Was the West Virginia Chemical Spill Preventable?
Was the West Virginia Chemical Spill Preventable?

“The Elk River spill wasn’t an isolated accident. It was the inevitable consequence of weak regulatory enforcement over many years, made possible by our collective failure to uphold the values we profess, ” Writes Angie Rosser, executive director of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition in Charleston, W.Va.

Do you agree? What can be done to prevent such spill in the future? 


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  • rg9rts

    She is spot on. There is no regulation or inspection of Storage Facilities. The crack was known to the past and present owners of the facility. They should get the tab along with Peabody for the massive cleanup and the costs to the consumer and businesses. Just like BP had to pick up the tab

  • Sarah Sahasbeen

    The company already admitted they knew the potential danger from the chemical. They need to pay for all cleanup and reimburse everybody for their negligence.

    BTW – Thank you very much once again Republicans for your deregulation schemes which end up hurting the people you’re supposed to represent.

    • HeyJude

      I agree…where was the regulation to have a backup system of some sort? Anyone could ask a simple question….”If there is a leak, where do the chemicals go…” Hard to believe no one could envision that it would go right into the river without some kind of backup containment system. So what could be done in the future? Have a firewall around the chemicals, if a leak happens, contain it in that secure area, stop it from having the ability to just spill out onto the ground and into the water.

      The sad part, Sarah, is that I read an article today about how scared the people in the town are about losing this industry. As vile, filthy and dangerous as it is, they will lose their jobs if anything is shut down. People desperate to make a living will risk their health and safety…it really is up to regulators to make sure that they don’t have to choose between health, safety or being able to pay their bills.

  • TapestryMood

    Checked into the background of “the owners” and how they got the facility.
    Checked into the fact it had never been inspected since there were/are no required regs to do so.
    Checked into “big coal’s” ongoing influence.
    Too much for me to even want to post..so, others will have to do so for themselves.
    Makes me so ill such things go on in so many states ..and people/environment always impacted for generations…and yet, Keystone Pipeline is also still a possibility!!!!!!! Augh!

  • Coco

    Absolutely it was preventable! Is anyone even questioning that?

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