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Boardwalk Empire Season 5: Filming, Predictions, Spoilers, Cast

Boardwalk Empire season 5 will be the last season for the popular show. Predictions, spoilers, and cast news have been coming out about the upcoming season, which doesn’t have a set premiere date yet.

Richard Harrow was killed in the season 4 finale, probably the biggest cast change. Executive Producer Terrance Winter told TVLine that “We felt like we took his storyline as far as we could” and that the events of season 4 “brought him full circle as a man.”

Winter confirmed that Gillian and Narcisse will return for season 5, Margaret will likely be featured more, and Eli and Nucky continue to have a relationship. 

There’s no word yet about which actors will be joining the cast during the season, or a filming schedule.

Jeffrey Wright, who plays Narcisse, told Entertainment Weekly that his character suffers “a real spiritual assassination” when J. Edgar Hoover forces him to become a FBI informant. 

“He becomes what he despises at the beginning and that is a servant pretending to be a king, so it all comes full circle,” Wright explains. The scenario reflects the real-life situation involving Marcus Garvey and Hoover.

“Hoover’s first Civil Rights obsession was with Marcus Garvey and there were clearly people who played the role of Judas, if you will, to Garvey,” Wright said. “And so now, we’ll see where it goes, but Narcisse who has been really villainous before — even though maybe not within his mind — is clearly fallen to the bottom of the barrel now.”