Rick Dyer Bigfoot: Man Who Perpetuated Hoax Claims He Killed Bigfoot

Rick Dyer, a hunter in San Antonio, says that he fatally shot Bigfoot.

That was in September 2012. But now he released pictures of the dead creature, who appears to be a mix between a person and a hairy animal.

“Bigfoot is 100 percent real — there’s no question about that,” Dyer told broadcaster KSAT.

“I have been worried for so long. I have been put off for so long, and finally we went up to Washington (state) and we got the body,” Dyer said. “Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body — from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the real deal. It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world.”

Dyer says he shot and killed the creature in a wooded area near Loop 1604 and Highway 151.

Soon after that time, he released a grainy video clip that allegedly showed Bigfoot.

He has now let more than 100 people view the body and recorded their reactions.

“We wanted to get people’s reactions, make them believers, and we did it to over a 130 people,” Dyer said. “We definitely made them believers.”

Dyer plans to hold a press conference to show off the body and test results. He also plans to take the body across North America, and will charge a fee for people to see the body.

Dyer said he had found a Bigfoot body in 2008 but it was discovered that the body was a body in a rubber suit. Dyer said that it didn’t start off as a hoax, but it ended up a hoax–but that this time, it’s not a hoax. “This is about redeeming myself,” he said in a recent YouTube video.

He said in another video that “we’re not going to hide anything from you,” and said that the photo pictured above is only six inches from the creature’s face.

“I see a lot of untruths being spread around,” Dyer said in another video. “We said they would get a photo and try to totally destroy it. Unfortunately for them, they have failed.”

Dyer said that new evidence will be posted “very shortly,” and that rumors about him turning down doctors who want to view the evidence are not true. 

However, if doctors did approach him, they would have to bring money, because he said he worked hard to kill the Bigfoot. “I’m the only one in history to track down and kill the Bigfoot.”

  • Major Bumtickle

    Why is this in the science section?

    • rg9rts

      It’s part of the flatearth revival conference.

    • Bhokara

      We’re trying to find the bottom of conservative stupidity.

      • Johnnygard

        The “bottom of conservative stupidity” would be voting democrat.

      • pateriot

        Look up, I’m sure you’ll see it. It’s right above the top of Liberal brilliance!!!

  • chris

    This is the same prison security guard from Georgia that claimed to have shot a Bigfoot near Blood Mountain in North Georgia. In reality it was a bigfoot costume frozen in ice. CNN covered it, so I’m actually shocked the media is even writing about anything this guy has to say on this FICTIONAL subject. This guy a joke and he apparently desires to continue being one.

  • Racer-X

    Rick Dyer is a simpleton perpetrating his fifth hoax since 2008. His fake, dead Bigfoot looks like a third grade theater project. ( No offense to kids in third grade). Rick’s plan is to tour this find of the century around America and charge rubes to gawk at it.

    • ChesapeakePirate

      He’ll make a lot of money in the Red States.

  • Racer-X

    Everything you need to know about Rick Dyer.

  • Pony

    Waiting for that positive proof. Popcorn ?

  • Jesse4

    No way this could be fake.

  • Gin1234

    Yeah right. The first thing anyone who killed big foot would do, is keep it a secret for a year, and not get any publicly known specialists to take a look at it.

  • konspikuous

    Uncle Earl…is that you?

    • Pony

      I think its my MIL

  • Tony Mayer

    That’s my band’s old bass player. You bastards!

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  • Bhokara

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Steven G Smith

    Are all the members of ZZ Top accounted for?

    • Pony

      need a head count at duck dynasty

  • Therapist060

    So Ricky admits killing a sentient creature for no reason at all? The local police need to jump in here and see what Ricky has been up to. Maybe killing Bigfoot is considered murder under Texas or Washington law.

    • Steven G Smith

      Ricky was standing his ground…

      • Johnnygard


    • Coyotefred

      If Bigfoot was a fetus maybe…

    • jaredswilliams

      I don’t think lawmakers have passed a law on a mythical creature and it’s “rights”…

    • louis

      No laws in Washington I live here and I am a bigfoot hunter also there is no law aginst hunting bigfoot in Texas. and yes I have seen one and have foot prints and hair. my samples were brought to the university of Washington and came back inconclusive

  • Debbie Harty

    bring in BoBo,cliff and reana from bigfoot team

    • Pony

      If its cold dark or raining they have to go back to camp where its warm.

  • autigers2010champs

    I shot the crap one time with friends does that count

  • Rich

    Dyer has comitted EBay fraud on top of several past hoaxes. He has stolen honest peoples hard earned money with his hoaxes. He needs some serious jail time to straighten him out.

    • sarahsue14

      Sorry, but if you fall for this crap, you deserve to get screwed.

  • disqus_4Fqze84bkd

    the only bigfoot this a$$hole has shot is at the end of his leg.

  • PlutocratsSuck

    “but that this time, it’s not a hoax”

    I literally laughed out loud.
    Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

    • HeyJude

      LOL! In the same vein, I don’t “misunderestimate” this guys love of making a buck off his hoaxes and love of infamy. Huge cajones to try this again.

  • wheussmann

    So basically this guy is proud he committed a murder? and he is proud of it?

    he admits to
    1. shooting something one that isn’t a licensed game animal? (so that’s a Felony)
    2. shooting at a human like form… (could be a big hairy mountain man that’s a Felony)
    3. if it is actually a Bigfoot…. then he shot and endangered species.. (that’s a Felony)
    4. Tampering with evidence (that’s a felony)
    5. leaving the scene of a crime.. ( that’s only a misdemeanor)

    so I think this man should be brought up on charges for shooting what ever it is he actually shot

    if Bigfoot exists leave it alone last thing Id want to see was a zoo with a live Bigfoot exhibit..

    • jaredswilliams

      Bigfoot can’t be listed an endangered species when it hasn’t even been listed as a legit species…if anything it’s an extinct species that has never had any proof of existence. It can’t be a protected species when there has been no evidence there is anything to protect.. I think that you even entertaining this idiocy makes you even worse than the original liar.

    • zaracyn

      I agree. I’m thinking this guy is going to need a lawyer!

  • Allan

    This guy is an idiot. The whole thing will come out to be another dumbass who thought he was slick . He’ll have a story about DNA contamination, the body rotted, blah, blah blah. If he really shot one and is so passionate about it there is “NO” way he could keep this a secret as long as he claims.I dont think his family tree forks.Dyer isn’t the brighest bulb n the tree. But hang in there Dyer, maybe we’ll have a zombie apocalypse
    and you’ll be accepted as a bigfoot ” Marlin Perkins”!

  • roger
  • Peter Nordstrom

    This photo is terrible- well, the attempt at making a bigfoot face is. He forgot to attach eyebrows, or brows at all- you would think a large primate would have an enlarged brow-ridge, not none at all. The nose is unnecessarily large and too close to the eyes. If he’s been frozen for a year, there would be signs of frost/ice/frozen skin and hair. If this is a photo he took a year ago, he would have released it sooner. Even I could have made a more convincing model in my basement (well.. I am a professional artist so it would not be difficult).

  • Madmodpoetgod

    If in fact he killed a Bigfoot.he will be dead soon.

    • teknik1200

      not “a” bigfoot, but “the” bigfoot!

  • bmkinz1510

    Rick Dyer, famous for his Bigfoot hoaxes, filmed the Bigfoot that he shot with a camera phone prior to the shooting for the mockumentary, “Shooting Bigfoot.” The Bigfoot in the video looks very different than the photo of the deceased Bigfoot. The Bigfoot in the video had a very high forehead. The deceased Bigfoot in the photo has hair starting at his supraorbital ridge. Mr. Dyer initially reported that he shot the Bigfoot in the back of the head and with an exit wound around the mouth. The picture does not indicate any oral or facial trauma. If nailing a side of ribs to a tree is all it takes to bring a Bigfoot out in the daylight to an area populated with homeless people, we would have discovered Bigfoot long ago. A little analysis reveals that this is just another one of Rick Dyer’s money making Bigfoot hoaxes. I hope Rick Dyer is charged with criminal fraud.

    • TryTheRedPill

      I can’t believe you even bothered with this long dragged out forensic analysis. I came to the conclusion this guy was full of it the minute I played the video!!

  • jaredswilliams

    “I see a lot of untruths being spread around…mostly from me…but some others too though!”

  • jaredswilliams

    Unless this dude has a cryogenic freezer there’s no way he’s had it for a year and have it be that preserved…I know he’s a hunter but a deep freezer wouldn’t work for something like this lol.

    • zmorrg

      One does not need a “cryogenic” freezer to preserve tissue. A chunk of meat is edible after a year in a common freezer. I think a body of the bigfoot would be preserved adequately in a freezer that’s large enough. Not that I believe in any of that, but a technical comment was due.

      • jaredswilliams

        I don’t think anyone was talking about eating it. I meant if this is real, which it most likely isn’t, then it’s not a steak it’s a specimen and it should be treated better than venison steaks.

  • ChesapeakePirate

    So, a hundred years from now, the story of the boy who cried “wolf” and Bigfoot will be merged in the common memory.

  • zaracyn

    It still looks fake…still, I’m thinking this guy may need a lawyer instead of a doctor…isn’t killing “Bigfoot” illegal in some states?

    • Harry McNicholas

      No but being a nut might get you a free trip to the loony bin.

  • Philo Farnsworth

    Perpetrated, not perpetuated. To perpetrate is to commit a hoax. To perpetuate a hoax would mean to continue it indefinitely, he got found out in about 48 hours last time. You are a journalist?