Beautiful Science: What Your Food Looks Like Under a Microscope

    Cross section of a rice leaf at 40X magnification. (Shutterstock*)

    Here’s a new way to appreciate your food: as works of nature’s art. Here’s a look at what you eat, at the microscopic level. 


    Astonishing Beauty, Diversity of Sand Grains Revealed at Microscopic Level (Photos)

    Beautiful Science: What Your Body Looks Like Under a Microscope (Photos)

    Some of the photos featured are taken by photographer and scientist Dr. Gary Greenberg. To see more of his photos—not only of food, but also of sand and other objects at the microscopic level—visit his website


    *Images of a rice leaf, soybean, citric acid, carrot, and salt via Shutterstock. 

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      WOW a natural peace sign necklace

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