7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 12
7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 12

Ghana: 32 Children suffer in witches camp due to mothers’ ‘sins’

About 32 children and young adults between the ages of one and 25 are suffering deprivation at the Gambaga Witches Camp, where their mothers and/or grandmothers are seeking refuge for allegedly being witches.

While some of the children followed their female guardians there after they were accused of being witches and banished from their respective communities, others were accused alongside their mothers and/or grandmothers and were, therefore, forced to also seek refuge in the camp. …

Daily Graphic


Libya: The changing face of Tripoli’s graffiti

Under the old regime, graffiti were forbidden. Anyone caught daubing slogans on a wall or colourfully decorating a street corner with a graffito was often dealt with severely. The 2011 revolution, however, allowed an explosion of graffiti around Tripoli’s cityscape. …

Faded brickwork, freshly-whitewashed walls and crumbling buildings have become an art gallery sanctioned by creativity.

Much of this new-found freedom of expression has manifested itself in political artworks, an expression of the masses. Much revolution-era graffiti remains, such as Qaddafi pictured in a dustbin or as a rat, or Saif with his head in a noose. However, graffiti can quickly become tired and clichéd. …

Libya Herald


Siberia: The breathtaking real-life Swan Lake in in Siberia

These stunning images were taken by Russian photographer Alexander Tyryshkin on a unique Siberian lake that never freezes, no matter how cold the winter.
Most Whooper Swans fly much further south in search of a less harsh climate, but as the pictures show, January finds this stunning spot teeming with activity.

Its real name Svetloe Lake but to many locals it is known, not surprisingly, as Swan Lake. The nearby village – appropriately – is called Urozhainoe, which means ‘Prolific’. 

‘It was minus 30C when I was taking pictures of the swans’, said Alexander, 30, who lives and works in this part of Siberia. …

‘Locals say the first swans appeared here in 1967, and only 15 birds were recorded then. Now they number 350 annually with the numbers rising each year. …

Siberian Times


Finland: Expert warns of hidden danger from low-fuel cars

A senior researcher at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland accuses the automotive industry of short-sightedness in regard to emissions. While focussing on cutting carbon dioxide emissions, it has overlooked other dangerous pollutants, says Dr Juhani Laurikko. …



Costa Rica: Costa Rican coffee to have its own theme park

Watching the full process of growing, processing and marketing coffee will become part of Costa Rica’s many attractions at the country’s first coffee theme park, according to the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry.

The Parque Temático del Café will be built on a five-hectare coffee farm in the community of Frailes, Desamparados, south of San José. Frailes is one of Costa Rica’s main coffee-producing regions with 1,800 coffee producers. …

Tico Times


Greenland: Super realistic paintings of greenlandic icebergs

Artist Zaria Forman from New York create super realistic drawings of icebergs.

– In August 2012 I led Chasing the Light, an art expedition sailing up the northwest coast of Greenland, Zaria Forman explains. …

Greenland Today


Estonia: Newspapers Lay Off Veteran Staff

2014 has opened with a spate of firings at newspapers, with the names including prominent journalists and photographers who can nearly be considered institutions.

Pointing to the example of the state-funded culture weekly Sirp, where an attempt was made to hire an editor from outside the system, media observers say many established papers are currently aiming to shake up their ranks and become more commercially oriented. …



*Image of coffee via Shutterstock

  • Canukistani

    Gorgeous images in the Swan Lake piece! Really makes you want to be there.

    • HeyJude

      Unsurprisingly we have been drawn to the same headline! Loved seeing these pictures. :-)

      • rg9rts

        They look like a cross between a mute and a whistling swan. We have the mutes locally which are escapees from the estates of the filthy rich in the Hudson Valley and Long Island. the two breeds dont mix

        • HeyJude

          You know your swans! Why don’t they mix…do you mean they don’t interbreed, or that the interlopers from the estates drive the whistlers out of their own territory?

          • rg9rts

            I would guess because the mutes are european intros. Black swans however have the real attitude. The mutes have slowly been expanding their range and when they move in the whistlers move out. We have some weird birds around the area. There is a section of Long Island that has a breeding parakeet population.

          • OnyxE

            Whistler swans are tundra swans and they do not take to human habitation and activities. That is the real reason the number of tundra swans has declined. They are like the hothouse flowers of birds…very picky about their habitat and they do not like habitat that has been disturbed by humans.

          • rg9rts

            And mutes don’t like company… they even chase Canada geese.

          • OnyxE

            I think it’s mostly when they are nesting and have babies and that is to protect the food supply for their family.

          • rg9rts

            What ever you do don’t pick a fight with one! They will beat you up!! LOL A neighbor has a black swan and that bird has a real attitude. (wings clipped)

        • OnyxE

          Well the USDA WS is killing mute swans by the thousands so you may not have them to worry about soon. In some states it is now illegal to even rescue a suffering injured mute swan.

      • Canukistani

        Yes, indeedy! The Greenland iceberg paintings are also quite nice.

  • OnyxE

    The swans in Siberia are amazing…..you would NEVER see this in North America. The USDA WS is killing mute swans by the thousands.

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