7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 8
7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 8

Australia: Sherlock Holmes: ‘A study in copyright’

It´s  the kind of puzzle that might have amused Sherlock Holmes himself.

Now that copyright protections have expired on nearly all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales about the pipe-puffing detective in the deerstalker hat, are writers free to depict the character in new mysteries without seeking permission or paying license fees? …

The Australian


Poland: Leia Display Systems designs ‘Star Wars’ hologram phone

A Polish firm named after a character from George Lucas’s Star Wars film series aims to create the world’s first hologram phone.

Leia Display Systems, which takes its name from sharpshooting hero Princess Leia, is working on a gadget that will create a live 3-D image of callers as they engage in telephone conversations.

The caller will sit in front of a special camera that contains two lenses, and a hologram machine will then beam the image onto a water-vapour screen. …

The News


Hawaii: Fast-moving erosion threatens Hawaii coastal homes

Alice Lunt didn’t worry too much when she saw waves splashing close to her home on Oahu’s North Shore on Christmas Eve. She had seen the ocean edge close before. But before dawn, a neighbor woke her with a call.

“Everything was washing away,” she remembered the neighbor saying. …

The Garden Island


Siberia: US scientists hail a ‘Siberian microorganism’ that can double the speed of cellulose digestion

Found in Kamchatka’s Valley of the Geysers, it promises a scientific breakthrough, say experts.

‘Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US  have discovered that an enzyme that can digest cellulose almost twice as fast as the current leading component cellulase enzyme on the market,’ reported Renewable Energy Magazine. …

Siberian Times


UAE: Western Culture In Abu Dhabi Breeds Exploited Workers

For years, major sporting events have been hosted in the superbly wealthy Gulf States. Now, renowned Western cultural institutions are following suit. But these high-minded museums and cultural organizations are encountering a familiar problem.

In Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the French Louvre, the American Guggenheim and other branches of imported high culture are envisioned as a massive hub of Western refinement on Saadiyat Island, also known as “Happiness Island.”…

Suddeutche Zeitung  via Worldcrunch


Japan: Researchers find damage-free way to observe internal cell structures

Japanese scientists say they have developed the world’s first method to observe a live cell without damaging its internal structure.

The researchers said the procedure, using free-electron X-ray laser technology, will help advance an understanding of intracellular phenomena, such as the mechanism of cell division. …

The Asahi Shimbun


Sweden: ‘Extend compulsory schooling’: government

The government wants to extend Swedish compulsory education to ten years, in certain cases eleven, in hopes of boosting the numbers of students who go on to high school. …

The Local


*Image of Sherlock Holmes Museum via Shutterstock.

  • HeyJude

    IMO Sir A. Conan Doyle’s copyright should never expire…it was his talent, his creation, his characters, with a start, middle and ending, it is his body of work. Any other author that wants to ride his coattails because they have nothing original to offer doesn’t deserve to profit by his name. I know, it probably causes all kinds of problems in areas unrelated to this to have copyrights that never expire, but it just doesn’t feel right to have people suing his estate for permission to exploit his creation for their own fame and glory. He is one of my all time favorite authors, and I read his Sherlock Holmes stories over and over.

    The waves in Hawaii….if the ocean wants to take over, sea walls will not be able to stop the inevitable, maybe just slow it down. I read yesterday where enormous waves were also threatening the coasts in Europe. We have a lot of French friends here (France was mentioned prominently in this) perhaps anyone reading would inform with details?

    I had no idea that Sweden had such a schooling schedule, glad to now be on Epoch Times to get more knowledge of the international community. My impression of Sweden had always been one of highly educated and doing it right…. now I have to reconsider. They have problelms as we all do.

    • AskandTell

      Jude: I also was surprised to read about Sweden and need to understand why they feel the need to change their educational requirements. My curiosity was also raised after this comment on the site.

      “After years of claiming that going to school at an older age is more beneficial and that the Swedish model of independent schools could be sold to other countries like the UK as it has led to better education.”

  • AskandTell

    The UAE: Western Culture in Abu Dhabi Breeds Exploited Workers is fascinating.

    I’m copying highlights of the article because WorldCrunch, great int’l articles, only allows you to view three before forcing you to sign up for Facebook.

    “In Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the French Louvre, the American Guggenheim and other branches of imported high culture are envisioned as a massive hub of Western refinement on Saadiyat Island, also known as “Happiness Island.”

    But the construction workers are living like slaves, sometimes forced to toil for an entire year to pay off their “employment fee.” Their passports are seized, and they live involuntarily in unsanitary conditions, fearing deportment at the slightest sign of dissatisfaction.

    Architects who design buildings for countries with questionable human rights records tend to take great pains to point out that their work contributes to opening up the region. As if a glass façade could eradicate censorship.

    Like all artists, architects are susceptible to the creative temptation of dictatorships. The suffering of foreign workers on Gehry’s and Nouvel’s construction sites in Abu Dhabi is merely the logical consequence of this temptation. Feudal societies function according to their own laws, and in Abu Dhabi these do not protect migrant workers.”

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