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Giant Squid? ‘Giant Sea Creature Ashore in Santa Monica’ Hoax Report Tricks Some

An article and photo claiming a “Second Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore Along Santa Monica Coastline,” blaming the 160-foot-long giant squid on “radioactive gigantism” caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, is a hoax, but many thought it was real.

The article was published on The Lightly Braised Turnip, which appears to only post satire.

“Scientists believe that following the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant an unknown number of sea creatures suffered genetic mutations that triggered uncontrolled growth – or ‘radioactive gigantism,’” the article said.

The article later states: “In a statement released to the media Gov. Jerry Brown assured local residents that the area is safe and it is ‘business as usual’ in Santa Monica. Gov. Brown indicated that plans to dismember the squid for transport to Scripps Research Institute “will not be delayed.’” The problem is, California Gov. Brown never released those statements.

It also quotes Santa Monica Parks Manager Cynthia Beard and Santa Marino College biology professor Martin L. Grimm, who are not real people.

The picture of the squid is obviously Photoshopped. The squid photo was taken from reports earlier this year of a 30-foot-long giant squid that washed up on a beach in Spain, and it was inserted onto a beach photo that shows spectators gathering around.

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About.com writer David Emery, who writes about Internet hoaxes, notes that the article is satire.

However, The Lightly Braised Turnip does not have a disclaimer saying it is satire even though it has only outlandish articles on its website.

Some include “Serena Williams Swings For Fences By Playing Iron Mike In New Biopic,” and “Bud Selig: Red Sox Fans Most Annoying Fans Anywhere.”

No local or national media outlets have reported on the squid.

On Twitter and Facebook, the article was frequently shared this week. Nearly 1 million people “liked” it on Facebook.

“Very very very biiiiig *jaw drop* gigantism!” wrote one user on Twitter.

Added another: “Sounds like the beginnings of a horror movie. Giant Squid Found In California.” 

Another tweeted that it was “one of the many impacts of the #Fukushima disaster back in ’11,” while posting the Photoshopped image.

The article was also re-published and cited on some conspiracy webistes and forums.

Giant squids can get to be as large as 40 feet in length. The largest specimen ever captured was 43 feet long.


Giant Squid Found in Japan (+Photo and Video)

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  • Suzuki Hiroshi

    Fish with very high levels of cesium found near Fukushima
    January 11, 2014 Asahi Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
    A fish contaminated with extremely high levels of radiation was found in waters near the Fukushima plant.
    The Fisheries Research Agency said Jan. 10 the black sea bream had 12,400 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium, 124 times the safety standards for foodstuffs.
    The fish was caught at the mouth of the river in Fukushima Prefecture. The site is 37 kilometers south of the Fukushima plant.
    2 other fish also exceeded the safety standards of 100 becquerels per kilogram.

  • Denni A

    the squid looks superimposed on that photo, it gives the appearance of looking like it is the size of a dinosaur.

  • Suzuki Hiroshi

    Tokyo Electric “There is NO way to shield Bremsstrahlung (braking radiation) from contaminated water tanks”
    January 12th, 2014 Fukushima Diary

    There is NO way to shield Bremsstrahlung from contaminated water tanks, Tokyo Electric stated in the press conference of 1/10/2014.
    The contaminated water tanks contain high level of β nuclides. As shielded by water and the tank material, it turns into Bremsstrahlung.

    Tokyo Electric’s spokesman commented it is technically impossible to shield each tank. Even if Tokyo Electric puts the shielding material inside of the tanks, it also causes Bremsstrahlung.

    Having the contaminated water endlessly increasing, contaminated water tanks are also increasing. Tokyo Electric’s workers involved in tank construction, leakage patrol, and maintenance are significantly exposed even without touching the contaminated water directly.