Earthquake Today Near Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica

An earthquake struck today just one mile from Marina del Rey and two miles from Santa Monica in California.

The quake also hit four miles west-southwest of Culver City and five miles north-northwest of El Segundo.

The 3.1 magnitude quake shook buildings and startled residents and workers in the cities.

“Thought a car hit my building’s wall,” said Jason Harrell in Playa Del Rey via Twitter.

Another user said that she felt the quake six floors up at the Water Garden in Santa Monica. “Sharp jolt, like a truck had hit the building.”

Erik Gutierrez, also via Twitter, said that he felt it at the WLA VA hospital.

“I felt a shake in east Los Angeles,” added Xavier Ceja.

Story developing; check back for updates

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  • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

    I’m guessing this happened around 1500 PST, give or take a few minutes to allow for composition and upload?

    • HeyJude

      Hi ranchero! I’m just getting to this news, seems like it was just a shake that most Californians are accustomed to. It would be strange for me on the east coast to ever get to a point where it would feel like no big deal! We had a little quake here (first one ever felt in these parts) just a couple of years ago. I blame fracking, it was pretty freaky for the uninitiated. Anyway, nice to see you! It’s been a while. I often see you commenting on the Huffagee site, but we seem to be on different “shifts”. You are long gone by the time I see you, so very good to meet you here. Albeit late. LOL. :-)

      • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

        My hours online can be early or late; protracted or brief. If I can resolve issues that have been raised recently; I will likely be posting on the main more often — this site or Raw Story; or — who knows?

        My hope is that all my ex-HP friends welcome newcomers as unconditionally as their older acquaintances ever were — it’ll be just like old times again?

        • HeyJude

          My hours vary, too….mostly mornings allow for more presence here, but once in a while I find myself here late. Well, wherever you are, always nice to see you. :-) I don’t go to other sites to comment, so hopefully you will stay on the main…purely selfish reasons on my part, of course.

          I hope for that, too. Everyone welcome, an inclusive community. I actually never had much of that at HP, a relative newcomer just really getting to know people over the course of a year, and many who are friends now were strangers to me then. I am so sorry for your current issues, if ya know what I mean. I’m not connected to that in anyway, nor want to be. I enjoy your posts, and you’ve always been good to me and visa versa I hope. :-) I guess I should mention earthquakes here, or I may be violating an off topic rule…soooooo gee I hope CA doesn’t get hit with anymore quakes! LOL

          • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

            The HP Quake of 2013 may be figurative; but it doesn’t make it any less real to those who lived through it. The aftershocks are being felt to this day — in many ways I believe the case can be made that the HP *faults* are building up to a more disastrous event than before.

            All of my friends are equal in my eyes; holding up one over another as -more- special may occur, but hopefully that is momentary — it’s the best way to keep the peace in our huge adopted, extended family.

            In fact, I regard my -virtual- friends as much more tolerable than -certain- of my blood relatives. As the man said — god made our family; our friends we choose — doesn’t mean the -one- should feel jealousy over the other; they get to pick -their- friends, too?

          • HeyJude

            Agree about the HP Quake….the day it hit on the 10th shocked me, and put me off kilter in ways I didn’t imagine it could. I believe that we will all recover and regroup (as we’ve been doing) much more quickly than the epicenter at HPHQ…quite a huge miscalculation on their part, I think they believed it was no big deal. The aftermath this far out probably never occured to them. They’re big, they’ll get by, but probably less so instead of the “more so” that they were anticipating. I hope I’m not misreading here that that was the “faults” you speak of, and not the “cracks” that appear on site from time to time? As those can also do much damage if carried on, dividing instead of uniting.

            Ahh, the blood relatives….reminds me of Crazy Cousin Carol and her dire warnings with each email ……armageddon is coming, and it looks like a president of color, god removed from coins, and voter fraud is carrying it in. (sigh) So yes, my virtual friends mean the same to me, and every bit as real and important as those I did not choose.

          • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

            Epicenter! -THAT’S- the word I’ve forgotten to include in my posts lately! Somebody posted video the other day, I mentioned it to someone last night — but never tracked down the link.

            Essentially; HP’s new temblor-goal seems to be focused on shaking every nickel out of a captive audience — not the 45-55 year-old demo of the expatriate community; a much younger audience HP believes are impressionable and prone to any scheme that aims to part viewers from their cash.

            It’s time to quit their pile of rubble and build on more-solid ground elsewhere.

          • HeyJude

            Hmmm, if they read their own articles, they’d know that all the kids are quitting FB….so uncool. And they also aren’t the ones with money to spend. I’m still trying to imagine everyone sitting around a boardroom saying “what could possibly go wrong?” and not a one of them could come up with an answer. Ah, yes…I must confess to enjoying the schadenfreude of their quake. They did some fracking and we told them of the danger involved in injecting toxic FB into our midsts….now with their flaming hair and pants afire they just might get it. Now I’m shaking with laughter!

          • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

            I think they’ve suffered catastrophic subsidence of the grey matter — it seems to me you’re approaching the same conclusion I arrived at; those *new paradigm* twenty-something MBA’s are motivated differently from their puppet masters.

            They can’t organize a cataclysmic shakeup with (what has now become) “old school” social media — Zuck is no longer ahead of the curve.

            Methinks the fresh-from-college boys are trying to convince the board and shareholders they’re trying to ride a shockwave that has already subsided — so far they’re unconvinced and likely pissed at the slam against their behind-the-curve FB decision?

          • HeyJude

            Yes, we’re of like mind and on the same page. And luckily the literal page we’re on is Zach’s article. He knows we can’t help ourselves, and is pretending we are on topic because he’s nice. :-) The shockwaves have certainly not subsided, and and the sway allowance they thought they built into the foundation was of poor design. Zuck…have you met MySpace?

          • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

            MySpace? Weren’t they rattlin’ and rollin’ the landscape way back when EarthLink was forecast to be the next pavement-buckler?

          • HeyJude

            I wouldn’t know! I’m 55 and even that’s too young to remember when myspace was rocking the town. I believe EarthLink may have been detected by sensitive seismic monitors deep underground, but was never felt on the pavements. This is now a challenge to see how many earthquake references we can have fall off the shelves, isn’t it? LOL I’m enjoying it immensly!! If anyone else stumbles into the comments, our shaky position here will be exposed. So far we are the only ones under the desks.

          • http://ranchero42.wordpress.com/ ranchero42

            Time to go a-hunting farther afield for tie-ins? Maybe after the quake; Phil Robertson offered to show Arianna how to — duck and cover?

            You -know- she’ll be stumping for her own reality show at some point, right? Oh wait, Trump’s already done — “You’re fired!”

          • HeyJude

            Hmmm, she could do the sequel – “You followed my orders, now you’re fired!”
            I believe he must have! Probably the brains behind expanding it to “Duck, cover, and Unplug all appliances.” It can be a real hazard to have those sparks flying in your face, right?
            I’m sure they now know to safety tape the windows in the boardroom, the glass that was flying was from more than Ms.Thing throwing ashtrays at the minions (or looking in the mirror). The screams were very high pitched, too.
            Ahhh, Ranchero….it is sadly time for me to call it a night. If you can keep it going, I’ll pick up tomorrow….if I can get more creative, I’ll give it a go if you’re still putting them out there! good night!