura, my guess is that is exactly the defense his attorney will use. And it will probably work.

  • Gin1234

    Did they arrest him first due to the amount of the money he was carrying, with no other suspicions? Seems to me that a person should be able to carry any amount of money in person in this country. Electronic transfer of that amount isn’t suspected though, I guess.

  • Bob

    Is it against the law to use cash?

  • PeterTrapasso

    Incredible story! Arrested with $153,000: Man nabbed when dogs smell drugs

  • smokem

    He should have laundered the money before laundering it.

  • Sanjosemike

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that virtually ALL currency smells of drugs?

  • Mike Golden

    First of all, in this day and age, $153,000 is not a massive sum of money. Professional gamblers regularly carry $250,000 to $500,000 dollars in cash as they play poker around the world. There used to be another way they did it and would carry millions. A well known poker player recently forgot $350,000 in the back seat of a cab in Las Vegas about a month ago and I know of others. It is my understanding that because of wide spread drug use all money has some drug residue that can be detected. Mere cash is not proof someone is a drug dealer. The TSA is totally out of control.

    • doctorbob

      What’s the difference between the U.S. Government, and Al Capone’s gang?
      No, I can’t think of any difference, either.

  • frankensteingovernment

    Arrested for having lot of cash. What criminal code is that exactly?

  • luther2001

    Boy, that map sure helped.

    • frankensteingovernment


  • VincentTPackhorse

    Taxi, taxi. Follow that plane!

  • rick webber

    Man was robbed of a $153,000 by a group of pirates using an attack dog….

  • Don B Cooper

    Lots of money smells like coke. The money laundering charge won’t fly, particularly since the “officials” have claimed that the money has not yet been laundered. They can tie up the money for a while, but ultimately they’ll have to return it unless or until it’s been proven to be proceeds from a crime. And wrapping U.S. currency in a manner consistent with that of drug proceeds is not yet a crime.

    • Thomas Lee Howell

      TSA does NOT return money. Research this subject a little. People are still fighting with them after a few years of trying to recover their possessions. They are trying to keep Americans from leaving this ruined country and taking their money with tehm.

    • doctorbob

      They’ll get him on tax evasion. If he can’t prove that he earned the money and paid taxes on it, they’ll rob him.

  • bob

    In GOD we Trust all others pay cash

    • doctorbob

      I would prefer Bearer Bonds. Much more compact, easy to tuck inside a magazine, and very transportable. $1 Million in cash weighs 82 pounds. $1 million in Bearer Bonds weighs 1/10th of an ounce. Just tuck it in an ordinary #10 envelope and mail it to yourself as just another letter, anywhere in the world. Passes through x-ray machines, no problem. Just don’t mail it to yourself in Russia and you’ll be OK. (Russian postal workers steal MOST mail.)

  • Thomas Lee Howell

    The TSA will steal this money and keep it. They are thieves and criminals disguised as airport workers. ALL money smells like dope. If a dog did not hit on it I would think it was counterfeit. It is an excuse to steal cash and valuables from law abiding citizens of this country.

  • John30303

    Traveling with cash IS criminal – at least according to the 8th US Court of Appeals!

    See “United States v. $124,700 in U.S. Currency”

    • doctorbob

      Yeah, in the People’s Republic of Amerika, you don’t have the right to carry your own money around. Next month: Liberals and Progressives OUTLAW anyone from having ANY money. You can only own or possess whatever the Progressives decide you may own or possess. They’re working hard on that right now.

  • Forfreedom Man

    Having money is against the law. . . . Oh, what a country we live in. We REALLY need to do something about this! It’s this guy today, it could be any one of us for any reason tomorrow.

  • konspikuous

    The lesson here…with that much loot in hand, rent a car.

  • R Doom

    Pretty much all US currency has traces of drugs on it, that any trained dog will detect. If having such money is an arrestable and confiscatory offense, all US citizens should turn over their money and report to jail immediately.

    • Jeff

      thats pretty much what the government wants anyway.

  • doctorbob

    I don’t consider $153,000 to be a “massive amount of cash.” I carry that much just to buy a tank of gas, pay for Obamacare, and buy some groceries these days.

  • RenoRedneck

    This is a Nazi America, since when do people have to account for anything?

  • Yam I Am

    I keep seeing this headline all over – $153,000, $153,000 – it might be interesting if it was $153,000,000, but a measily $153,000 is really chump change in the world of money laundering. And the fact that it was “wrapped in a manner consistent with drug proceeds” is interesting. Was it wrapped in an old copy of the Bogota Daily News? Probably he had it stuffed in with his dirty laundry.

  • Faerie

    So he committed no crime?

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