7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 10
7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 10

Scotland: Scotch whisky makers set for EU anti-fraud scheme

Scotch whisky producers will be required to sign up to a new verification scheme if they want to sell their products within the European Union (EU).

The Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme, set up by the UK Government, will help consumers in the UK and abroad to differentiate from genuine UK-produced spirits and fake or sub-standard competitors. …

The Scotsman


Iceland: Doctors in Iceland Getting Older and Older

The average age of specialists in Iceland is now more than 55, according to Kristján Guðmundsson, the head of the association for medical specialists in Iceland.
In the last five years, the average age has gone up by five years as there has been no renewal of new doctors returning to Iceland after specializing abroad. …

Iceland Review


UAE: Three Iranian kidnappers of UK businessman held

The security authorities found belongings of the victim in a house rented by the gang leader who was arrested by the State Security in Dubai.

UAE State Security in Dubai has arrested three Iranian nationals accused of kidnapping Abbas Yazdi.

The businessman’s wife had reported her husband has been missing since last June.

The security authorities identified the kidnappers and launched investigation to determine the way Yazdi was abducted. …

The Khaleej Times


Sweden: Swedish jails empty despite crime rise

Sweden boasts one of the world’s lowest incarceration rates – ten times lower than the US. Why do Swedish judges opt to keep convicts out of jail or issue lenient sentences, which one inmate called “a chance to start over”.

Swedish judge Carin Westerlund says she seldom hesitates to take the opportunity of keeping a convict out of prison. …

The Local


Solomon Islands: Julian Marley: Be positive youths

Visiting  music sensation and son of the reggae legend Julian Marley has urged youths of Solomon Islands to be positive at all times and be themselves. He highlighted at press conference after his arrival on Tuesday.

“Nothing is easy that you cannot fight for it,” he said. …

Solomon Star News


Estonia: Estonian Defense Forces to Purchase Drones

The Defense Force is planning to purchase surveillance drones in the next few years in a bid to upgrade reconnaissance capabilities.

Defense Forces commander in chief Maj. Gen. Riho Terras told Eesti Päevaleht today that Russia is increasingly proving it is a military superpower and recent conflicts have developed very quickly, which means that Estonia’s military priority is to develop its surveillance abilities. …



Japan: Scratching an itch feels like falling in love, researchers find

Scratching an itch activates the same brain mechanism that generates feelings of comfort in people when they are praised or fall in love, according to a scientific study.

In both cases, more activity is generated in the striatum and midbrain regions, the National Institute for Physiological Sciences …

The Asahi Shimbun

  • AskandTell

    This is the explanation given for the supposedly rise in crime rate in Sweden; more reporting of narcotics and traffic offenses. Not violent crimes.

    “The number of reported crimes in certain criminal areas, such as narcotics and traffic offences, is in large part due to the police’s and other authorities’ efforts to investigate (them).”

    I’d suggest Congress skip one of their trips to Israel and go to Sweden to learn about their culture and how they approach crime. Learn how they are able to close prisons, have low crime rate per capita, and have such a low recidivism rate.

  • konspikuous

    Confirmed. I’ve not read any of those headlines anywhere else.

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